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How to Plan a Fall Road Trip in a Camper Van

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There’s probably no better time to plan an outdoor adventure than the fall season. The summer buzz is over, outdoor destinations are less crowded, the weather is perfect, and nature comes alive with captivating colours. This might be a good time to get on the road and embark on an unforgettable adventure in a camper trailer. Here are a few trips to help you plan a smooth, memorable fall road trip in a camper van.

Choose the Perfect Destination

Two things make a road trip awesome, the trip and the destination. Choosing the right location should be the first thing on your to-do list in planning a fall road trip. When figuring out where to go, consider national parks, scenic routes, cultural attractions, and weather conditions. Make a list of possible locations and research each to determine which best suits your interests and desired experiences. You may also need to find out specific information about what you’ll need for each location to plan and pack for your trip properly.

Plan your Trip

How long are you available, and which destinations would you like to explore? These are key factors that determine the duration of your road trip. If you’re travelling between multiple locations, consider the travel time between them and the possibility of detours along the way. It’s best to allocate ample time for your trip so you can fully appreciate each stop without feeling rushed.

Once you have decided on your destination and duration of the trip, it’s time to plan your route accordingly.

To fully maximise the experience, you must think beyond the national park or campground you’re going to. Research scenic drives and attractions and see which you can visit. Take advantage of online mapping tools and apps that provide information on road conditions, points of interest, and camping sites. Consider both main roads and off-the-beaten-path routes, allowing for a balance of convenience and adventure.

Selecting the Right Camper Van

Choosing a camper van is a key step in planning your road trip. Camper vans come in different sizes and offer many amenities and features. For a comfortable and convenient journey, take your time to compare your options and pick a camper van that’s most suitable for you. At the very least, your campervan should have essentials such as a kitchenette, bed, toilet, and heating system to cater to your needs throughout the trip.

Pack the Essentials

Make a comprehensive list of everything you’ll need for your fall road trip. This includes clothing, footwear for outdoor activities, food, cooking utensils, and other basic supplies like the best RV vacuum. Your clothing should take the weather conditions where you’re going into account. You may also carry other camping equipment like sleeping bags, and camping chairs, depending on the activities you’ll engage in on your trip. But be careful not to overpack. Campervans typically have limited space, and overloading is not good for your trip. Pack just what you need for your trip.

Make Plans for Camping and Accommodation

One of the perks of a camper van road trip is the flexibility to camp in different locations. However, you still need to research specific camping locations in your destination. This may be campsites, national parks, and RV parks along your route. Some might be free, while others require you to book ahead. If you opt for wild camping, ensure it is allowed in your destination and plan your overnight stays accordingly.

Embrace the Fall Experience

Fall is known for its unique tapestry of colours and an array of fascinating outdoor experiences. You can embrace the beauty of the season by planning activities for your road trip, such as hiking, photography, apple picking, and pumpkin festivals while on your journey—research local fall events and festivals that align with your interests and make reservations if necessary. Engage with locals to gain insights into the best fall experiences in the area and go for it.





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