Italian Garden: Living “La Dolce Vita” Outside


Italian Garden: Living “La Dolce Vita” Outside

We all love Italian design in all its forms, for the simple reason that it delivers only the highest quality end products and its artisanship is unparalleled, deriving from a multi-generational expertise drawn from centuries of inherited experience. Just as it is known for its furniture creations and harmonious interior decor design, Italy is also a leading trendsetter in outdoor decor. So why not transform your patio or garden into the perfect setting where you can savour the pleasures of the outdoor in the style of the “Dolce Vita,” with its retro feel reflecting a period when life was free of cares and people were at last free to enjoy the pleasures of life following the turbulence of World War II? Many Italian brands offer designer collections of beautiful outdoor garden furniture, check for example, where you will find a wide variety of artistic creations including beautiful garden sunbeds and sun loungers and much more.

The first step, when planning your decor ideas, is recognizing the importance of space; too much or too little is no good, and what you want is a good balance to create total harmony. You don’t want to clutter the garden with unnecessary items or accessories; remember that gardens are also meant for flowers and plants. At the same time, make sure you leave space for outdoor activity; in other words leave a spot for the kid trampoline and your exercise mat! A good-sized sofa is a great idea if you want to save space and not clutter the patio or garden with too many chairs. You can add a couple of side-tables—preferably with Italian furnishings to add to the decor, such as rustic candle-holders or exotic lamps, and enjoy the view of the garden without impediment.

Another useful piece of furniture is the dining table, of course, and Unopiù has a great variety of weather –resistant pieces made of wood and other lasting material, including dining chairs and benches. Garden umbrellas are always a good idea for the hot season.  Gazebos and Pergolas complement the setting beautifully with their aesthetic appearance and can be used to shield other accessories from excessive heat, dirt or wind-dust, allowing you to relax in perfect harmony and fully experience the essence of the Dolce Vita.


This post was written by Mary J. 

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    October 28, 2016 / 4:10 am

    Some great ideas here! I love the sense of space in that picture.

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