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The Astrological Effects of Rubies & Who Should Wear Them

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Rubies are gemstones with great astrological significance. As a stone of inner power, beauty, and strength, rubies are believed to have a powerful impact on the wearer. If you’re curious if rubies would be beneficial to your own spiritual and emotional journey, you’re in the right place. 

What are the Astrological Effects of Ruby? 

Ruby has an incredibly strong and often intense energy, which is believed to bring the wearer emotional and spiritual healing, protection, and emotional balance. Rubies draw out negativity, protect against emotional and spiritual harm, and help the wearer stay emotionally grounded. 

According to Vedic astrology, rubies represent the navel (Manipura) chakra. Rubies are capable of removing self-doubt and depression from the mind, leaving a boost of self-confidence.

Aside from providing emotional and spiritual protection, rubies are also thought to encourage total understanding, emotional balance, marital harmony, and increased self-awareness. 

The ruby is also the birthstone of July and is a symbol of love, wealth, and a prosperous future. Ruby is represented in western astrology by Capricorn due to common personality traits exhibited by this sign. These include persistence, practicality, sensitivity, and competitiveness.

Who Should Wear Ruby? 

Ruby is believed to be particularly beneficial to those in customer service and hospitality roles, as it helps to maintain calm, friendly, and sympathetic behaviors. Those in leadership roles might also find ruby helpful, as it works to bring balance and emotional stability. 

If you’re interested in wearing ruby rings, you can get them on The blood-red stone would look perfect on any skin tone, especially with a neutral-colored outfit or bracelet. 

Additionally, ruby can be a great stone for personal development, creativity, and wisdom, which makes it an ideal stone for artists, entrepreneurs, and other creative professionals. 

Here are some other types of people who should wear rubies:

  • People who follow Indian Vedic astrology and connect the ruby gemstone with the Leo sun sign or Singh Rashi. Leos are confident, loyal, ambitious, and fiercely protective.
  • People born in July, as the July birthstone is the ruby. Ruby is one of the rarest and most precious stones and represents power, passion, and wealth as a birthstone.
  • Anyone celebrating their 15th or 40th wedding anniversary. Diamond companies have traditional and modern gift guides for couples, both of which include the ruby.
  • While ruby is more favorable to Capricorns, it also brings luck to Aries, Sagittarius, and Pisces. However, a Sagittarius should avoid wearing this storm when the placement of the Sun is in the 6th, 8th, and 11th houses. Doing so will bring lots of bad luck.
  • In many cultures, the sun is represented by the ruby, meaning Scorpios may also find luck wearing it, especially if the Sun is positioned in the 5th, 6th, 9th, or 10th house.

The astrological effects of rubies are heightened if the stone is natural, simple, and uncut.

Ultimately, if you think you could benefit from ruby’s spiritual and emotional healing powers, you’re probably right. This beautiful, vibrant stone is believed to have a powerful impact on the wearer, and many people report feeling less anxiety and emotional turbulence when wearing it. 


Ruby is a powerful, spiritual gemstone that is believed to bring emotional and spiritual healing, protection, balance, and emotional grounding. It is believed to be beneficial to those in the customer service and hospitality sectors, as well as those in leadership or creative roles. 

If you’re wondering whether ruby could be beneficial to your emotional and spiritual journey, the answer is likely yes. The ruby can be used by just about anyone in their spiritual practice as long as the stone speaks to them. After all, everyone could use a bit more courage in their life.





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