A 48 Hours In Paris Itinerary

Few cities have the same reputation for beauty and sophistication that Paris does. The city is built on soft ground. Consequently, it is absent of the skyscrapers and other tall buildings, except the iconic Eiffel Tower, of course, which typify the skylines of most developed capital cities.

As well as its unique architecture, Paris also embodies a fascinating culture and history. Among the many attractions to see, there are world-renowned shopping districts, restaurants, and other sites of interest.

Because there is so much to do, visitors to Paris need to plan as much as they can beforehand to make sure they use their time effectively, especially if they are only there for a short time.

The following itineraries are aimed at those who have just 48 hours to spend in the city.

Paris itinerary

Day 1

If your first day in Paris includes the morning, then you should definitely stop by the legendary Champs Elysees for a typical French breakfast. Along the Champs Elysees, visitors can find some of the finest coffee and croissants available in all of France. Spend an hour or so here taking in Parisian life as it passes you by.

After you’ve sampled a typical Parisian breakfast, the next item to tick off the list is the Eiffel Tower. Just don’t tell the locals! Parisians are famously hostile to the tower, but it is still a worthy experience for visitors as it allows a stunning panoramic view of the city.

You will need at least an hour to see the tower, and to travel up it if you so desire & we recommend you do, the views are spectacular! The tower is located near to the Champs Elysees. It is only a short journey there from your breakfast café.

Next, you should visit the Louvre. Research shows that most visitors to the Louvre simply walk in, queue to see the Mona Lisa, and then leave again. This is a great shame because there is, in fact, a huge amount to see in the museum. It houses many culturally significant works, so it is a vital inclusion on any itinerary.

It is recommended that you spend a couple of hours at least taking in the Louvre. Once you’re done in there, the surrounding area is worth exploring for its jaw-dropping architecture.

Between the museum itself and the surrounding area there should be enough here to keep you occupied until dinner time, where once again, the city offers endless dining options.

Day 2

Now that you have a feel for the city, it is time to be a little more adventurous. Paris has an efficient public transport system, which makes getting between different attractions a breeze.

You could begin your second day with a visit to the Palace of Versailles. There are tours of both the palace itself and of surrounding gardens and apartments.

Notre Dame Cathedral is another essential stop while you are in the city, it exemplifies the kind of imposing Gothic architecture for which France is renowned. The country’s history is intimately tied to religion. Consequently, it is home to many stunning religious buildings.

Paris itinerary

The Musee de Orsay Museum is considered by many to be the other big art museum in Paris, after The Louvre, of course. The museum sits inside a converted railways station building, which has left it with a truly remarkable appearance.

Swipe A Paris Pass

With so much to do throughout the city of Paris, it might seem impossible to see everything. To maximize the efficiency of your visit, consider investing in a Paris Explorer Pass.

Using this, you can gain free access to the hop-on-hop-off bus tour. This will take you to the most important sites in the city. The pass makes it easy to customise your travel plans & make last minute changes if you need to, check out this 4 day Paris Itinerary with a saving of 227.50 euros!

Paris itinerary

There is far too much to see and do in Paris to cram into in just 48-hours. However if you just want to get a flavour of Paris it is certainly possible to do.

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