6 Things About Clothing You Don’t Need To Tell Older Women

mature ladies

I’m pleased today to have a fun guest post on my blog by Elise Morgan about style tips for the slightly more mature ladies. Elise is a beauty, fashion and health writer and a regular contributor at socialifestylemag.com, celebricious.com and fashionambitions.com. You can find Elise on Twitter here.

As the title says, these are things that you don’t need to tell older women because they already know. But, since it is the era of Internet, why wouldn’t you, younger woman or a girl, find out about them right now, instead of waiting to be sixty years old? This is not going to be one of those articles which forces you to dress in a certain way, no. These are simply some basic rules that need to be spread.

1.      Shoes are half of your health

When buying shoes, the most important factor is comfort. This also means that you can’t in any circumstances buy a smaller size of shoes just because that are the only ones left and you like them so much that you want to die. Take that love and double it, no, triple it and you will get the amount of hatred towards them (and yourself) the first day you wear them for half an hour. Shoes are meant to hug your feet and be as comfortable as possible (it doesn’t matter if they are flats or heels). Not having good shoes can also lead to serious problems like bunions, varicose veins etc. And I’m not even going to start about that horrible phenomenon where women take their shoes off and walk barefoot on the street or in the club – I feel sick just thinking about all those germs and bacteria, eww!

mature ladies

2.      Different ages require different rules for skirts and dresses

There are many new trends out there and there are many different ladies’ fashions online, but you need to know what fits you and what doesn’t. You wouldn’t want to look at an old photo of you and think: “Oh my God what was I thinking?”, would you? If you are over 25 – forget about the mini skirts and dresses. They look incredibly tasteless and you’re not fooling anyone, you look even older in them. Next, neon colors are only acceptable for beach dresses. Unless you are sixteen or younger.
When it comes to skirts, wear those unstructured and ankle length skirts while you can because once you get older you can say goodbye to them. Add a leather skirt to your wardrobe (since it is an ultimate hit and it can be worn by anyone), A – line skirts which reach just above the knees and a pencil one as well.

3.      Jeans are for everyone and will always be!

mature ladies

First, remember that there are many more types of jeans besides the skinny ones and baggy ones. Not everyone has the perfect bum, flat tummy and nice legs to rock the skinny jeans, and some of us also look like midgets in baggy jeans for example. That is why it is important that you take your time and find the ones that will fit your figure perfectly. Trouser cut, straight leg, wide leg, boot cut, try them all out.
And of course, last but not least, let’s not forget the major denim rule: nineties are 2 decades behind us, for the love of God never wear denim from head to toe!

4.      Stay loyal to what’s good

If you have a certain style and you rock it (not just in your head), then stick to it no matter what. Why fixing something that isn’t even broken, right? The most important thing is that you feel good inside your skin and wear what you love.

5.      No matter how great they look on you and how fashionable they are, hats will never ever be comfortable

They are so beautiful oh my God. You know that you have one in your home somewhere collecting dust because you never wear it. Why? Is it because you are protesting trends? I don’t think so. Is it because you don’t want to ruin it? Um, no. Is it because it makes your hair look like you haven’t washed it in 4 months after an hour of wearing (or should I say – hat hair)? Yes! Is it because the blood flow in your brain stops while it’s on your head? YES! Is it because it makes your temples explode? OH YES! This is definitely an accessory that needs improvement this instant.

6. If you have larger breasts forget about the branded underwear

mature ladies

The biggest problem is that they make underwear for women which are not bigger than a size 6. The average woman is around the size 16, which makes almost 70 percent of women labeled as plus – sized. Now, there is not a rational reason why they are doing this, but if you don’t want to feel frustrated, you might want to avoid shopping there.

That would be it. Remember, it’s not about religiously following trends – it is about feeling good and comfortable in your own skin. That is the thing which will always be fashionable.

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