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The Secret to Looking Your Best No Matter What

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Whether reducing the signs of ageing or simply feeling more confident on those (now very rare) nights out with friends, every gal wants to look their best no matter what. But, it can feel like fashion and style trends change so rapidly that it’s impossible to keep up, and unless you’re someone who spends all their time pouring over fashion blogs or Instagram pages, it can all become a little overwhelming. 

And for some, it’s not even worth it. Many get to an age when they don’t care if their hair isn’t perfect or if they’re wearing an outfit from several seasons ago. However, those that do care don’t need to dedicate themselves to the whims of the fashion outlet industry, and there is a way to not only look your best no matter what but also find a versatile personal style.

Have A Base Style 

Figuring out a base style is one of the easiest ways to ensure you look your best. This way, you don’t need to experiment with unique looks that you may like but don’t suit you or match the occasion. 

Typically, a base style is more casual. It could be a pair of jeans and sneakers with t-shirts and is ideal for running errands. Considering how easy it is to find pieces like this, you can build an accessible base wardrobe quickly (and cheaply) while also having room to mix it up when you feel like it. 

Know What Pieces Complement Each Other

You can also maximise any outfit’s potential by knowing which pieces com[plement each other. While a skirt and jeans may have been in when you were a teenager, it was never a great look. Instead, think about how different items in your wardrobe look alongside one another. This could be various colours or patterns or it could be why you’re wearing them. You wouldn’t throw on your best outfits for the school run, so remember this before you slip into your ball gown. 

Pick Your Perfect Colours 

It’s also useful to consider and buy clothes that are the right colour for you. However, not everyone knows what the right colour is, so they may buy clothes that make them look washed out. It’s best to pick colours that complement your skin tone, so if you have a cooler skin tone, bright blue is always going to be your friend. If you’re tanned, you can get the most out of gold or olive-coloured clothes. 

Stop Buying Cheap Shoes 

For many, shoes don’t always seem that important, especially since you can buy a range of cheap imitations of popular brands at just about any supermarket or affordable clothing store. However, it isn’t just that these cheap shoes don’t look as good, but that they also won’t last as long. Furthermore, cheap shoes do not offer the same quality, support, or protection as their more expensive counterparts, and you won’t need to buy a new pair every few months. With the right shoes, you can expect them to last for years

Overcome Common Hurdles 

Everyone can benefit from a morning routine, but there is usually something that crops up along the way so that you get frazzled and feel like you’ll never get out of the house looking your best. While you can’t always anticipate what will go wrong, you can learn how to overcome these hurdles. If you know you regularly mess up your braids, it might be better to do them the night before. If you can never choose what to wear, choose your outfit early on or give yourself various options. 

Use A Seamstress 

Not enough people make use of a professional seamstress, but this is one of the best ways to make any outfit look good on you. A quality seamstress helps prevent badly fitting clothing from affecting your style, and you will be able to complement your body shape regardless of what you buy. If you’ve ever wanted an outfit so badly but only found it in the wrong size, this could change everything. 

Know How To Match Any Item

If you’ve ever opened your wardrobe and panicked that you have nothing to wear, you need to start thinking about how to match any item. The truth is that you do have something to wear, but you don’t have enough pieces to put together something stylish. This goes back to your base style, as you can mix and match a variety of items to ensure you will look good in anything. Additionally, the more versatile your wardrobe, the easier it will be to wear the same thing repeatedly without it becoming boring or predictable. 

Pick a Quick Hairstyle

Getting your hair just right is often the biggest problem for many women before they go out of the house. This is true even of hairstyles they have done a thousand times and should have perfected by now. Unless you’re going to a fancy dinner or party, you don’t need your hair to be exceptionally perfect, and you can find a variety of quick but stylish hairstyles with bronde hair inspiration or whatever suits you best. You can always try out new things, but it’s useful to have something to fall back on, too. 

Invest In Quality Clothing 

Just like shoes, it’s always (in most cases) worth the money to invest in quality clothing. Although fast fashion has made it easier than ever to look decent on a budget, you shouldn’t rely on these brands or services for too long. Sometimes, spending more than £20 on a shirt or even more than £100 on a dress is not so outlandish. The material will be better, so it will last longer, making it more sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

Take Better Care Of Your Nails 

You don’t need to have the perfect nails, but taking better care of them with the right nail supplies shows that you love the attention to detail. Sometimes, it’s these little things that can make a substantial difference, so it’s always worth spending a few minutes at the end of your day filing your nails or adding a splash of colour like any of these neon nail designs, especially if you’re heading out for the evening. If you don’t want to do it yourself, a manicure is always a nice treat. 

Master Your Makeup

Sometimes, you need to rush out of the house with little warning, and regardless of what your partner says, you need to do your makeup, especially if you don’t feel your best. But, you don’t have the time to spend an hour pampering yourself, so a quick makeup routine that focuses solely on your eyes and lips is usually enough to make you feel better and ensure you’re ready to face the world.

Treat Your Things With Respect 

Just because these things are yours doesn’t mean you can disrespect them. Whether it’s your hair, clothes, shoes, or jewellery, taking better care of everything means you’ll look your best no matter what for longer. Make sure to check the care and washing labels on your clothes to prevent them from fading, while regularly cleaning your shoes will keep scuff stains or marks from covering them. If you’re worried about damaging more expensive items, save them for special occasions. 

Never Too Much Outerwear 

With winter very much here, you can never have too many coats and jackets for any occasion. Your elegant pea coat is perfect for a night on the town or going to the office, but if it’s not waterproof, you don’t want to wear it in the rain. To overcome this, a stylish raincoat is perfect, yet if this isn’t warm enough, puffer jackets and parkas are always a winner. Of course, you don’t just need outerwear for the winter so consider coats or jackets that are more lightweight to bring with you when the temperatures are on the cusp of rising. 

Have Something Fancy 

Everyone deserves to own something fancy to make them feel more glamorous. While you won’t wear it all the time, some expensive jewellery can enhance any outfit, whether you are attending a classy dinner party or you and your partner have gone out for the evening, perhaps in one of your chic date outfit ideas. As it’s so expensive, you’ll need to be a little more careful with it, but that’s okay because at least you’ll look your best.  

Be Nicer To Yourself 

Finally, the secret to looking your best isn’t always about what you wear. Instead, it’s about how you look after yourself. It’s very important to learn how to glow up mentally. Plenty of sleep, good posture, and regular check-ups with Auris Ear Care will help you stay on top of your health, while plenty of exercise and healthy eating are the staples of a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Alongside these, having regular dental check-ups at JC Dental Como is crucial. Dental health significantly contributes to overall well-being and aesthetic appeal. A confident smile, often associated with healthy teeth, can greatly enhance your presence and overall appearance.

If you remember this, you’ll always have the confidence to look your best whenever you leave the house and even on days you don’t. 

Your Very Best 

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to work, meeting friends or nipping to the shops. Everyone feels better when they know they look their best. If you want to take back control of your style without falling into the fashionista trap, these tips can help you identify what works best for you so that you can always look good, and it won’t even seem like you’ve tried, either. 



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