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The Best Skin Care Products I’ve Used This Year

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The year 2019 was the year I turned forty years old. Although I still don’t feel it, I am definitely on the cusp of looking like I am in my forties. I am not at all bothered about that, but I am trying to look after my skin to prevent any possible premature aging. Looking my age doesn’t bother me, but if possible I do not want to look older than my age! I have had a long interest in skin care, and dip in and out of different routines. I’ve tried lots of different products over the years, and have slowly been able to discover what suits my skin. I used to have very oily and acne-prone skin. These days it tends to be on the dryer side although I am still prone to congestion. This year I discovered some new products, and also kept using some old favourites. Here is my round up of the best skin care products I have been using this year. These are all cruelty free, of course. 

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

My love for cleansers knows no bounds. I have a huge collection of them (a slightly ridiculous amount for one person) but I must admit that I hesitated before buying this product. For some reason it just didn’t appeal to me. However I have read an awful lot about how amazing this cleanser is, so I decided to order it. It is now possibly my most favourite cleanser. What I love about it is the texture, which is a thick balm which just seems to melt on the skin so easily. However it doesn’t leave any oily or sticky residue. It dissolves makeup effortlessly, and just washes away leaving skin very soft. It is delicate and non-irritating. If I had any complaint about it, it would be the screw top packaging which is a bit awkward when you have wet hands. But it’s bearable just because of how fantastic this product is. It takes off eye makeup too. I use a clean flannel to remove it which I just soak under running water. I think I will always have one of these in my cleansing arsenal. Available from The Body Shop. 

Thank You Farmer Sun Project Water Cream SPF50

I’ve been using this for about two years now. I’ve spoken about it in my summer skin care routine post, but I actually use it all year round. This is a fab high factor sunscreen which doesn’t irritate skin or eyes, sinks in yet moisturises, and protects from the sun. I take it with me now when I go to Lanzarote and have never burned with this on my face. It is quite expensive but I actually buy mine from eBay where it’s a lot cheaper. I’m not usually this loyal to one product but this really works for me so I stick with it. You can buy it from Cult Beauty. For Cult Beauty discount codes, check Wethrift. 

Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion

This is a new discovery of mine in 2019 and one which I am so happy to have found. This quite ordinary looking tube of body lotion is a godsend for anyone who has bumpy, uncomfortable or dry skin. This is such a soothing lotion which smoothes skin without any stinging or strong acids. It contains lactic acid which is a very gentle chemical exfoliant. This takes off dead skin cells without any redness or irritation. It gets rid of bumps, so is great for those on the backs of the arms and for shaving rash. It also soothes so it stops any itching from dryness. I tend to get itchy skin in the winter from all the central heating and the cold air outside, which seems to make my skin mad. This just stops that from happening very quickly. It’s not a thick cream so is very easy to apply every day, and it sinks in almost immediately leaving a very slightly powdery finish behind. I find this acts as a soothing barrier against external irritations. A must-have for anyone with mildly sensitive or bumpy skin. Available from Cult Beauty. 

Glow Recipe Pineapple-C Bright Serum

This absolutely stunning pineapple-shaped bottle contains a very gentle amount of pineapple juice. Pineapple juice contains a high amount of vitamin C, which is great for brightening pigmented areas of the skin and lightly exfoliating. You can see in my post about my microdermabrasion treatment that I have some pigmentation on my face. I have used a few different vitamin C serums in the past and a lot of them smell really awful, which is something I just can’t get past. I decided to try this one, and while it is still a little ‘chemical’ in its fragrance it does have that lovely pineapple scent to it too. This is another non-irritating skin care product which I have grown to love. It doesn’t leave any residue, and it doesn’t pill up on the skin like other vitamin C serums I’ve tried. Available from Cult Beauty. 

Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask

As I’m in my 40s, anything that mentions retinol as an ingredient is always a major bonus for me. Something about this little green pot just called out to me. I love avocado anyway, and the skin benefits that come from eating it. This eye cream is a thick one which you scoop out with the little spoon that comes with it. It is very moisturising, emollient and it coats the undereye area in a protective hydrating layer. I love to pat this on under my eyes at night. It leaves the skin in that area looking plumped and refreshed in the mornings. I’ve had no issues with dryness since using this, and I love the anti-aging benefits it brings. The very cute packaging is an extra treat. Available from Cult Beauty. 

