Top 5 cities for jobs and quality living in the UK

Top 5 cities for jobs and quality living in the UKIf you are looking for a new opportunity in the UK or searching for a better place to settle down, it can be difficult to begin looking. There are many cities with great qualities of life but maybe not as much work and vice versa. Here is a list of the top 5 cities for jobs and quality living in the UK to help you narrow things down.

Looking for jobs in Brighton these days is perfect if you are a digital professional. It is a growing hub for digital startup companies and is a wonderful place to live. What sets Brighton apart is the balance between work and life that many employers instil. The coastal town is an enjoyable place to live and work with short commuting times and a walkable city centre.

Plymouth is another seaside town with a great quality of life. The city is filled with green parks and incredible views. The people enjoy a slower pace than in bigger cities but get their tasks done. It is a great city to work in.

Next is Birmingham, one of the youngest cities in Europe demographically and an incredible place to make a life for oneself. Regarding the labour market you can find many job opportunities in Birmingham and the city is small enough to remain friendly. Here there are incredible chances to begin a career if you are a young professional.

Norwich is one of the few UK cities that still have a strong local identity and community. Here a whopping 77% of the people say they love their job. It is an affordable and picturesque city where the market is growing and many people are moving here to enjoy the friendly atmosphere. It has been ranked as the best city to work in in the UK and is looking to keep that title for years to come.

The city that rounds out the list is Manchester. The city is an incredible contributor to the economy of the UK because of all of the major businesses located there. It is a financial hot spot and hub for scientific research. This makes it an incredibly diverse market that is not short on career opportunities. The city is also renowned for its nightlife and sporting culture, making it a great place to live.

*This post was written by Mary J

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      Thank you! x

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