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12 Cleanser Benefits: How Cleansing Improves Your Skin

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A good skincare routine is vital for good skin health and has huge benefits for your appearance too.

If you take good care of your skin you will reap the benefits of having beautiful skin.

That being said, the cornerstone of any skincare regime is most definitely facial cleansing.

There are multiple benefits to cleansing which extend beyond just taking makeup off at the end of the day.

Skipping the cleansing step in your beauty routine is where many skincare issues start.

If you commit to using a facial cleanser you’ll see many of these issues disappear, and gain some more beauty advantages on top of that.

The best cleanser benefits that you’ll discover from regularly cleansing your face

Below are the best cleanser benefits that anyone can get from regularly using a face cleanser as part of their beauty regime.

cleanser benefits for woman washing her face

How often should you cleanse your face?

For the best results and to get the maximum benefits from cleansing your face, you should do it twice a day.

In the morning it’s usually sufficient to cleanse your face just once as the first step in your morning beauty routine.

In the evenings washing your face twice, also known as double cleansing, is recommended.

Cleansing tip: if you don’t like washing your face because the water runs down your arms, these are life changing

The cleansing benefits that will give you healthy-looking skin

Here are all the best cleanser benefits no matter if you use gel cleansers, foam cleansers or an oil-based cleanser.

Your skin will benefit greatly in the following ways just from the simple process of cleansing your face.

A cleanser will remove all of your makeup

The reason this is an important benefit is not just because days-old makeup on your face just looks bad.

Makeup can clog pores which will lead to blackheads and other forms of acne, and this is true even if you don’t wear heavy makeup.

heavy makeup removed with facial cleanser

It also contains chemicals which can irritate the skin, as well as leave the skin’s surface looking dull if you don’t remove them.

Not washing your makeup off will also block your skin’s natural shedding process which can further contribute to dullness and blocked pores.

Cleansers remove SPF

We all know the importance of wearing an SPF on your face every single day.

It’s one of the most effective anti-aging tools we have at our disposal.

However, not removing your SPF at the end of the day is a bad idea.

This is because, even though it’s probably not protecting you from UV rays anymore, your SPF’s residue includes chemicals that will lead to clogged pores just like makeup will.

Cleansing helps get rid of dead skin cells

Our skin naturally sheds dead cells all the time, but these can get stuck on the surface of the skin in makeup and other skin care products.

One of the best cleanser benefits is that they wash away these dead skin cells to prevent them blocking your pores and leading to blackheads and other blockages like pimples.

woman with clear skin after cleansing face

You get an even better gentle exfoliation if you use a wash cloth or muslin cloth to remove your cleanser.

A cleanser can target specific skin concerns

If you pick the right facial cleanser for your skin type you get ahead of the game instantly before you’ve even applied any serums or moisturizer.

No matter if you have oily skin, dry skin or something in between, choosing skincare products like cleansers that are tailored for your skin type is the first step in addressing any skin conditions you may have.

That’s because the right cleanser will contain ingredients to tackle things like acne, dryness or excess sebum.

Some cleansers also have anti-aging benefits.

Cleansing boosts circulation to give you a healthy glow

Just the physical act of rubbing cleanser on to your face has huge benefits.

Give yourself a facial massage each time you cleanse which will boost blood flow to the skin and leave you with a fresh look.

tatcha cleanser benefits

Massage a cleanser in a circular motion to get really clean skin that glows from the inside out.

Cleansers can unclog pores to reduce acne breakouts

Those with acne-prone skin should certainly benefit from cleansing.

Acne is a really common skin condition that many of us suffer with for years, and some of it comes from skin pores becoming blocked by excess oil and dead skin cells.

This includes blackheads, whiteheads and regular pimples.

Acne-causing bacteria can also get trapped inside pores which is another trigger for spots and pimples.

face cleanser with benefits

Regular cleansing is one of the best ways to wash away skin cells and oil to prevent clogged pores.

Facial cleansing can help reduce puffiness

Much like increasing circulation, another of the cleanser benefits is increasing lymphatic drainage in your skin.

Run your fingers in sweeping motions from the centre of the face outwards while cleansing to help drain excess water that can lead to a puffy look.

Cleansing removes pollution from the face

Unfortunately one of the downsides of modern living, especially you live in a built-up area or city, is the poor air quality.

Air pollution such as exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, chemical emissions and other environmental factors can all sit on the surface of your skin.

These are invisible irritants that trigger the production of free radicals.

face cleanser

These can contribute to premature aging, dark spots and skin irritation.

A cleanser benefits your skin by removing pollutants from your face. 

Proper cleansing benefits the rest of your skin care products

One of the additional benefits of facial cleansing is that it helps your other products work more effectively.

If you don’t remove invisible residue that sits on the skin surface like pollution, SPF and sebum, your products won’t be able to penetrate the skin properly.

skin cleansing benefits at a bathroom sink

This means if you’ve invested in good serums, moisturizers and masks, they won’t have a chance to work wonders unless you’ve cleansed properly first.

Cleansing can be really relaxing

One of the best cleanser benefits is simply the relaxing effect the method of cleansing can have.

Massaging a nice cleanser in to your skin can have a really calming effect and is a lovely way to unwind in the evening.

It signals the beginning of your skin care routine and can be a good chance for you to really start to switch off as you prepare for bed, especially if you have a really busy lifestyle.

Cleansers can help keep your skin soft

Some people use a regular bar of soap when washing their face, but this can be very drying.

Normal soap is not good for face skin because it negatively affects your natural skin barrier.

person washing face at sink

Soap can strip skin of its natural oils, which conversely results in excess oil production to compensate for this.

Instead, a gentle cleanser will remove dirt and other impurities but won’t affect the pH levels of the skin.

Cleansing is an act of self care

Cleansing is an important part of self care because you are looking after your skin.

Skin is the largest organ in your body and deserves to be taken care of.

By pampering your skin and keeping it healthy and happy, you are treating your body with the respect it deserves and it will thank you back.

The use of cleansers is vital for the appearance of your skin.

Skin cleansers remove dirt, sebum, oil and dead skin cells—ideally without damaging or irritating the skin.

No matter if you use a cleansing oil, cream cleansers or a refreshing gel cleanser, you will reap these cleanser benefits if you stick to a cleansing routine every day.

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