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First Cruise Checklist: What To Expect And What You Should Pack

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Going on a luxury cruise is a holiday experience you will never forget. Setting sail on a cruise holiday gifts you the best of both worlds. Experiencing a life of luxury on board with 5-star food and fine dining is one part, but you also get the opportunity to visit new and exciting countries.

Often, people can be deterred from booking cruises as the costs can be a little expensive. While, yes, booking a cruise will cost a lot of money, however, you are paying for a luxury experience – one that you will absolutely get your money’s worth! After all, what’s better than waking up to a gorgeous blue sky and crystal-clear water?

If you are planning on booking your first ever cruise, or you already have everything booked, then this article could give you some helpful tips. We will go over some things to expect while on the cruise as well as the things you need to pack. Follow along to find out more!

Research The Stops Beforehand

A major reason why cruise holidays are so popular is that you get to experience multiple holidays at once! It’s amazing to have the opportunity to explore new cultures and cuisines, and then be able to get back on the ship and travel somewhere new. Researching the stops beforehand is definitely recommended as it will give you some insight into what you need to pack in your suitcase. Of course, you want to dress for the weather, so researching the countries beforehand will give you a good indication as to what clothes you should wear. Not only this, but through researching the countries you can find out if there are any customs or traditions you should adhere to, which will just save you a lot of hassle when you arrive.

Make Travel Arrangements To The Port

One important thing you need to remember when going on a cruise holiday is to make sure that you have travel arrangements made to take you to the port. Just like you would arrange transport to an airport, you also need to think about how you are going to get to the port. It could be that you choose to book a taxi, or you may even ask a friend to help you, either way, be sure that you make those arrangements early so that everything is organized. Alternatively, you could choose to just drive yourself to the port, instead of relying on other people. If you do choose this option, you must ensure that you have parking arrangements sorted, so that your vehicle can be kept safe while on your cruise. For someone who is going on a Port Canaveral Cruise, you should visit and make parking arrangements through their site.

Eating At Set Times

One thing to expect while on your first cruise ship is that there are set eating times. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will all be served at set times each day, so it is important that you remember the schedule so that you can make it in time for your meals. However, even if you do miss the set eating times, it doesn’t mean you will go hungry. There will still be the opportunity to get snacks and small plates throughout the day, but it won’t be nearly as good as the food provided at the designated times. Getting used to this schedule is something you may find takes a bit of time, but after a few days you should fall into the routine.

Casual And Dressy Outfits

While on a cruise, you will find that there is a stark difference between the way people dress in the day and the way they dress at night. During the day, most people will be lounging by the pool in their swimsuits or wandering around the ship in casual attire, but at night everything changes. The evenings of a cruise ship are all about giving the guests a luxury experience, which means fine dining and top-quality entertainment. During the evening, people tend to get a bit more dressed up, so it would be a good idea if you made sure you packed a mix of casual and dressy outfits. This will just give you more options to choose from and it means you won’t be feeling left out when everyone is wearing their smart clothes. A balanced mix of dressy and casual is all you really need for the cruise, so make sure you pack carefully.

Don’t Forget Your Essential Documents

A lot of people think that because they are traveling via ship, they do not need to be as careful with remembering important documents, because there aren’t as many security checks as you find in an airport. However, even though you are traveling on a ship, you still need to remember to bring your passport, vaccination card (if necessary), cruise boarding pass, and any visas needed. It would be a good idea to keep everything together and organized in one place, as this will make it easier to hand over the documents when you need to. A great way to keep everything organized is to buy a travel wallet, as they can hold multiple documents at once. This might just make things a bit easier instead of having to rummage through your bag every time you need something.

Spend Time Exploring The Ship

One of the best parts of going on a cruise is spending time exploring the ship. When you first board the cruise ship, you should spend the first day wandering around the ship and seeing what it has to offer. It is far better to explore the ship as soon as you arrive as this will mean you can plan your day and find out where all the best spots are. It also means that when you get hungry later, you won’t be aimlessly wandering trying to find somewhere good to eat! So, once your bags are in your room, have a good exploration and find the hidden gems of the cruise ship.


Melissa Jane Lee

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