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Garden party games for adults: 8 of the BEST

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No summer garden party is complete without the option to play plenty of garden party games. They are a great way of making your party really memorable, fun and interesting for your guests. These garden party games for adults will suit any budget, any age, and any mix of people. 

Here are the best garden party activities for adults to make your outdoor gathering a huge success with your guests:

8 of the best garden party games for adults

This list of outdoor games covers both physical games and games of mental skill, so there is something for everyone. 

Don’t forget that the ideal accompaniments to outdoor summer party games are these these perfect summer cocktails, some refreshing beers, and some fly-replellent citronella candles. Your guests will thank you!

1. Croquet

Two men playing croquet at a garden party

This is the quintessential garden game which has been played on people’s lawns for decades. You don’t need a huge amount of lawn to play the game, but a bit of space does help. The aim is to hit balls with mallets through a series of hoops. Sounds easy, right? It’s actually a lot harder than it looks and really brings out the competitive side of some people! 

You can buy adult croquet sets which pack away neatly to be used year after year. 

2. Prosecco Pong

Games and alcohol always go really well together at a party. For this all you need is a table, some plastic glasses and some ping pong balls. Plus the alcohol of course. You can play this game with prosecco or any other drink of choice: beer, tequila, gin…you name it, it will work.

Opposing teams take turns to land a ping pong ball in one of the other team’s glasses. If you do, then someone from the other team has to drink what’s in that glass. The goal is to get them to drink all their drinks before you do. This game can get progressively more messy so it’s definitely best played outdoors! 

You can get cheap prosecco pong kits directly from Amazon. 

3. Giant Dominoes

giant dominoes in a back garden

A set of giant dominoes will always be a hit at any party. There are many different ways to play dominoes so it’s really down to you and your guests which rules you follow. It’s a very easy game to set up and play and one which most people will know how to play already. 

Large domino sets are available on Amazon

4. Archery

Playing archery is one of the best outdoor summer party games. Often, it’s not something people have tried before so it’s always interesting to see who has a natural talent for hitting the target. You can play in teams or as individuals, and you only need a few metres of garden to spare to play the game in. 

There are many archery game sets available here

5. Treasure Hunt for Adults

This is such a wonderful idea to add a unique twist to your party. A treasure hunt can take some planning, but fortunately there are lots of resources out there to make it easier to set up, including a list of clues you can use.

You’ll need to decide on your ‘treasure’ or the ultimate prize your guests will find at the final location. This can be in your garden or house (or even perhaps out in your own neighbourhood). A little effort will really go a long way if you want your guests to have the best experience at your party. 

A treasure hunt for adults is also a great idea if you have lots of food preparation to do at your party. It’s an activity everyone can get involved in while you’re doing that, so nobody will get bored. 

6. Giant Jenga

This is included on the list because it is a classic party game, and really is so much fun! Most people will remember the standard size version of this game. However you can now buy giant versions which are perfect to play outdoors. You build the tower as high as you can without toppling it, by removing lower bricks and placing them on top. A bit of luck and a lot of skill is involved. Plus, your guests will love the tension that’s building as the tower starts to wobble!

You can buy Giant Jenga blocks from Amazon

7. Mölkky

a wooden Molkky set

You may well be asking what on earth this game is. Well, it’s one of the most popular outdoor summer party games in Nordic countries. In fact, it originated in Finland, and it’s now taking the UK by storm.

It’s like skittles, except that you also have to knock down the correct pins to reach a score of exactly 50. Pins are picked up where they fall to be knocked over again, so the game eventually spreads around the garden. Score more than 50 and your score drops back to 25. 

You can buy beautiful wooden Mölkky sets from Amazon

8. Quoits

The game of Quoits is a little like Horseshoes, except that the rings you throw are complete hoops. Like croquet, it’s one of the garden party activities for adults that has been around for many decades. Taking it in turns against your opponent, you throw rings on to the pegs to score points. 

A Quoits set is actually a very beautiful-looking game, and it can be purchased on Amazon

Make it memorable

You could also try playing Solitaire Masters

After a day of good food, drinks and some fantastic garden party games your guests will go home having had the best time. Summer BBQ party games don’t have to be expensive or take up a lot of space, and they really do enhance any party. They help bring shy guests out of their shell and provide plenty of laughs for everyone. 

If you invest in some of these outdoor summer party games, you can play them year after year at numerous events. Most of them are also lightweight and pack away neatly so you can also take them on your travels. Bonus! 




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Melissa Jane Lee

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Kim Carberry

Tuesday 10th of August 2021

What fun ideas. We love Croquet and have a full set. We all love playing but I do love the sound of Prosecco Pong for the grown ups. hehehe x