4 Ways To Bring Mid Century Decor To Your Home

The mid century was a time of ideas and new beginnings. Moving out of the wartime era, people wanted to look to the future. Mid century modern homes were the centre of the inspiration, with decor taking on a sophisticated edge. It was the beginning of kitchen appliance innovation, clean lines and open plan living.

mid century modern homes

You can bring back the 50s and 60s into your home with these four tips:

Vibrant Colours

The mid century was characterised by bright colours contrasted with darker woods. Think bright orange, turquoise and yellow walls and furniture. You could recreate this with your kitchen cabinets, worktops, dining table and chairs or your sofa. A bright bathroom suite is also an option.

Retro Materials

Mid century modern homes contain plastics, resins, fibreglass and metals mixed with wood. Think plastic coffee tables, wooden sculptures and formica worktops. Tapered legs on furniture is one of the distinctive designs of this era.


The mid century was the era of the globe light. Straight lines again bold curves characterised the light fittings of the era. A chandelier, artichoke lamp and a splash of copper would be perfect for this look. Find a lighting collection which specialises in bringing retro sophistication to the modern day.

Prints & Patterns

Mid century decor had a lot of vibrant prints. Think kaleidoscopic wallpaper, symmetrical prints, and abstract rugs in bright colours.

mid century modern homes

By following these tips, you can bring the Mad Men look into your home. All you need is an ashtray and a glass of whiskey for the complete Don Draper effect.

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