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Love Exercise And Wellness? Here Are Some Innovative Careers You Could Consider

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Searching for a new career, even as a school leaver or later in life when you want to pivot to a new sector, can be challenging. If you’re seeking the ideal role, then you need to find a job that will enrich your life and give you the satisfaction you crave.

That often means exploring ways to monetise the hobbies and passions you already have. While you might worry that monetising activities you’re passionate about could lead you to stop enjoying them if you do it right, you could potentially build a career you love.

A popular option for those who are looking to work in a sector they’re dedicated to is fitness and wellness. The wellness market, in particular, has boomed over recent years and is now worth trillions of dollars globally. Many individuals choose to take their love of fitness and wellness and turn it into a fun and exciting career.

Within the fitness and wellness markets, there are many sub-sectors and niches, meaning there is a wide range of roles you might want to consider. This list explores a selection of the options available to you, so you can explore them and find one that stands out.

Personal Trainer

Being a personal trainer is a unique opportunity for you to share your love of exercise with others and help them achieve their fitness goals. Everyone’s body, needs, and goals are different, so personal trainers take a bespoke approach to everyone and work to help them to create the right regimen. For fitness fans who love helping others and working closely with them to achieve their aims, this is a fun and interesting career. Most personal trainers are self-employed, so you could earn the independence you crave. If you want to become a personal trainer, then explore the personal training courses from The Fitness Group. These comprehensive courses will give you the foundation you need to launch your new career and start offering your services to a range of clients.

Fitness Class Instructor

If you like the idea of teaching but don’t want to take on as much one-on-one work, then becoming a fitness class instructor could be a useful alternative. Most of the time, you’ll just need to be a certified instructor in the discipline you’re teaching and won’t need a separate instruction qualification. From dancing to martial arts, there are many different classes you can teach. As well as different sports and lessons, you could also host classes for participants of all ages and abilities, such as seniors, children, beginners or advanced students. So, if you love imparting your wisdom to others and teaching vibrant classes, then becoming a fitness instructor could work for you.

Coaching And Consulting

For those who have extensive knowledge of specific products, wellness strategies, or fitness techniques, then becoming a coach or consultant for companies and other professionals in your niche could be an ideal choice. You’ll be able to teach others how to use your techniques and how they can have an impact on their personal or professional lives. Unlike being a trainer, being a coach means that you are not just teaching these principles and applying them to the area they’re supposed to target, such as teaching exercises to lose weight and build muscle tone. Instead, you’ll be able to show how your wellness principles can help individuals or organisations to deal with more general issues, such as communication problems, conflicts, anxiety and more. Working as a coach might require some additional training and time networking, but it could be freeing. Many coaches and consultants in wellness or fitness usually work freelance, but you could be contracted in-house or even given a full-time role. That means you can find the opportunity that works for you.

Wellness Influencer

Influencers are individuals with a strong social media presence who become renowned for their expertise in a specific field. While the trend rose to popularity in the fashion and beauty markets, there are now influencers in almost every sector. Wellness influencers are particularly popular now as more and more people start to focus on ways to improve their lives. Spending time on social media sharing ideas, insights, recipes, and tips might seem like a hobby rather than a job. However, if you take the time to build up a strong following, then you could eventually make money from advertising and endorsements. Wellness influencing can be conducted alongside another role, such as being a personal trainer, so you can make money and expand your horizons while you have fun online.

Product Developer

Experts in wellness and fitness can offer their insight and services to companies developing products for these high-value markets. If you wanted, you could consider making these solutions yourself, or you could use your talents to benefit an existing organisation. Whatever you choose, you could potentially create a unique and potentially-game changing product that could revolutionise the wellness market. Creating a new product can be fun and a great opportunity for you to conduct in-depth research and development. Crafting products is a skill in itself and can be transferable to other markets in the future. As such, you’ll be able to build a strong career and give yourself options in case you want to work in a different sector later in your life. Becoming a product developer doesn’t require any additional qualifications, but you might need to start from the bottom and work your way up. That might mean getting a junior position and working your way up. While this might not be ideal for older professionals who are moving into a new career, it can be a unique opportunity for you to learn new skills and start your new role as a product developer in the wellness market off right.

Choosing your dream career takes time, but once you’ve found your professional passion, you can enrich every aspect of your life. This list explains some of the career options that wellness and fitness fans could consider, meaning that you can find inspiration and get unique ideas. Good luck with your future career!


Melissa Jane Lee

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