An Extraordinary Luxury Road Trip across Andalucia

An Extraordinary Luxury Road Trip across Andalucia: From Marbella to the Straits of Gibraltar

The Andalusian coast and its inland treasures present some of the best panoramic scenery this part of Europe. Renowned for its natural habitats and gorgeous parks, beautiful beaches and warm waters, this corner of Spain has a rich history imbued with ancient influences that include the Arab conquest of the 8th Century, which—as in the case of the Italian island of Sicily—has impregnated the folklore and traditions of its varied communities over the course of the centuries. If you want to explore the richness of its environmental habitat and its cultural, artistic and historical character, then a road trip from lovely Marbella to the majestic strait of Gibraltar is definitely the way to do it. Many top rated resources can help you to find great car rentals at affordable prices, with an availability of luxury models that will enable you to drive the car of your dreams and spend a chic vacation in style. You could rent a BMW in Marbella for example and visit the marina, Puerto Banus, for a shopping escapade along it central malls and the many bars usually frequented by celebrities and high society.

Be sure to check out the nearby Selwo Marina (in the vicinity of San Pedro de Alcantara); a spectacular Delfinarium and zoological park that will be a treat for all families and their children. The lovely villages of La Taja de Pitres represent a voyage into the past and the authentic folkore of the region; the ancient paths that connect them to one another, known as caminos, provide a special opportunity for a hiking tour of the green valleys and mountains along with their variety of colourful wildflowers. The Lobo Park in Antiquera will put you in direct contact with the local wildlife –including the four packs of wolves that occupy the region—thanks to the walking tours available in this unforgettable location. If you want to head deeper inland, check out Alhama da Granada, with its ancient piazzas, Moorish monuments (including the exotic Arabic Quarter), Churches, cafès, top-rated restaurants, shops and especially its popular thermal baths, for which it is famous all over Spain. And to replenish your hunger for culture why not visit the yearly Etnosul multicultural festival (held every July 15-17) and its variety of cinematic, theatrical, musical, circus and entertainment attractions and great food overall.  The miles of sandy beaches along Costa de La Luz are a good idea for a rest stop so you can enjoy some sun-bathing by the shore, surrounded by pine forests and rustic fishing villages where you can sample the fresh delicacies of the local markets while visiting the old towns’ medieval quarters and ancient monuments.

When you reach Gibraltar, you can talking a walking tour and learn about the geological history of its curious formation and historical landmark: the Rock of Gibraltar. For a real immersion in the local flora, head to the Gibraltar Botanical Gardens and the mythical St. Michael Cave. If you enjoy spelunking you can take a tour of the many caves and tunnels that run along the coast. For nature-lovers, the historic walking area known as the Mediterranean Steps offers the best views of the Strait, the Mediterranean, and Costa del Sol.

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