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What Colors To Wear With Rose Gold: 10 Outfit Ideas

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Rose gold is such a beautiful color that pairs so well with many other colors. 

But when it comes to the matter of what colors to wear with rose gold, it can be a little confusing. 

Here are the best options for what colors go well with rose gold so you can put together the perfect outfit using this gorgeous metallic shade. 

Cobalt blue and rose gold

This is such a great color combination. The warm pink tones of rose gold complement the cool blue tones of cobalt blue, creating a striking and eye-catching look. 

rose gold and cobalt blue dress
Image: Amazon

Cobalt blue is very bold, but is softened with the addition of rose gold and is one of the best colors that go well with rose gold. 

Tips for styling rose gold and cobalt blue together

Here are some of the easiest ways to introduce this great combination of colors to your outfits: 

  • Pair a rose gold dress or skirt with a cobalt blue blazer
  • Wear a rose gold top with a cobalt blue pair of jeans or shorts
  • Pair rose gold shoes with a cobalt blue dress to really stand out at a special event
  • Go head to toe in a cobalt blue pants suit and add a rose gold belt to break it up

Grey and rose gold

Rose gold paired with grey has become a classic combination, and it looks so good together whether you’re talking about home decor or clothing. 

rose gold dress with grey accessories

The muted, cool tones of the grey allow rose gold to shine and the two complement each other beautifully. 

Tips for styling rose gold and grey together

To make the most of these perfectly paired colors, try the following combinations:

  • Add interest to a grey business suit with rose gold jewelry
  • Wear a pair of rose gold shoes with a grey dress for a really elegant look
  • Combine a rose gold tank top and heels with a pair of grey pants for a party
  • Wear rose gold sneakers with grey jeans for some daytime glam

This combo is a great idea when it comes to what to wear to a New Year’s Eve wedding too. 

It’s a popular choice at any time of year because it is such a pretty and versatile color, and looks good on any skin tone. Just as you browse through outfit ideas for your rose gold accessories, researching and understanding your choices is key if you are considering establishing a business. Taking a look at zenbusiness customer reviews can provide crucial insights into their LLC formation services – a step as important as deciding the right color to wear with your favorite rose gold jewelry.

White and rose gold

Rose gold mixed with white is a perfect match. These two colors together create a really glamorous, expensive look that works for both day and night. 

rose gold sequinned pants with white top
Image: Amazon

White is one of the best colors to wear with rose gold and this combination works so well on tanned and darker skin tones. The warmth of the rose gold elevates the coolness of the white and creates a very sophisticated look. 

How to wear white with rose gold

Here are some examples of how you can style white and rose gold together:

  • Pair a white dress with rose gold shoes
  • Accessorise a classic white shirt with a rose gold necklace
  • Mix a pair of white jeans with rose gold sneakers
  • Wear a white blazer with a rose gold sequinned tank underneath
  • Try a loose white shirt with a glamorous pair of sequinned rose gold pants

Blush pink and rose gold 

Rose gold and blush pink is a beautiful and ultra feminine combination that works for so many different occasions. For example, this classic color pairing is ideal to wear to a wedding, afternoon tea, summer party, baby shower or any formal event. 

blush pink and rose gold outfit

Blush pink mixed with rose gold is also a great look for the office because it gives off a polished vibe. Rose gold mixes so well with pale pink and doesn’t clash with it like yellow gold does. 

Outfit ideas for wearing rose gold and blush pink together

Here are some great ideas for how to style blush pink with rose gold in your outfits:

  • Pair a white shirt with a blush pink blazer and rose gold heels. A grey pair of pants or jeans would look great with this combo
  • A blush pink dress or top is a great way to start any outfit. You can then add pops of rose gold with accessories, such as jewelry, shoes, or a bag
  • Style a pair of blush pink jeans with a rose gold belt and top
  • Try a metallic rose gold pleated skirt, white tank top and blush pink or nude heels for a very pretty look

It’s important to pick the right clothing colors for your skin tone so make sure a pale pink look suits you before going for this combination. 

Black and rose gold

Combining rose gold with black softens the edginess of black. The metallic hue also adds a playfulness while maintaining the sophisticated tone of a black outfit. 

rose gold dress with black shoes
Image: Amazon

Black and rose gold is a combination that works so well for night time. It’s an excellent choice for a NYE outfit or similar special occasion that requires dressing up.  

How to put together an outfit using rose gold and black

There are many ways to combine black and rose gold in an outfit: 

  • Use rose gold accessories to enhance an all-black outfit. Rose gold gives a pop of color to what may otherwise be a fairly ordinary look
  • Try wearing black shoes or a black leather jacket with a rose gold dress to add edge to an otherwise girly outfit
  • Style up a classic black dress with rose gold shoes and a rose gold belt
  • Pair black skinny black jeans or black leggings with rose gold sneakers and a top for a cohesive look that can go from day to night

Khaki and rose gold

Matching rose gold with khaki is a very modern combination that actually works really well. Yellow gold is usually the go-to when it comes to matching metallics with khaki, but rose gold is a great choice too. 

khaki dress with rose gold shoes
Image: Amazon

There are lots of sneakers and shoe styles which use these two different colors together, and there is just something very pretty about these two colors when paired. 

