Four Easy Steps To A Bigger, Brighter Home Office

Home Office ideas

When you plan your very own home working environment, you want it to be a haven away from the outside world. However, no matter how large the room is, everyone wants to maximise on the potential of that space, which is where the interior design can sometimes fall down in practice. If you have a smaller space, how do you give a light and airy illusion so that it doesn’t dampen your creativity? What kinds of things should you include for a functional environment? Hopefully, following the next five design steps should answer these questions for you…

Paint the walls a lighter colour

You want your room to reflect as much natural light as possible. It doesn’t have to be pure white, but opting for a very light wall colour is essential. You can pick up your favourite fuchsia pinks and cobalt blues elsewhere for some personality, but the room itself should be very light and neutral. It will enhance the feeling of space, allowing you to keep your thoughts just as clear.

 Maximise on storage

Next up, space-saving solutions and multi-functional furniture are your best friends. From floor-to-ceiling shelving units, to practical printers, you need to think of ways to de-clutter. So, use clip on stationary holders for your desk if you’re short on space, and if there’s a beautiful ornate frame you wanted to complement the room, use some chalkboard paint to turn it into a useful office accessory. One of the chunkiest items in a room is often your printer, so opt for one that keeps all processes confined, so that nothing sticks out or up. While we’re on the subject of stationary, my top tip here is to save money on ink, paper and so on by buying direct from a specialist like Cartridge People.

Home Office ideas

Clean desk, clean mind

Now that you’ve de-cluttered your space with some statement storage, it’s vital that you keep it clean. It’s fine creating a well-designed room, but if you don’t actually enjoy using it or being in the room, all that hard work is wasted. A clear desk with minimal trinkets also means less distractions to occupy your mind, and don’t forget to invest in a stylish filing cabinet, which will keep the bills and nuisance letters off your desk and out of your mind whilst you try and work.

Don’t forget to add some personal touches

Finally, it’s time to make your space your own. Whether it’s a splash of colour, a photo collage to cheer you up on bad days, or a luxurious chair, make this space one that you want to be in. It’s also been proven that adding plants to an office environment helps to boost productivity, relieve stress and even help remove toxins from the air. Choose a variety of plants for their different properties to feel the health benefits.

Home Office ideas

Do you have any more ideas for improving your home office environment?

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