Korres Mini Face Masks from Greece

On a recent trip to Crete, I managed to grab half an hour in the duty free shop on the way home. While the range of the shops at Herakleion airport isn’t huge, it still had a nice selection of brands. I was really pleased to see my old favourite, Korres, on the shelves. In particular, a selection of of travel-sized face masks coming in at a miniscule 3.50 EUR each (for 16ml). A great way to try them all out, I decided. I grabbed five of them.

Korres face mask review

Since I came back from Crete at the end of May I’ve been alternating these masks depending on what I need for my skin that particular day. Each mask has a slightly different purpose, and each one is based around one particular natural ingredient. Korres has been a favourite brand of mine since I started using their Sugar Crystal Cream many years ago (it was possibly called something else back then but definitely had the word sugar in it!) which is a fantastic moisturiser. Greece is known in general for its use of natural ingredients in their skincare. Korres is one of its most well-known exports. I love that it is also cruelty free. Here’s my mini reviews of these mini masks.

Korres face mask review

Nectarine Rich Moisturising Mask

With the expected sweet scent of nectarine, this is definitely an intensely moisturising mask. You leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes after cleansing and wash it off to reveal very soft skin that feels plumped up. A definite winner for dry skins.

Cranberry Instant Lifting Mask

This feels quite strange when you wash it off. It’s almost like using a wash-off version of Clarins’ Beauty Flash Balm. Skin definitely feels tauter and tighter, almost as if it has an invisible layer across it holding it tight. It’s not an uncomfortable feeling at all, and makeup still sits over it, but it does leave a definitely dryer and tighter feel. I thought I could actually see the difference too, almost as if my pores had shrunk (which I know doesn’t happen but something looks different…).

Wild Rose Advanced Repair Sleeping Facial

This is a mask which is quite well known. It’s also the only one which seems to be easily available from the usual online retailers in the UK. As the name suggests, you leave it on as you sleep and wake up in the morning to happier, well moisturised skin. It really works and feels like a little bit of luxury when you put it on, although if you don’t like the strong scent of roses then this wouldn’t be for you.

Avocado Intense Nourishing Mask

Just seeing the word avocado makes me think of healthy skin, hair and nails, touted as the fruit is for its nutritional benefits. ‘Nourishing’ is therefore the perfect adjective for a mask containing avocado extract. It smells fresh and green, and leaves the skin feeling refreshed and moisturised. This is a nice treat for the morning after the night before, if you’re a little tired and dehydrated.

Grapefruit Intense Brightening Mask

Grapefruits make me think of acidic things that act as exfoliants. They’re citrusy and, like lemons, can be used to reduce pigmentation and brighten the skin. I actually thought I could see a big difference after one use. I’m not entirely convinced myself that a mask could really work that well in fifteen minutes. However I did feel like my skin looks more ‘lit from within’. Which is surely what we all want. I may be jumping the gun a bit with this verdict but I do believe this is a fabulous mask that does what it says.

Korres face mask review

Overall, I seem to be a little bit in love with each of these masks. The saddest part is that most of them aren’t that easily available in this country. However, I found many of these travel-sized tubes available for purchase here, along with a couple of other versions (Watermelon sounds amazing). Or, if you’re travelling to Greece this summer, keep an eye out for these little beauties.

ETA November 2017: I still use these and still love them. Here’s my updated autumn and winter skincare routine

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  1. A
    November 12, 2016 / 8:11 am

    These sound lovely! A great tip to look out for them at the airport, thanks!

    • November 7, 2017 / 8:24 pm

      They’re such a bargain – I still love them now!

  2. Carly Belsey
    January 1, 2018 / 1:17 pm

    I love the sound of the advocado one. I often use advocado on my dry skin.

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