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As well as writing about interior design here at Melissa Jane Lee, I also own a handful of other blogs in different genres.

You can also find me at:

apple-desk-laptop-macbook-proAt Home & Online

A personal finance blog. Inspired by the way in which so many people are now able to earn an income online from the comfort of their own home, I started following in their footsteps. At Home & Online is a virtual diary of the ways I create an extra side income through various methods. This includes blogging, freelance writing, online selling, matched betting and many more tried and tested methods. I also like to write about saving money, and I enter competitions and sign up for freebies wherever I can. At Home & Online is all about celebrating the many ways we can break away from the norm nowadays and earn a side income (or, in many people’s cases) a full time income at home and online.


desk-technology-music-white-largeSquats & Lunches

A health and fitness blog. I’ve dipped in and out of fitness for many years, training for and running the London Marathon at one stage and then switching my focus to weight lifting to change my body shape. Squats & Lunches talks about my progress, my latest discoveries in the areas of nutrition, gym equipment, fitness clothing, and exercise trends, and the need to emphasise a sense of wellbeing to remain healthy. By no means am I qualified in any way to talk about these things with any sense of authority. Rather, Squats & Lunches documents the journey to overall health and fitness from someone not naturally sporty in any way.


pexels-photo-204686-largeThe Vegan Home

A long-time vegetarian, I made the transition to a vegan diet in January 2016. I love finding and trying out new products either aimed mainly at vegans or just suitable for vegans. Consider it a good place to visit if you are interested in a vegan diet, vegan cookbooks, vegan clothing, vegan beauty products and anything else a vegan can use. I’m still learning myself, so if you are a vegan already pop over to The Vegan Home and give me some advice!


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