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45 Essential Things Every Girl Should Keep In Her Car

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There are certain things everyone should keep in their car just to be safe and comfortable, but if you’re a girl then the list of things to keep in your car is even longer. 

girl in car

It always pays to be prepared for emergencies; by their very nature, they are almost impossible to predict, and you can’t tell when they’re coming, which is why you should be ready for them. 

Breakdowns happen, so if you want to get back on the road and get moving or if you need to hunker down and wait for your breakdown cover, you need to make sure you have everything a girl needs in your car. 

You can also get caught out in your car if there’s a huge traffic jam or bad weather. Plus, if you take any long road trips at all it’s really important to cover all your bases to account for days away from home and any unexpected emergency situation. 

This girl’s car essentials list contains the most important items all female drivers should keep in their car, no matter if you only do short journeys every now and then. 

You just never want to get caught out by the side of the road without everything on this ultimate list of car essentials and must-have things to keep in your car. 

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Even if you’re not taking a long trip, ensure you have the following items in your car:

Phone charger

Most women already keep a charger in their car to ensure they have enough battery life in their phone. If you don’t then this is your sign to put one in your car as you just never know when you will need to make sure you have enough phone battery percentage left. 

Power bank

Even with a phone charger in your car, if the car has broken down it is unlikely that you will be able to charge your phone with it if you need to. This is why you should also have a power bank in the car too. Your phone is a lifeline; it allows you to call anyone you need to call, use the maps, use your debit card, or simply keep busy while you wait for your recovery to arrive. 

OBD Scanner

If your car has an in-built computer then it makes sense to pack an OBD scanner. They allow you to run diagnostics on your car to determine why it has broken down or what is wrong with it. Depending on your knowledge of cars, you might be able to fix your car yourself or, at the very least, provide your breakdown cover provider with an idea of what is wrong.

OBD Scanners are less than $50 on Amazon.

Food & drink

Don’t forget your own sustenance and comfort. Ensure you have the following essentials in your car:


While it is true that you obviously need water to survive, it is doubtful that you will be stranded long enough for it to become an issue, although it is a possibility. However, for your comfort, having something to drink would be advisable. The water can also be used to top up your engine if it has overheated or if your fluid levels are low.

Keep at least two water bottles in your car. One should be drinking water for yourself that you keep fresh. The other bottle of water can live in the trunk and be used to top up the engine if needed. Believe me, I have been caught out with an overheated engine and it’s quite scary. Fortunately with a huge bottle of water to hand I was able to top the car’s levels up which meant I could get going on the road again quickly. 


While it’s unlikely that you will be stranded long enough for hunger to become an issue, it’s always nice to have a couple of snacks and you’ll be really grateful for these in the event of an emergency. 

Depending on what you pack, you might need to swap it out every few months. 

Try to avoid perishables and stick to food with a long shelf life. The best foods to keep in your car are:

  • protein bars
  • granola bars
  • nuts
  • dried fruit
  • crackers
  • pretzels

Avoid things which melt easily like chocolate, and things which spoil quickly or get affected by heat. Tinned food can last for a really long time, although depending on the type of tin you will need to keep a tin opener in your car too.

Comfort items

If in the unfortunate event that you find yourself stuck in your car for hours at a time, or even overnight, here are some great ideas for girls to keep in their vehicles:


If you break down or have an accident in the winter, it can get very cold waiting in your car. Not to mention that even summer nights can get very cold once the sun goes down. A comfy and warm blanket will be a lifeline if you have to spend a lot of time in your car without the engine running. 

girl sleeping in her car


Don’t forget a pillow as well as a blanket. It’s hard to sleep in the backseat of a car so you want to give yourself the best chance of feeling comfortable and having somewhere soft to lay your head. 

Camping pillows are really inexpensive and won’t take up much room in the trunk.

Books or magazines

These are a good way to pass the time in the event of a breakdown. Plus, entertaining yourself with something other than your phone will help conserve the phone’s battery. 

Eye mask

Just in case you do need to sleep in your car, an eye mask will come in really handy to block out any unwanted lights. 

Hand warmers

Cold hands are not nice so these little hand warmers are a life essential you didn’t know you needed until now. 

Emergency extras

When it comes to things a girl needs to keep in her car, it’s the little things that can really help you out when you least expect it. 

You can find emergency car kits for less than $100 at most stores, but you can also save money by putting together your own kit from this list. 


Some incidents will put you out of view from other people, and you might not be able to get to them, so you might need some other way to signal to people that you are there. A whistle makes a lot of noise with minimal effort, which can make it a great tool to have in your emergency car kit.

girl driving a jeep

First aid kit

Most of the time, a car emergency will simply be a breakdown. On occasion, it might be an accident. Either way, both of them can lead to injuries. A first-aid kit allows you to deal with any minor injuries yourself. Or, in the worst case can allow you to perform rudimentary first aid until the emergency services arrive.

This mini first aid kit is the perfect size to keep in your car.

Fire extinguisher

Vehicle fires can be incredibly dangerous for the passengers of the car as well as other road users. However, not a lot of people consider fire extinguishers when putting together their emergency car kit. Small fire extinguishers are a good idea to keep in your car. However be very aware that they need to be stored properly so they remain safe. 

Warning triangles

A reflective triangle is used to boost the visibility of your car when you break down. In addition to turning on your hazard lights, you should place a warning triangle some distance behind your car to increase its visibility and warn other road users. It’s one of those essential items you hope you’ll never need it can help keep you and other drivers safe. 