How to wear rose gold and khaki together

The great thing about wearing khaki green and rose gold together is that this combo looks great for everyday and can also be styled up for evening wear:

  • Wear a khaki midi dress with a rose gold necklace and a pair of rose gold flat sandals 
  • Match a white shirt with khaki skinny jeans and rose gold heels
  • Style a khaki skirt with a rose gold blouse and necklace
  • Tuck a silky rose gold shirt into khaki pants and team with rose gold heels for an ultra glam look

Teal and rose gold

The color teal is a blue-green blend which is very striking. It can make a bold statement when you wear it so is a good choice if you really want to stand out from crowd. 

teal and rose gold outfit
Image: Amazon

Despite rose gold also demanding attention in an outfit, these two statement colors work very well together and balance each other out for a seamless overall look. 

Tips for wearing rose gold and teal together

Teal is a great color that matches rose gold. Add this combo into your next outfit with these style ideas:

  • Accessorise a teal dress with a rose gold necklace and earrings
  • Wear a pair of teal jeans with a rose gold belt and top
  • Style a teal midi skirt with a pair of rose gold heels and a top in neutral colors
  • Add a teal blazer over a rose gold dress, and consider wearing a brightly colored shoe in teal to balance the outfit

​Dark red and rose gold

Mixing a dark red color with rose gold isn’t the most obvious color combination but the two just work so well together. 

woman in rose gold dress in a dark red room

A bright red would work too, but the blend of rose gold with a dark red like wine or burgundy creates a really classic look that is perfect for formal occasions such as a prom or ball. 

How to wear dark red with rose gold

When deciding what colors to wear with rose gold, give dark red a try using these styling tips:

  • For a really glamorous look you can’t go wrong with a dark red and rose gold ombre sequin dress
  • Pair rose gold dresses with a pair of burgundy shoes and a burgundy purse
  • Wear a dark red blazer over a rose gold shirt and pair with jeans and dark red shoes for an elegant day-to-night outfit
  • Add rose gold accessories like a watch, necklace and heels to a dark red metallic dress for a touch of elegance

Champagne and rose gold

Rose gold mixed with champagne is a seriously luxe combination. Champagne is one of those neutral colors that creates a stylish look on anyone, but if you add rose gold into the mix it becomes a whole new vibe. 

champagne colored dress on woman wearing rose gold jewelry

Champagne is a light, warm color that is often associated with luxury and sophistication. Rose gold is a warm, metallic color that is often associated with romance and femininity. When paired together, these two colors create a look that is both elegant and stylish.

Tips for styling champagne and rose gold together

When it comes to what colors to wear with rose gold, you really can’t go wrong with champagne. Here’s how to combine the two in an outfit:

  • Use champagne as a base for your outfit, with a light color champagne dress. You can then add pops of rose gold with accessories, such as jewelry or some rose gold pink shoes
  • Add a champagne-colored belt to a full length rose gold dress or jumpsuit to break up the monochromatic look
  • Wear a rose gold top with champagne pants, or vice versa. The best color shoes for this outfit would be something neutral like beige shoes or a lighter shade of champagne
  • You can add black to rose gold and champagne to add a little edge and drama, and especially if the colors are too neutral for you. For example, add a black blazer or form-fitting leather jacket balanced out with a pair of black shoes

Silver and rose gold

These two metallic shades are often mixed together in a piece of jewelry, so it makes perfect sense that silver is one of the colors that goes well with rose gold. 

silver shoes and a rose gold dress with sequins
Image: Amazon

Wearing mixed metallics is a bold choice and it really comes down to personal preference just how far you want to take this combination, but for a special occasion wearing rose gold and silver together is guaranteed to be a showstopper. 

Here’s how to wear rose gold with silver

Silver and rose gold are the perfect choice if you really want to make an impression:

  • Pair silver heels with a rose gold sequinned dress for a Christmas party or NYE party
  • To wear this combination with a more casual look, try layering silver and rose gold necklaces together
  • For daytime chic wear rose gold shoes with jeans and a neutral top, and add a silver bag

Rose gold is such a versatile color that pairs so well with many others. When it comes to what colors to wear with rose gold there are lots of options to choose from. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you like to know what colors go well with rose gold, you may also be interested in the following information about this very pretty color. 

What colors make rose gold? 

To make rose gold jewelry, the color is created from an alloy of yellow gold mixed with silver and copper. If mixing a rose gold paint, then you would use gold, silver, and red together to get rose gold. 

Is rose gold a warm or cool color? 

The soft pink hue of rose gold is considered to be a warm color. Despite this it looks great on both warm and cool skin tones, and is a very flattering metallic to wear. 

What colors clash with rose gold? 

Rose gold does not pair well with other very warm colors like mustard yellow, orange or brown. These combinations can be overpowering and detract from the beauty of the rose gold color. 

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