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Tips to improve your future employment prospects

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The world of work has never been more unpredictable than it is today, and industry experts warn that most future employees will likely hold multiple different jobs through their working lives in the future. Where once many professions offered life-long stability, the incessant forward march of technology and computers is casting doubt on many careers, making the future work environment increasingly difficult to predict.

How business is changing

While technology has afforded firms tremendous opportunities in terms of how and where they can operate, this same rise of the machines is also starting to have a detrimental effect on the potential future career prospects of workers. Previously assured professions are increasingly being replaced by (or at least being integrated with) technology, leading to many employment analysts beginning to question where prospective workers will find employment in the coming years. The medical field often rarely sees changes, especially California physician jobs. One thing is for sure – dexterity and adaptability will be required to stay employed in the future. Here are just a few ways you could improve your employment prospects and help future-proof your career: 

Take extra training

No matter what stage you’re at in life, extra training will provide additional opportunities. It will also open doors for sideways or vertical progression. Having as broad a skills base as possible will be vital in the future as the employment landscape changes. 

For instance, in the business world, completing courses in finance, marketing, leadership training programs and business storytelling workshops can greatly enhance your professional prospects. Meanwhile, those in the tech industry will find it advantageous to take courses in programming languages, cybersecurity, and data analytics to keep their skills up to date. The healthcare industry requires constant learning, making courses in medical coding, patient safety, and quality improvement crucial for career growth. Overall, these courses help maintain relevance, enhance skills, and provide opportunities for growth and advancement.

Work on your adaptability and be prepared to take on different roles

As mentioned, employment experts believe that we will all work in numerous different roles throughout our lives. The sheer pace of technology is driving progress in all areas of life – so much so, the World Economic Forum (WEF) suggests that 65% of kids starting primary school today will work in jobs that haven’t even been invented yet. The world is changing rapidly and improving your willingness to adapt to different jobs will be key.

Rather than resisting, positively embrace technology

No matter how hard you might try to resist it, technology is already playing an integral role in all facets of life and business. Rather than trying to fight against the pace of change, look for ways to enhance your computer and tech skills to be better prepared for the types of jobs that will likely exist in the future. Getting a sound understanding now will make you far better qualified and ready later to pick up new advancements in tech.

Think about developing your so-called ‘soft skills’

Employers don’t just choose staff based on their qualifications. Rather, they look for experience and proof of the so-called ‘soft skills’ required to be a good employee and team player. In general, you should put some effort and time into developing the following attributes:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Having a professional work ethic
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Interpersonal skills

The takeout

There’s little doubt that computers and tech are transforming the workplace and the jobs of tomorrow will look very different from those of today.

Just a little preparatory work now could radically improve your employment opportunities tomorrow. So spend some on your personal development and plan carefully for ways you might progress your career.


Melissa Jane Lee

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