Interior Design For Insomniacs: Sleep Better With These Design Trends

If you’re having trouble sleeping, it could be down to a number of factors that you haven’t addressed yet. Below are a number of things you can do, in terms of interior design, which can assist you in getting a good night of sleep.

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Blackout Blinds

Sometimes, outside lighting can affect our sleeping. This is especially true if you have a street light outside of your window. One way to effectively stop this light from entering your room is to get blackout blinds. Ambition Blinds offer a range of blackout blinds, along with Venetian Blinds and other designs.

If this doesn’t work for you, why not try a lavender scented eye mask? These aid sleep by keeping your eyes shut, paired with the calming lavender scent, it could be exactly what you need for the perfect night’s sleep.

Calming Colours

When it comes to choosing the right wall colour in the bedroom, try to stay away from yellow and bright colours. These can keep your brain active, especially if they’re paired with bright LED lighting. Try and find neutral colours such as greys, beige and whites for your bedroom. Paired with ambient lighting and turning the brightness on your phone down, it can set you up for a relaxed night in the sheets.

Oil Diffusers

Much like the idea of having a scented eye mask, oil diffusers are used to relax your mood, calm the senses and make your room smell beautiful (depending on the oils you use). Many oil diffusers can be found on websites such as Amazon for as little as £20, and can really change the atmosphere of a room.

The Perfect Bedding

Are you a light sleeper? Can the tog of your duvet make you overheat and wake you up during the night? Not many people know this, but your bedding could actually be keeping you awake. If you’re prone to allergies, why not look for something hypo-allergenic in a light tog?

You could also be experiencing difficulties with your mattress. If this is the case, consider grabbing a mattress topper. These can be cheaper than ordering a new mattress, and may just help you to drift off!

Guest post by Gina Kay Daniel

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