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Morning Coffee: The Best Ways to Improve it

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A nice cup of coffee in the morning can set the tone for the whole day. You may not be able to get your daily fix of caffeine from your favorite cafe if the coffee shops are closed due to lockdowns and restrictions. This is why being able to brew your perfect cup of joe at home is so important. You can even get such a thing as a combo coffee maker that makes espresso and regular joe to cover all your cravings.”

Depending on how much coffee you consume each day, you can also save a lot of money. You can brew the ideal cup of coffee every morning in your own house by following these nine basic tips.

To avoid bitterness and off-flavors in your cup, a few things like storing your beans carefully and using the best filters are all you need to do. Following a few steps will ensure that you get the best-tasting coffee every morning, whether you brew your coffee from estate-grown beans or use a drip coffee machine.

Improve the Way of Making Coffee

Here are some tips for making your coffee better!

Buy Fresh Beans

Right off the bat, if you are buying pre-ground coffee in bags, stop immediately. Instead, use fresh, whole beans as the starting point.

Most coffee suppliers tend not to list the date when the coffee was roasted since it presumably sits on a grocery store shelf for months. Coffee achieves its optimal taste within a month of its roast date. Coffee that has been roasted over a month ago will start to have a stale taste.

Local coffee shops are a good place to look for fresh brews. Smaller quantities and fresher coffee can be found at certain cafes where the coffee is either roasted on-site or purchased from local roasters.

Store the Beans Properly

The scent and flavor of the coffee beans can be greatly influenced by how they are stored. You must preserve your chosen coffee beans properly after taking them home. Instead of storing in the freezer, coffee beans should be stored in sealed containers in a cold, dry, and dark spot.

If you are storing the coffee beans in a transparent container, you will want to store the container in a cool and dry spot (away from heat sources and light).

Use A Burr Grinder

It is essential to have a high-quality coffee grinder to make a perfect cup. Ground coffee’s extraction rate from the beans is governed by the particle size, with smaller particles extracting more rapidly than larger ones. For your grounds to brew at an equal pace, they all must be the same size when you make coffee.

Your brewing process can be greatly improved by being able to adjust the size of your ground coffee precisely. This is possible with the use of burr grinders. These machines make it very easy to consistently create a finer range of grind sizes. And with this superb guide, you can easily pick one according to your requirement.

Use the Right Water

It is easy to ignore the importance of the water you use to make your coffee. The dissolved particles in coffee will not interact well with hard water’s minerals, resulting in a weak-tasting under-extracted flavor. In addition, the greater mineral content is what causes deposits like lime to accumulate in your coffee machine. This will need more frequent descales of your coffee machine.

Clean the Equipment

Unlike a cast iron pot, using a coffee spot over time will not improve it. The coffee’s flavor might be tainted by the residue left behind after the brewing procedure. As a result, you must clean it regularly.

Learn Coffee-making Tricks

The trick to creating coffee shop-quality coffee is to watch how the Barista behind the counter makes a few cups and learn from their technique. For example, all you need to prepare a latte is foamed milk, a pot, and a whisk. Espresso stovetop pots and water teapots can also be used to prepare café Americano.

If you like the flavored beverages at your local coffee shops, you can use syrups and flavor shots to make your drink even better. It is not difficult to create cafe-quality coffee. These are the skills you need to become an at-home barista.

How to Make Coffee Even Better

There are several ways to make your coffee taste even better. Here are a few of them!


Chocolate and coffee are like best friends. Even while coffee beans have an inherent bitterness, chocolate’s silky properties help soften it without overwhelming the other.


The health advantages of collagen for joints, skin, tissue, and hair have made it a hot trend in the world of health and well-being. Collagen is another one of these products. It also has a mild taste, making it a good option for those who want to add a little more nutrition to their daily cup of coffee.

The powder form of this high-protein food is the most common. You can easily add collagen to your morning coffee, hot or iced. You can also add extra flavorings and additives to make your daily coffee routine more enjoyable all around.


Everywhere you go, you will see people sipping their coffee with a shot of booze in it. In Central America, rum and coffee beverages are common, as are cream liqueurs in Turkish coffee and tea blends, which add taste and levity to the beverage.


When it comes to your morning cup of joe, you cannot go wrong with just a smattering of butter. This is another trend that exploded in the health and wellness communities – especially amongst keto followers. The amount of butter you put in your coffee is entirely up to you. Some people suggest starting with one or two teaspoons, but you may want to go with a smaller amount at first so that you can get used to the thicker, velvety texture of bulletproof coffee while also bragging about getting butter for breakfast.


Adding spices to your coffee enhances the taste and health benefits of the beverage, making it a worthwhile investment. Spices are one of the best ways to add flavor to your beverages, and since they are full of phytochemicals and minerals, you get the added health benefits of these spices.


Incorporating citrus into coffee enhances both its taste and quality. Citrus helps balance out acidic and bitter coffees, particularly those brewed with over-oxidized beans. You can enhance your brew with a few drops of citrus juice, peel, and zest. Coffees with a milder or medium-roast flavor profile are best suited with citrus.

Benefits of Coffee

Coffee also has several health benefits, which are mentioned below!

Enhances Energy Levels

Coffee is best known for its ability to reduce fatigue and boost energy levels in individuals. Caffeine, which is the most widely used psychoactive drug in the world, is the reason why.

It takes around an hour for the caffeine in your coffee to enter your bloodstream. As an inhibitory neurotransmitter, adenosine is blocked in the brain by coffee; because of the increased norepinephrine and dopamine released, neurons fire more readily.

In several human investigations, coffee has been shown to increase memory, mood, alertness, energy levels, response speeds, and overall mental performance.

Reduces Cancer Risks

Cancer is a prominent cause of mortality around the globe today. In this condition, your body’s cells proliferate at an unchecked rate. Two forms of cancer seem to be protected by coffee: liver and colorectal cancer.

Colorectal cancer is the fourth biggest cause of cancer mortality globally, with liver cancer taking third place. According to studies, those who consume coffee had a 40 percent decreased chance of developing liver cancer.

Helps with Depression

Depressed people have a much worse quality of life than those who are not depressed. In the United States, 4.1 percent of individuals satisfy the criteria for clinical depression, making it one of the most prevalent conditions.

Protects from Alzheimer’s

It is estimated that Alzheimer’s disease affects as many as 50 million people globally, making it the most prevalent neurological illness.

Many individuals over the age of 65 are at risk, and there is no known treatment. However, there are several things you can take to avoid contracting the condition in the first place.

This includes the typical suspects, such as a good diet and regular exercise, brain-power boosting mental games. However, a cup of coffee can be just as beneficial. According to many studies, the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease is reduced by up to 65% among coffee users.

Reduce Chances of Parkinson’s Disease

As the second most prevalent neurodegenerative ailment, Parkinson’s disease is just behind Alzheimer’s in terms of prevalence.

The loss of dopamine-producing neurons in your brain is the cause of this condition. Preventative measures are more vital than cures since there is no known treatment for Parkinson’s, like Alzheimer’s,

According to research, drinking coffee reduces the risk of Parkinson’s disease by 32–60 percent.


There are several health advantages associated with drinking coffee, which is why it is so popular across the world.

Caffeine has been shown to increase energy levels, aid weight loss, and enhance athletic performance when used regularly. According to several studies, drinking coffee might also help you live longer. If you like the flavor and can handle the caffeine, indulge in some great-tasting coffee that you can make right at home using our tips and tricks above.





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