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Holiday Gift Guide for Pets and Pet Owners

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Most pet owners would barely disagree that holidays are bliss if themed with the aura of their adoring pets. Besides, who doesn’t love dragging their pets into the fun as the moods and energies swell high? While looking for the perfect holiday gift for pets, pet owners too can find mesmerizing glitter in souvenir gifts that appeal to them. This guide will provide pet owners with the ideal holiday gifts for their pets and a few that would seemingly appeal to them.

1. IQ treats dispensing balls

Pets love to play, and there’s no better time to do it than in the holidays when excitement is running high. However, tagging with tasty treats and play can be an added twist. Besides, incredibly active pets like hyper furry friends, including dogs and cats, can find a perfect way to channel their enthusiasm into IQ treat-dispensing balls. That’ll sure keep them busy as they roll the ball trying to get a treat, which also works well on their intelligence.

2. Custom pet portraits

It doesn’t have to be a souvenir for the long term. But, putting a pet avatar as pet portraits and sticking them on the walls is a perfect holiday gift for pet owners. Or, it could be framing their HD pictures so that they feel adored and cherished. Some pet lovers can relish the idea of cartooning their pet’s portraits or color-wash them – there’s always an expert for that. Better yet, they can add a fun twist with an age-old technique to plaster a smile on pet owners every moment they take a glance at them.

3. Pet treats

Who doesn’t love a treat in the festive season when everything is all about yummy foods and light moments? Dogs would undoubtedly damn their owners with faint praise, wiggling tails uncontrollably when they whiff a scent of chicken nudges in the air. Cats would also relish tasty chicken breasts and savory salmons while licking their tiny snouts.

While finding a perfect gift to play with can be perfect, treats can strike their core quite better, and they’ll surely appreciate it. You can also choose to buy them great tasting treats and supplements that aid in digestion from Bernie’s Best.

4. Felt pet cave

Pets love a quiet ambiance sometimes or places with less distraction to recapture. So, how about a felt pet cave to dash into when it’s tumultuous with all the holiday elation? These gifts can be perfect for pets that value a bit of privacy, where they find the peace to doze and shake off the holiday exhaustion. These gifts are available in various sizes that fit any pet inside and are suitable for dogs and cats.

5. Splash giant birdbath

A private zone to splash and bath without constant glances from others can be a perfect gift for some feathery friends. Holidays are ideal for tidying up and keeping clean, and birds would love to stay sparkly all through. Birdbaths are cage structures bird owners can fill up with water and let their feathery friends have all the fun tidying up. Besides, their proper closures allow for some privacy in case anyone’s cutting a glance at them.

6. Hilarious feline letters from comedian Jeremy Greenberg

Pet owners can also find it fun to have hilarious messages from their feline friends. These gifts will sure revamp their moods and cheer them up when they’re going through the megrims. And getting a copy of the letter compilation isn’t as challenging either. Sure enough, any feline pet owner will relate with the messages, perhaps giving them an uncontrollable laugh-out-loud moment.

7. PetFusion ultimate dog bed

This dog bed is a bit nuanced in its features and offers exceptional rest to dogs. So, no more backaches and constant shuffling and whining in the holidays. It’s a waterproof dog nest and is a perfect gift for dog owners who aren’t down with scrubbing stains and grime that build up.

8. Wags smart collar

Collars offer a pretty straightforward way to hook the leashes, but the wags smart collar is a perfect reincarnation of the traditional collars. They’re equipped with a GPS tracker to provide a trail for dogs that tend to wander away. Besides, they have a mild shocker to control bad behavior. Given the nature of how they operate, these smart collars can be perfect gifts for pet owners – because, sure enough, dogs will snarl back at it.


The holidays are here, and there’s no better way to make the days fun than marking them with gifts. And as it is to humans, pets too would appreciate getting something unique that adds to their stash of fun. We hope this gift guide for pets and pet owners will give them a clear idea of what best makes the holidays more electrified.


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