Gift Guide For Cats & Dogs | Christmas 2017

Cat and dog Christmas presents are a little difficult to get right. What do you buy your beloved cat or dog for Christmas? These ideas will help you find something a little bit special for your pet this Christmas.

I also have some great gift inspiration in my gift guide for her, my Christmas guide for him, and some inspiration for what to buy kids this year.

dog christmas presents

Forthglade Christmas Dinner For Dogs & Festive Treats

dog christmas presents dog christmas presents

Forthglade are makers of 100% natural dog food. They have created some festive food just for dogs – a Christmas Dinner for Dogs and a limited-edition range of Christmas treats. Free from junk and fillers, the doggie Turkey Christmas Dinner includes a minimum content of 75% turkey, teamed with vitamin rich cranberries and parsnips, and is slow cooked to lock in goodness. The complete recipes include omega-3, minerals, linseed oil, seaweed, prebiotics, chamomile, parsley, rosemary and nettle, plus glucosamine and chondroitin which can promote healthy joints. RRP £1.29 for 395g.

The limited-edition Cranberry and Parsnip Christmas Treats are made from a 100% natural turkey, cranberry and parsnip recipe. These heart-shaped Christmas treats also contain health boosting omega-3, botanicals and prebiotics, to keep your pooch happy and healthy during the festive season. RRP £2.99. Both products are available this Christmas on the Forthglade website

K9 Connectables

dog christmas presents dog christmas presents

These are awesome toys for dogs which are designed to engage, challenge and excite them. K9 collectables are rubber toys which can be connected together, and filled with treats. Your dog can spend time working out how to release the treats, all while alleviating boredom and channeling their energy into their goal. Not only do the toys bounce, but they also float on water, so are great for going out on walkies with you. There are different levels of difficulty, from unconnected toys right up to complicated multiple toys connected together. You and your dog can work your way up a level when your dog has figured out how to release the treats. K9 Collectables can be bought on their website.

Kong Kickeroo Cat Toy

dog christmas presents

I got this for my cat Zak because he has almost destroyed his old kicker toy. I’ve had to hide it though. It’s scented with catnip and he’s been able to track it down three times now before I could take photos. I caught him rolling around with it still in its cardboard earlier. At least now I’ve photographed it I can wrap it up and put it away for Christmas for him. These Kickeroo toys from Kong are great because they’re very large, and are good for hind leg kicking. It’s great exercise for my cat, who doesn’t go outside much. It also appeals to his instinctive hunting nature. He won’t play with many toys but he absolutely loves these. They are available from Amazon.

IAMS Minis Dog Snacks

dog christmas presents

These Christmassy packs are the perfect doggie stocking filler. Each bag contains a festive treat that can be used as a reward for any-sized dog, or just because they deserve it at Christmas. The treats are packed with vitamins, gluten free and low in fat. Three flavours are available: Lamb with Cranberry, Beef with Apple and Chicken with Carrots. Only £1.29 per pack, and available from IAMS and supermarkets.

Canagan Christmas Dinner For Cats

dog christmas presents

Canagan boasts blogger Zoella and the President of Ireland as customers, and all of their products for cats and dogs are grain free. Grain can cause digestive issues in these animals. My cat in particular is very sensitive to it, and we keep it out of his diet. These little cans and pouches from Canagan are perfect Christmas dinners for cats. They come in a lot of flavours, including Tuna With Prawns, Fresh Chicken, Chicken & Turkey, and Chicken With Vegetables. Visit Canagan’s website to find your nearest stockist.  

Ruff Wrap Pet Safe Christmas Wrapping Paper

dog christmas presents dog christmas presents

Ruff Wrap is a dog-friendly wrapping paper made without harmful chemicals (including chlorine and bleach), both of which can be found in traditional Christmas wrapping paper. It also has its own self-adhesive tape meaning you don’t need to use sellotape. This eliminates any choking hazards from pet gifts and keeps your pet safe from nasty chemicals. I love the two designs it comes in. Both are bright and cheerful. Ruff Wrap is available from Monster Pet Supplies and costs £2.99.

Smart Cat The Ultimate Scratching Post

dog christmas presents

This is among the pricier side of pet gifts but I am so glad I bought it for my cat. He’s on the larger side and finds normal scratching posts too short for him to really get a stretch. This one is 84cm high so he can stretch his back and hips out fully. It’s really sturdy so doesn’t wobble or fall over. You can also buy a pedestal for the top of this for the cat to sit on (although I didn’t get that, as he wouldn’t sit on it most likely). I got mine in July and it looks barely used, even though he uses it several times a day. This should stay with us for years so is a good investment. Available from Amazon.

KONG Catnip Spray

dog christmas presents dog christmas presents

This is a seriously potent catnip spray that our cat loves. It seems to do a very good job of entertaining him when sprayed on toys. It’s made with concentrated catnip oil so a little tiny spritz is enough. I find it to last a long time even when used daily, although it’s only a small bottle. It lasts for several months. We spray it on his old toys and occasionally on his scratching post. Definitely one of the best catnip sprays we’ve used. Available from Amazon.

Eukanuba Healthy Biscuits & NaturePlus+

dog christmas presents

You always know your dog is in safe hands when you give them Eukanuba food. Eukanuba Healthy Biscuits are made with high quality animal protein and formulated with beet pulp to help build strong, lean muscles and promote healthy digestion. Omega-6 and -3 also helps to provide dogs with healthy skin and a radiant coat whilst 3D DentaDefense technology keeps dogs’ teeth clean and strong. Not bad for £2.99! Eukanuba NaturePlus+ provides dogs with a 100% complete and balanced diet, with no added wheat, artificial flavours, colourants or GMOs. I’ve noticed that Eukanuba has a great website, by the way, full of useful articles about pet care. You can also use it to find your local stockist. 

Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera and 2-Way Audio

dog christmas presents

This is a really interesting product for dog owners. It’s a camera complete with night vision and 1080p, so you can monitor your dogs from your phone wherever you are. You can fill the Furbo with over 100 treats, and have it throw one out into the air for your dog to catch just by using the app. Great for entertaining your dog while you are away. It also has a barking sensor and two-way chat function. The app alerts you when your dog is barking and you can livestream through the camera and chat to your dog to calm it down. You can also take a photo or record video using your phone. Quite amazing really! This is the ultimate Christmas present for a dog lover. Available exclusively from Amazon.

Advent Calendars For Dogs & Cats

dog christmas presents

It wouldn’t be Christmas without an advent calendar, and cats and dogs can get involved in the action too. These advent calendars are from Home Bargains, and cost only £1.29 each. Cats and dogs cannot eat chocolate (it’s very dangerous to them) so they can’t eat treats from our advent calendars. These are perfect instead as they’re completely safe.

Are you treating your pet this Christmas?

dog christmas presents

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  1. Lula Mercer
    December 4, 2017 / 11:15 pm

    Aw! I’ve never seen advent calenders for pets before but they are just too cute! x

  2. Rachel Atkinson
    January 10, 2018 / 9:06 pm

    Great ideas which I am going to remember for next Christmas.

  3. A S,Edinburgh
    February 13, 2018 / 7:28 am

    Some very sweet and useful ideas; thank you.

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