Top Kitchen Design Trends of 2017

The UK may rate The Great British Bake Off as one of the most-loved TV shows but up to 10% of the British population still can’t cook according to a YouGov survey.  Despite this rather worrying figure, the UK is no longer considered a land of culinary ignorance with. As many as 52% of Brits saying they can confidently cook 10 dishes or more from scratch. A well-designed kitchen that is kitted out with the latest accessories is bound to make cooking more of a pleasure than a chore. 

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In a study by appliance manufacturer, Britannia Living, 52% of respondents rated their kitchen as the room with the most financial value in the house. Of this, 39% spent more than £1,000 revamping their kitchen in the last 5 years. Furthermore 7% per cent spent in excess of £5,000 for the perfect high-quality kitchen. 

Here is a closer look at the top kitchen trends for 2017.

The industrial look

Industrial design is a decorating style that has grown tremendously in popularity in recent years. Characterised by details such as exposed brick and pipes, rustic materials and minimalist furniture, the trend is mostly inspired by factory spaces. This design trend combines the appeal of materials such as stone, wood and concrete. Together with advanced engineering, creates stunning solutions and finishes.

Handleless units and clutter-free worktops

The overall linear look proved to be very popular during 2017. Handleless doors in predominantly gloss finishes or in earthy hues dominated kitchens across the UK. Traditional grained timber and timber effects in natural hues also became popular thanks to an increase in painted colour options. Clutter-free worktops emerged as an interior design trend during 2017. This can open up the space of a kitchen and allow cooking to take place on a clear surface. Shelves and cabinets are evolving rapidly and boosting the clutter-free worktop concept. This has the added benefit of making a kitchen seem more spacious.

Monochrome tones and modern painted cabinets

Colours such as white, grey and black all enjoyed a rise in popularity which the colours working to varying degrees, regardless of whether it’s used for entire cabinets, worktops or appliances.  Black and white have always been popular interior decorating colours with a demand for various shades of grey becoming apparent during the second half of 2016 already. When it comes to painted kitchens, trends moved away from chunkier profiles towards thinner, slimmer contouring. These allowed shaker style doors and slab drawers to maintain classical proportions with a modern feel.

More technology

Technology is rapidly developing within the home with the kitchen being no exception.  Integrated speakers with Bluetooth functionality, color-changing lights and pop-up phone charging sockets are all giving kitchen a super-modern twists. Great advances has been made in terms of coffee makers for the home for example. The iKettle & Coffee Machine is ideal for early mornings as you can control it from the comfort of your bed via an app on your phone. When you get to the kitchen your warm drink is already waiting for you.

The benefits of a good-quality kitchen reach far beyond the financial advantages.  Cooking, eating and just spending time together forms strong emotional bonds with friends and family. Having a kitchen that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional is a sure-fire way to guarantee many happy moments spent in the heart of your home.

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