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15 amazing Lavender Soap Benefits for body and mind

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The lavender plant, with its pretty blue and purple flowers, is a garden staple plant because of how hardy yet beautiful it is.

Its lavender flowers have been used for decades in skincare and wellbeing products.

In fact, the use of lavender can be traced back thousands of years to the ancient Egyptians.

And if you’ve ever used a lavender soap you’ll know how instantly recognizable and soothing the fragrance is.

But did you know there are a vast number of lavender soap benefits for your whole body?

It’s not just the beautiful lavender scent and color which makes it such a great addition to soap.

The benefits of lavender soap go far beyond the relaxing aroma of lavender.

A really good lavender soap is made with the highest quality organic lavender oil, which comes from the lavender blossoms themselves.

Whether you use a handmade lavender soap or buy one, you’ll get the same benefits of lavender soap for your whole body and mind.

lavender bar soap heart shaped with benefits

There are a truly incredible number of benefits from lavender soap which make it a must-have in your beauty or medicine cupboard.

15 amazing lavender soap benefits

Below are all the incredible lavender soap benefits you can get from simply adding a bar of it into your daily routine.

Lavender soap can help relieve headaches and migraine

If you suffer with regular headaches, or possibly migraines which are even worse, grab yourself a bar of lavender soap.

There have been numerous scientific studies into the effectiveness of lavender essential oil as a headache pain relief.

lavender soap benefitting the skin

Simply inhaling the scent of lavender can provide soothing relief from headaches naturally.

Lavender soap has anti-inflammatory properties

There are multiple lavender soap benefits for skin and its anti-inflammatory nature is a major plus.

Skin inflammation can occur as rashes, itchiness, redness and acne.

Lavender has calming benefits for the skin and can help to soothe skin irritations and acne flare ups, taking down redness and relieving discomfort.

Lavender is a powerful antiseptic

An antiseptic is applied to the skin to prevent the growth of bacteria and other skin infections.

Research has shown that lavender oil is a great choice as a natural antiseptic.

lavender oil in soap benefits

If you have any cuts or wounds, or even any acne, lavender soap benefits this by preventing further infection.

Lavender speeds up skin healing

Among the many health benefits of lavender is its ability to speed up wound healing, which is quite frankly amazing.

Tests have shown that cuts and wounds heal faster with the application of lavender essential oil.

This is because it promotes the production of collagen and encourages tissue regeneration.

Lavender also speeds up the healing process by speeding up wound closure, and it’s also one of the best essential oils for burns

Lavender is a natural sleep aid

If you struggle with falling asleep, you might want to try the benefits of lavender soap for promoting restful sleep.

lavender hand soap in water

The sedative effects of a few drops of lavender oil are well known.

If you use a lavender soap before going to bed and make sure to mindfully inhale the scent, you’ll be able to fall into a deep sleep more easily and wake up feeling well rested.

Lavender is a great natural insect repellent

One of the best ways to naturally repel those pesky midges is to use lavender.

The strong scent of lavender acts as a repellent to insects.

You can utilize this huge benefit by placing it strategically around your garden, and hang dry bunches of lavender around your home.

Washing your body with a lavender hand soap is a great way to repel insects during the day and night without the use of any harsh chemicals.

Speaking of insects….

Lavender helps to soothe insect bites

If you’re one of those people who always seems to get bitten, especially in the summer, this tip is for you.

lavender soap benefits for insect bites

One of the many lavender soap benefits for skin is that it soothes the irritation and itch caused by bug bites.

If you do happen to get bitten, gently wash the bite with a lavender bar soap or dab on a few drops of lavender essential oil.

Its anti-inflammatory properties will soothe the bite and get to work at healing it faster.

Lavender is great for stress relief

One of the most well known lavender soap benefits is its ability to relax you and relieve stress levels.

If you’re searching for a natural product to counteract stress rather than taking medication, simply inhale lavender.

Evidence suggests that lavender signals the brain to relax, and it doesn’t have any negative effects on the nervous system in the way something like a glass of wine might.

purple soap bar containing the benefits of lavender oil

It’s a wonderful natural remedy and can be used as a healthy way to help you relax after a long day.

Lavender soap is an easy way to get a natural mood boost

As well as being a stress reliever, lavender’s floral scent is also linked to reducing low mood and depression.

A simple way to get this lavender soap benefit is to use a bar of lavender soap in the shower or bath, especially in the morning.

It has an uplifting effect which will instantly boost your mood.

Lavender soap has benefits for all skin types

No matter your skin type, be it oily, acne-prone, sensitive, dry or dehydrated or a combination of any of these, lavender soap can help.

Dry skin benefits from lavender soaps because of the calming effect it has on skin.

If you use a soap that combines lavender and something really moisturizing like organic shea butter or sweet almond oil, it’s an amazing and natural way to combat dry skin.

Oilier skin types should not be discouraged from using anything with lavender oil in it.

Lavender soap benefits oily skin as it has antibacterial properties which help to stop acne flaring up and spreading.

It also is a non-comedogenic oil so it won’t block your pores.

Lavender soap is also great for sensitive skin because of how soothing it is.

Lavender is an effective treatment for sunburn

You should of course avoid sunburn at all costs by applying a high factor sunscreen and avoiding the sun at certain times.

If the sun does catch you out however, as it sometimes can, then this benefit of lavender soap can help.

Because of the soothing nature of lavender, a soap containing lavender can calm the inflammation from sunburn and reduce the pain it causes.

Wash the affected area with a lavender soap bar and let it get to work getting you back to having healthy skin.

Lavender soap can help with menstrual cramps

This is another of the amazing benefits of lavender soap.

Lavender oil is able to soothe menstrual cramps, making them less painful.

You can massage lavender oil or lavender soap over the area to relieve cramping sensations.

sprig of lavender

As an added bonus, the mood boosting effect of the lavender fragrance will instantly make you feel calmer and happier too.

It can soothe muscle aches and tension

By now you know that one of the benefits of lavender soap is its therapeutic properties.

It can help you to get a good night’s sleep, soothe the side effects of lots of different skin conditions, and relax the mind.

Another great lavender benefit is that it is effective at relaxing tight muscles and soothing muscle aches and pains.

Lavender is one of the essential oils with analgesic benefits which means it provides natural pain relief.

Massive it on sore muscles and feel the lavender soap benefits get to work.

Lavender can counteract hair loss

Another of the amazing benefits of lavender soap is that it can help promote new hair growth.

If you’ve been suffering with hair loss or thinning hair, there are a couple of different ways you can help it with lavender.

Either rub pure lavender oil into your scalp, or shampoo your hair with a lavender soap or shampoo bar.

Lavender is an alternative medicine for the whole family

One of the major benefits of lavender soap is that it’s suitable for all ages.

Normal soaps can be drying or contain harsh chemicals that aren’t suitable for all skins.

Lavender soap benefits the whole family because it can be used on babies up to the elderly.

Everyone can reap the therapeutic lavender soap benefits above.

It’s also a really inexpensive way to ensure the whole family is cleansed and soothed naturally without the use of anything artificial.

Whether you get your lavender soap from a store or make your own soaps, it’s one of those beauty products that everyone should make sure they own.

The lavender soap benefits are multiple and truly outstanding, and can rival even the most cutting edge of skincare ingredients.

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