Green People Age Defy+ by Cha Vøhtz Organic Products

You may remember my review of these cruelty free hair products from Green People. I have lately been trying out some of their skin care products from their newly re-branded Age Defy+ range. Cha Vøhtz is the founder of Green People, and she has set up this regime for women aged 35 and over. The balms, creams and oils are contained in this very beautiful glass packaging and they feel very luxurious to use. The Ultimate Wonder Balm is a product which does everything. You can use it to cleanse like a balm. I like to keep it on my desk however and use it on my lips and cuticles. I also rub it on the backs of my hands if they are looking a bit dry and ‘old.’ It gives them a nice healthy glow without being greasy at all. It’s a very thick balm which melts to a liquid consistency and it is really lovely to use as a cleanser too.

I’ve also been using the Hydra-Glow Sleep Mask which is an overnight treatment for the face and neck. This is a thick cream with a soothing botanical fragrance. It contains Neroli and Green Algae which pack a powerful anti-aging punch. The Green Algae stimulates collagen production. It also contains Olive Squalene and Caesalpinia Spinosa which moisturise and retain water in the skin so it looks more youthful. Despite the thick consistency you don’t feel like you are going to bed with a face mask on, as it sinks right in and leaves a comforting barrier on the skin. The scent is designed to encourage sleep, and I find it very relaxing and spa-like. 

I’ve also been using the Pure Luxe Body Oil. There’s nothing like an oil to make skin glow with a healthy sheen, and this works wonderfully. It has some amazingly hydrating ingredients, such as safflower oil, pomegranate oil, and cranberry oil. They are high in omega 3, 6 and 9 and intensively hydrate the skin. It’s ideal for the cold winter months, especially on legs which tend to suffer the most from dryness at this time. I get very bad fluid retention a lot of the time. This is probably due to inactivity (I spend a lot of time at my desk) and the occasional tendency to go overboard with salty foods. I use this to help reduce water retention by smoothing it up my legs in quick motions (as you would use a body brush). Like the other products it has a gorgeous scent, due to its very high concentration of botanical ingredients. These really are luxury products and perfect for someone like me with aging yet sensitive skin. They combine natural anti-aging ingredients in scientifically tested blends. As an added bonus they are also suitable for vegans. Available from Green People. 

SkinOwl Neck+

If you are like me and love products which sink in quickly, you will like this product from SkinOwl. This is a fab serum-like lotion which I smooth over my neck and which plumps it up without leaving a sticky residue. It sinks in so quickly, but it is very moisturising. The product has helped minimise the look of those annoying rings you get around your neck. I’ve definitely noticed less sagging and less of that crepey look which is so annoying as you get older. I bought this from Cult Beauty; however they don’t seem to sell this particular product anymore. Hopefully I can find this elsewhere in the UK.

For any professional treatments you might be considering, speak with the Victorian Dermal Group.

For me, my skin care routine in 2019 has been about finding new products which treat my aging and slightly sensitive skin. I have also enjoyed sticking to some tried and tested products this year. The best skin care products I have found have been gentle, kind to sensitive skin, and of the plumping and preventative kind. I think as you get older (especially with my generation who used sunbeds and went on holiday purely to get a tan) some of the damage has already been done so it is all about preventing any further damage. I have discovered some lovely products which really do what they say they will, and am looking forward to continuing their use in 2020. 


Melissa Jane Lee

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Rachel Craig

Saturday 11th of January 2020

Aveeno. I have been using the baby products. If they are mild enough for baby's skin :- Then surely they should be ok for adult skin. Also as I have aged :- Skin seems to become dry in the Autumn / Winter, possibly due to cooler / colder weather. Aveeno seems to re- hydrate the skin, so effective.


Sunday 12th of January 2020

That's really interesting that you use the Aveeno baby products too - I have the baby shower gel in my shower and absolutely love it! It really helps with soothing dryness and I'm so pleased to have discovered it. I definitely have drier skin these days too, which is really unusual for me. It must be an ageing thing :(

Fiona jk42

Tuesday 31st of December 2019

Thanks for the round-up of skin care products. The Body Shop cleanser sounds nice, I will have to try it, and also the avocado eye mask sounds lovely. My favourite skin care product is Almond oil. I have very dry skin, and I've tried lots of different facial oils, but always come back to sweet almond oil. I usually buy it in my local international grocery store. They have a whole section devoted to beauty products from the Middle East and South asia, including coconut oil formulated for hair, and lots of other products made from exotic fruit, nuts and seeds.


Tuesday 31st of December 2019

The Body Shop cleanser really is lovely, and you only need a tiny bit which makes it good value for money I think. I don't think I have ever tried pure almond oil actually, and you have me intrigued now. I really love using natural products and this does sound really lovely. I also love coconut oil, definitely a favourite of mine too!