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The Seven Most Delicious and Healthiest Ciders According to Nutritionists

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Drinking is life. It is also how our bodies are designed for. It must be kept hydrated, and liquid helps to flush out toxins. Water is the most recommended resource for achieving these goals. But did you know that a certain beverage is thought to be safer than water? It is known as cider.

Perhaps a few of your friends may have ideas about it. They must have been using it and trying to insist on its health benefits. Well, it has increased in popularity and is found in many pantry staples. 

Whether you are planning to shop for cider online or curious enough about what the buzz is all about, let’s talk about it.

Why Is Cider an Important Drink?

Cider is a fermented drink from the juice of apples. It undergoes processes. For centuries, it has been considered medicinal for its huge array of health benefits and ability to cure ailments. In fact, it has become popular, and many people are keeping it as a part of their healthy lifestyle. 

As days passed, ciders gained momentum as various celebrities used them. That includes Jennifer Aniston and Katy Perry, who invested in an organic apple cider company. Not only them, but producers and influencers are also affirming its efficacy in their weight loss journey, blood sugar control, and immune system boosting. As a result, the spike in sales became stronger.

Although the claim is not yet conclusive, some studies purported it’s the most nutritious and healthiest type of drink. Accordingly, vinegar has a vital role in making our bodies more sensitive to how insulin functions, like transporting glucose to the body cells for energy. A two tablespoon of it before bedtime can positively impact blood sugar levels the next morning. 

To these effects, see the following ciders recommended by dietitians. 

Cider Gold Apple

This is a dry, hard cider. It undergoes natural fermentation and uses the finest apples, rendering a crisp, refreshingly sweet taste coupled with natural aromas. The alcohol content is around 4.5 per cent by volume.


This is a uniquely created cider patterned after the European style. It is a dry and hard cider type but effervescent and refreshing, derived from hand-picked apples. Its taste has accents of peachy apricot and semi-sweet apple with some tartness. The fruity sweetness and crisp dryness altogether give this cider a remarkable taste. The alcohol content, like Cider Gold Apple, is around 4.5 per cent by volume.

Green Apple Hard Cider

Green Apple cider has a delightful aroma of fresh apples with the touch of honeydew melon and kiwi. The taste carries tartness but has a balanced sweetness and acidity—a reflection of fresh green apple. Its alcohol content level is around 5 per cent by volume.

Ruby Red Grapefruit Cider

Ed Gibson founded it in 2013 and also owned a cider bar. 

This cider is refreshing. It tastes sweet and slightly tart with a pungent apple smell. This is gluten-free, has no artificial sweeteners, and is made with real fruit. It has a volumetric alcohol content of 5 per cent. Good for food pairings like salads, tacos, and barbeque brisket.

Irish Cider

This is a blend of 17 varieties of nutritious apples. It is a semi-sweet tart with a bitter taste—the finish is astringent with acidity at the front. There is an average mouth feeling created by carbonation. Its alcohol content is around 4.5 per cent by volume.

Organic Cider

A medium, dry cider but sparkling with a brilliant straw colour. It has a blossomed finish out of a gentle apple flavour. Naturally gluten-free with 5 per cent alcohol by volume and best served at about  44°F (7°C).

Original Hard Apple Cider

This type of cider is best suited to those looking for a high-quality cider, just like Pinot Grigio or Riesling wines. It is a fruit-forward green apple-flavoured cider. Sip its refreshing flavour accentuated with citrus aroma and a hint of lemongrass. It has a volumetric alcohol content of about 5 per cent.

Health Benefits

Cider does have promising health properties, as presented by several studies. It is made up of fermented sugar from an apple fruit that can come from various varieties. Fermentation turns it into acetic acid, the prominent active ingredient that gives off health benefits.

But note that such is made from small and short-term studies of homogenous populations. The only big assurance is that it can improve the cooking of healthy foods rich in vitamins and minerals. 

As a vinegar, it has antimicrobial properties that aid skin issues like infection. However, further studies are still needed to affirm its safety and effectiveness.

In some studies, cider has been proven to help reduce blood triglycerides, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure. But no solid evidence yet that it can resolve heart problems. 


As you see, cider is not an ordinary product to come by. Its well-known benefits are worth noting if it is new to you. From harvesting to processing, everything is done with candid preparation and even distribution. 

Having it at home as a part of your health and wellness advocacy is an excellent decision. It can save you money and protect you from health risks. Plus, you get to improve your cooking recipes.

So, shop online for ciders for a great deal!


Melissa Jane Lee

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