5 One Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

The symbol of the first year of marriage is paper. Traditionally, the newlyweds give each other a gift around this theme on their first anniversary. To most people, paper is not as inspiring as symbols from later years of marriage, like gold or diamonds. However it is possible to give a ‘paper’ gift that has meaning and value for both members of the couple. Here are some unique one year anniversary gift ideas for those who want to think outside of the box:

one year anniversary gift

A Message In A Bottle

A personalised message from one spouse to the other is a lovely and thoughtful gift. Think about printing a unique message to your other half on high quality paper. Perhaps a quote that they love, a story about the both of you, or a simple message to say how much you love that person. If you can find a pretty bottle to put it in, it’s a keepsake that will be cherished for years.

Personalised Wall Art

I love the idea of creating something to display on the wall. It’s nice to have a visual reminder of your marriage. A personalised canvas such as this one year anniversary gift is ideal. You can choose your image, your wording, and the size. Think about including your wedding vows, a favourite poem, or a general message to your other half about your marriage. I think this is a lovely idea.

One Year Anniversary Gift

Image Credit: Canvas Vows

Tickets To The Theatre

Luckily, paper is everywhere and it’s a great twist on the theme to give your other half paper tickets to a special event. A trip to the theatre, or other event, is a lovely anniversary trip and a nice way to celebrate your special date. You can go all out and buy plane tickets to somewhere romantic for an anniversary mini-break, too.

A Favourite Book

Everyone has that one book that they really love. Maybe you could find a special edition of it, or a version signed by the author. It might take some work to find it, but think how much this would be appreciated. It’s a really thoughtful gift, and would mean a lot to your other half if you went to this much effort.

A Treasure Hunt

This idea is a little bit playful. You could create paper clues for your spouse to solve. Perhaps they will lead them to a romantic picnic you’ve set up, or a special meal you’ve made. It’s an inexpensive way to make a big impact. If you’ve bought a larger present (something you know they really wanted, for example) this is a great way to tie the theme of paper into the gift.

If you’re celebrating your one year anniversary soon, congratulations! I hope these ideas help you to find the perfect gift for your other half.

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