Cuppa Joe Fairtrade Coffee Body Scrub Review

Cuppa Joe Review

Ground coffee bean body scrubs have been at the back of my mind ever since I read, many years ago, that Cindy Crawford favours using them to exfoliate over anything else. I mean, if they are good enough for one the original supermodels…For some reason, though, I’ve never actually used one until now. I played with the idea of making my own once or twice but that just seemed like too much effort somehow, so I just stuck to regular shop-bought salt and sugar scrubs. I have no problems with those, but when Cuppa Joe asked if I’d like to try one of their coffee scrubs I decided to finally give them a go. I’m so glad I did.

Cuppa Joe make 100% natural coffee scrubs that can be used on face and body. They use Fairtrade Arabica coffee beans and, in their words, ‘NO parabens, NO synthetic chemicals, NO synthetic ‘parfums’, NO added water, NO Benzyl Alcohol, NO Coumarin’. Coumarin in its man-made version is added to rat poison apparently. Lovely.

They make several different ‘flavours’ of body scrub, and I received the Coffee & Grapefruit version which has zesty grapefruit oil added to the base ingredients of ground Arabica coffee beans, cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil, coconut flakes, sea salt flakes, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, soft natural sugars and macadamia oil. They don’t add water, so the consistency inside the pouch is a dry crumbly one. This is perfect because you use it in the shower or bath and of course it then mixes with water, so you are getting a concentrated product that hasn’t already been watered down.

Cuppa Joe Review

The big brown paper bag (foil-lined inside) has an opening that tears off. Personally I love the packaging. It is so easy to use in the shower as it’s not slippery and you can hang on to it with one hand while the other can dip in and out of the pouch to get the scrub out. The opening is large enough to make this easy. The first thing that hits you when you tear off the top is the absolutely amazing scent of fresh coffee. I absolutely love the smell! It’s so invigorating in the morning and has the power to make me feel really wide awake.

Cuppa Joe Review

The coffee grounds feel very soft against the skin so there’s no sharp edges anywhere. They are really easy to scrub in. Thanks to a lower amount of oil than in many body scrubs they don’t just stick in one area. They move around and you can spread a small handful around easily. I also like the fact that they wash off easily from the skin. They also don’t stick to the bath or shower tray. It looks a mess at the time, but a quick swill with the shower head afterwards and they completely vanish down the plughole without leaving a dangerous oil slick behind them.

Cuppa Joe Review

You can feel immediately after the shower that the ground coffee really works as an exfoliant. Skin is left soft and smooth with a very fine layer of oil that soon sinks in. I don’t feel the need to add body lotion after using this.

While the smell of the coffee is intense and lovely at the time of the shower, it doesn’t linger. You don’t walk around smelling like an espresso all day after using it.

I’ve heard using topical caffeinated products works wonders for tightening the skin and promoting circulation, helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite. I can’t vouch for that in the long term, although I certainly hope it’s true. Having used this scrub on many mornings in the shower so far, I can say without a doubt that it works excellently as an exfoliant and is a real joy to use. Skin is smoother, has a glow and a flush to it from the caffeine, and the scent is addictive. A huge thumbs up from me for Cuppa Joe.

Where To Find It

You can buy Cuppa Joe body scrubs for £12.50 on their website.

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I was kindly gifted the product by Cuppa Joe for the purposes of a review. As always, my review is 100% honest and inbiased. Read my full disclosure here.

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