How To Make Sure All of Your Loved Ones Attend Your Wedding

How To Make Sure All of Your Loved Ones Attend Your Wedding

There are some things that every bride and groom want on their wedding day. The perfect dress, a well fitting suit, a talented photographer and a gorgeous venue are just a few of them. But for pretty much everyone, guests will be the top priority. Or, to be more specific, the right guests, and as many of them as possible.

After all, guests are what make a wedding what it is. They are probably the people who have helped with planning your wedding. They are there to witness you and your partner forming a lifelong, legal bond. They are there to celebrate with you afterwards. You’ll share a wedding breakfast, and cake, and dance the night away.

For all these reasons and more, you and your groom will want your guests to be able to attend. But if you arrange your wedding for a day that is already popular or clashes with other commitments, it could spell disaster. You could receive more than just a few polite declines. And once you’ve put deposits down, you may well be stuck with the date you’ve initially picked.

So, with this in mind, here are a handful of ways to make sure that all of your loved ones attend your wedding.

Don’t clash with other big occasions

When it comes to setting your wedding date, avoid clashing with other big celebrations or occasions. This goes for things like the Easter weekend and New Year’s Eve and Day. You might want to consider avoiding December, also. Even if your ceremony isn’t on the 24th, 25th or 26th, people are usually pretty busy this month.

Avoid weekday dates

It’s true; getting married Monday through to Thursday can save you a lot of money. A thousand pounds or more in some cases. This means that booking a weekday can be very tempting, especially if you’re getting married on a budget. However, consider the careers and jobs of your most important guests. Teachers, for example, can’t take off weekdays without very good reason. A wedding isn’t one of these. To be safe, get married on a Saturday. This mean that your guests can book accommodation locally for the night of the wedding. It may also allow them to enjoy the wedding more, as they don’t have to return to work the next day.

Marry out of the summer season

This point slightly contradicts the one above. After all, if you want to make sure your teacher friends can attend, the summer holidays might seem an obvious time to do your wedding. However, just like Christmas and New Year’s, summer can be a busy time for people. There is a big likelihood that people will book holidays abroad at this time. This is especially true if they have children that they can’t take out of school usually. Once people have paid large amounts to go on holiday, they are unlikely to cancel them. So, the first suggestion is to marry in a less busy season. How about late Spring or early Autumn? The sunshine may still be in attendance, and there will be some beautiful flowers available at this time.

Send your invitations out early

This is possibly the most important point of all. Get your wedding invitations designed, printed and then sent out ASAP. If you are doing ‘save the dates’, you can hold off on invites slightly. But get your save the dates posted straight away too. As soon as you have a date set with your venue, notify people via text, phone or email. Then follow up your with your official save the dates or invitations. As for the design, you could look for classic and vintage wedding invitations. Or, try your hand at making your own! Just be sure that doing so isn’t going to take too long.

Have a daytime and evening ceremony

Here is a solution for if you have several important guests who are going to miss your official ceremony during the day. Have a second, non-official one in the evening, once they have arrived. This is also a fantastic treat for evening-only guests. In the evening ceremony, you could each make a speech directed at your partner. You could ask a friend to do a reading. Consider the location; how about doing the evening ceremony outside? Check out Pinterest for outdoor wedding inspiration. If your venue has a field and trees, set out folding chairs and blankets underneath. String fairy lights from the trees and light an aisle with electric tea lights. It will be just as special as your official ceremony.

Do you have any other tips for ensuring everyone you want to attends your wedding?

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