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Take Care of Your Body

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Even though science is advancing faster than we can keep up with, and perhaps someday surprisingly soon you will even be able to grow your own body parts at home, it is still very important to look after the various body parts that you have so they last as long as you need them to.

Your eyes, teeth, and feet are just 3 of many essential elements of your body which can impact how well you can live your life. This piece is going to take a look at how you can put them first and give them the love they deserve!


The eyes that you are born with are the only set of eyes you will have. This is why taking care of them needs to be high on your priority list. As something that offers the gateway to one of your most important senses, it can be devastating when something happens to them. While you can’t alter genetic components that may alter your eye health or amount of vision, you can make lifestyle changes which could support a healthier environment for your eyes.

These include:

  • Eating a diet rich in vitamin A, beta carotene, zinc, lutein, and omega 3’s to name a few. These vitamins and minerals are good for eyes and a deficiency could contribute to degenerative issues.
  • Practicing good hygiene, especially for contact users and those who go swimming.
  • Use protective eyewear when you are in the sun or working, and take breaks from the computer.
  • Take annual trips to the opticians to ensure your eye health is optimum and there are no underlying conditions.


Your teeth are another essential part of your body. You do have a couple of sets to last you, but one doesn’t really count since they fall out when you’re a child! Taking care of your teeth can impact your overall health as well as your dental wellbeing, which is why these tips are non-negotiable.

  • Always floss – the bits in between the teeth are the main contributors to cavities.
  • Brush well and for long enough – inadequate brushing leaves plaque to turn acidic and eat away at your enamel. Make sure you are not brushing too hard and eroding your enamel, though.
  • Visit your dentist regularly – they can see things in your mouth that can cause you grief in the long run, and even prevent certain health conditions unrelated to your teeth.
    Choose a trusted dentist to keep on top of yours and your family’s oral health, such as family dentistry Asheville NC.


The feet take the brunt of our weight every day, which can mean they get a rough deal sometimes. Making sure that you think about footcare can be the difference between feeling like walking on clouds or rocks.

  • Make sure to get shoes that fit properly and give you the support you need.
  • Take a break from heels or fashion footwear that contorts the foot.
  • Treat issues such as bunions, athletes’ foot, and verruca’s as soon as you can to prevent infection and further issues.



Melissa Jane Lee

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