Embrace Your Garden As The Winter Nights Draw In

People forget about the outdoors as soon as the nights begin to draw in. But there’s no reason why we should. After all, if we care about our home, why don’t we care about our gardens out of season? After all, it’s still there for us to enjoy.


Warm your areas up

One of the first things you can do is put a patio heater in the garden and make sure you are wrapped up warm when you spend time outside. It’s a good idea to light up the dark nights. A good way to make stylish benches more appealing is to place furry covers or blankets over them. If you have a garden you might as well use it all year round.

Maybe have a pile of leaves where potentially animals like hedgehogs might hibernate? It’s always a good idea not to have them too near the house though.

Somewhere you should be wary of hibernating animals is a campfire. Always check it before you set it on fire. You will then be free to cook some sausages or toast some marshmallows.

If it gets too cold you can always retire to a summerhouse or conservatory. A hot drink or an alcoholic one would be heaven.

Appreciate Seasonal Beauty

Maybe decorate bare branches; making things look attractive is not just for Christmas. A bit of fake snow looks good even if you don’t have the real thing. It all adds to the beauty of the surroundings.

It’s true that lawns do suffer in the cold weather, but they are far from no-go areas. Your children should still play outside despite the temperature going down. It will be the same next year anyway; you can go back to maintaining the lawn then. Other activities might include a game of boules with friends or playing with your dog. It’s a chance to take time from your busy life.

Keep your garden green

Flowers that bud later include winter pansies, snapdragon and nemesia. It is advisable to have a mix of flowers in your garden one that blooms at different times.

By adding conifers and other evergreens to your planting list you can add touches of greenery all year round. There’s something about firs in the winter, even those outside that produce a kind a warm feeling. Many wintry nights are still quite crisp and you might take advantage of new books coming out near Christmas and read them in your garden?

Even a small area can be decorated to represent the changing of the seasons. You might like to have a poinsettia in a pot, give a yard a bit of colour? There are other pot plants you might wish to add.

However you use your garden the primary function is to have fun.

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