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Travelling Abroad With Kids: Our Stress-Free Guide

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Travelling abroad with kids is, unfortunately, always going to be a bit stressful. Children are in holiday mode from the get-go; they want to be on the beach or in a pool having fun, so they spare little thought for the boring bits of a holiday like travelling. If you are planning to go abroad soon with your family here is our guide on how to make things a little bit easier.

Make A Schedule

Making a schedule before you travel is a great way to get your family organised and prepare them for holiday. It could be a good idea to have two lists: one with all important travel information, and one with all the fun activities. You can get your kids to help you write the fun lists so they can feel involved and so they know what to expect during their time away.

However, travelling abroad can be unpredictable, so be prepared to divert from your schedule if need be. Think of it as a rough guideline, rather than a strict timetable.

Bring Your Own On-flight Entertainment

Many people find flying on a plane stressful, in fact, studies have shown that between 33-40% of people have anxiety when it comes to flying. Flying on a plane can be particularly stressful for children too, so it is important to be prepared and help them feel relaxed during the journey. Make sure they are kept entertained with movies, coloring equipment and games. You can also try a weighted blanket for kids to help with any anxiety. 

They may struggle to sleep during the flight, so make sure they have something they can focus their attention on. Additionally, it would be handy to bring snacks you know they will like just in case there are no options on the flight menu.

Research Your Hotel Well

When booking your hotel, research it fully to ensure it is suitable for your needs. As you are travelling with your children, you will need to find a hotel that is kid-friendly and has suitable amenities to keep your kids entertained.

A great way to research a hotel is to read the reviews. Reviews give you first-hand advice and recommendations from families similar to yours, so they can be helpful in choosing the best accommodation. If you need more advice on how to choose hotel, check out this article for some helpful tips.

Arrange Transport To And From Airports

Not having proper transport to and from airports can make your holiday more stressful than it needs to be. Travelling to your airport is essentially the start of your holiday, so it is important to start off on a positive and ensure you have arranged transport.

A taxi would be the best option when travelling with kids as you don’t have to stress over directions or parking when you arrive at the airport. Check out these airport transfers in London from Londons Taxi to ensure your holiday starts the right way.


Family holidays are a lot of fun; you create valuable memories that your kids will look back on in years to come. Travelling abroad is stressful in any circumstance but travelling with children adds on an extra layer. Follow our top tips to help you make your holiday as stress-free as possible.



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