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Date night in: what to eat and drink for every type of couple

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It’s no secret that date nights can be costly. From fancy dinners out to expensive cinema tickets, the cost can add up quickly. If you’re keen to treat your significant other to a date night, but can’t splash the cash – why not set up a date night in, instead?  

Going to the effort of shopping for a nice meal and setting the table romantically for dinner is sure to please, and can be just as fun as going out. Plus, it will cost significantly less than going to a restaurant. If you’re looking for ideas for what to cook and drink, check out our recommendations below for every type of couple.  

For those that hate cooking 

If cooking isn’t your thing but you still want to make a meal for your partner, then there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Our top tip is to make a meal that can be baked in the oven – so all you have to do is get it home, put the oven on, and pop it in! Things like salmon en croûte with roast potatoes, pasta bakes and casseroles are all great choices. This could be followed by a dessert straight from the fridge like cheesecake or tiramisu.  

For those that love rustling up homemade meals 

If you’re no stranger to the kitchen and enjoy making meals from scratch, then think about some of your partner’s favourite foods and pick one of them to cook. This could be anything from a steak with peppercorn sauce to a vegetable ragu. Be realistic and consider how much time you have. For instance, if you’re planning to do date night on Friday after work, you may want to choose something quick like fajitas or stir fry.  

For those that want a tipple (or two) 

Once you’ve decided on the food, it’s time to think about drinks. Does your partner love a smooth glass of red wine? Do they enjoy a fruity cocktail? Or perhaps they enjoy a sharp gin and tonic? Whatever their preference, make them their favourite drink to sip before, during, or after your meal. It will show that you’ve put thought into what you’ve chosen – which is sure to earn you some brownie points! 

For those that don’t drink 

If you don’t drink alcohol or would prefer not to, then consider what soft drinks will pair well with the food. For example, fruity desserts often go well with hot drinks like camomile tea, and chocolate can pair nicely with cranberry juice. If you’re eating seafood then citrus-based drinks are a great choice, while curries can be enjoyed with sugary drinks like coke or lemonade. 

Hopefully, this will help you plan a fun and cost-effective date night with your partner! 


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