Again these are inexpensive on Amazon and easy to store in your vehicle.

girl with feet up on dashboard

Window breaker and seatbelt cutter

Of course, let’s hope this is never needed. Keep a window breaker tool in your glove box or somewhere near the driver’s seat should you ever get stuck in your car and can’t open the door. They usually have a built in seatbelt cutter on them (and cost around $10) which is another really useful tool in an unexpected emergency. 

Physical maps

Your car might have GPS but if it breaks down you’ll need to know where you are. Even if you use a navigation app on your phone, it’s a good idea to have a backup of an actual physical map in case you lose signal or run out of battery.

girl reading map next to car

List of emergency phone numbers

These days most of us don’t know people’s cell numbers off by heart as they’re all just stored in our phones. If your phone is suddenly out of action and you need to go to a payphone or use someone else’s cell, a handy little list of important contacts will be a lifeline. 

Licence and insurance

Everyone knows they should keep their driver’s license and car insurance details in their car. It’s a must. 

Breakdown cover details

Don’t rely on memory or your phone to give you the number you need to call if you break down. Having your breakdown company’s number along with your policy number in your roadside emergency kit will save you a lot of stress if you break down. 

woman reading documents in a car

Car manual

I have personally experienced the horror of a red warning light appearing on my car’s dash while driving. Knowing very little about cars in general, my car’s handbook came in very handy as it told me what the warning was for. Keeping your handbook with your car is really useful not just for road safety but also for your peace of mind. 

Torch & spare batteries

A torch is an invaluable item to have in your car. If you break down or have an accident at night, it might be the only light source, or it can also help you to see into the engine to work out what caused the problem. It also makes sense to keep a couple of spare batteries just in case.

Duct tape

Many things on your car can be temporarily fixed with duct tape. For example, you can use it to seal over a crack in the windscreen, fix a rear view mirror back in place or keep your trunk shut until you can get it fixed. 

Jumper cables

Issues with your car battery can happen at the most inconvenient times. Maybe you left your lights on or the radio on when you parked up, and you’ve returned to a dead battery. This is not something you need to call your breakdown cover provider over; you can deal with it yourself.

All you need is some of these jumper cables and someone to lend you a hand and their engine.

You can learn how to jump start a car so you don’t get caught out and can get on your way quickly. 

Spare tire and car jack

It’s so important to have a functioning spare tire from somewhere like Tire Rack and a car jack in case of a flat tire. Make sure you know how to change a tire. It’s the best thing you can do as a girl to prepare for a long journey because you really don’t want to be stuck alone in the middle of nowhere with a flat, and no idea how to fix it. 

Basic tools

Keeping a small toolkit with items like a screwdriver, adjustable wrench, and pliers can be useful for minor repairs or adjustments. This might not occur to you at first as one of the things to keep in your car, but it will come in handy sometimes.

Ice scraper

This ensures you’re prepared for sudden frosty surprises and can quickly clear your windshield for safer driving.

Gas can

Keeping a full gas can in your car ensures you have a backup fuel source in case you run out of gas. Not only does it mean you won’t have to make a panicky walk to a gas station, but it also gives you peace of mind when out on the open road. 

Windscreen wipes

They help remove dirt, grime, and other debris that can accumulate on your windshield, obstructing your view. In rainy or snowy conditions, windscreen wipes help to keep your windshield clean, preventing streaks and ensuring clear visibility, which is crucial for safe driving.

Personal extras

For a really comfortable vehicle, there are other car accessories and essentials that girls in particular will benefit from. 

No matter if you’re a teen girl or an older woman, we should all keep these things in our car to be prepared for anything at all times. 

Tissues or wipes

These can be handy for cleaning up spills or messes, or for personal hygiene purposes.

Spare change or cash

It’s so annoying to be caught out without any cash when you need it, particularly coins. Parking meters, toll booths and other situations where card payments aren’t always possible usually require coins. Keep some in your center console so you know where it is when you’re in a hurry. 

​Reusable bags

These are such good things to keep in your car. They’re ideal for grocery shopping, storing items and even to hold any car trash you might have before you find somewhere to dispose of it properly. 

woman driving a car

Here are a number of things more to keep in your car as a girl or woman that you’ll be grateful for the second you need them:

  • gum
  • pain medication
  • umbrella
  • floss
  • sunglasses
  • SPF
  • bug spray
  • audio books
  • a spare pair of flat shoes
  • jacket/change of clothes
  • pen and paper
  • change of underwear
  • hand sanitizer
  • basic toiletries and feminine products

Keeping these items in your vehicle will mean you’re covered for any eventuality the next time you head out on the road. By being prepared, you can stay safe and comfortable for both short and long distances.

Along with your essentials, consider keeping some resources for personal growth in your car. If you’re heading out on a long road trip or stuck in traffic, why not utilise the time exploring an incfile llc review on your phone? It’s about turning idle time into productive learning, especially if you’re considering forming a business.

Frequently asked questions

What should I keep in my center console? 

Some really useful items to keep in your center console are spare change, sunglasses, gum, lip balm and a small pack of tissues. Lots of people also store a phone charger in their car’s center console so they can make sure their cell phone always has charge. 

What shouldn’t be kept in your vehicle? 

Do not keep valuables, important documents, medication, or flammable materials in your vehicle. These items can be stolen, lost, damaged, or dangerous if not stored properly. It goes without saying you should not keep pets in a car. Of course it’s also important to check your state laws to see what items are prohibited from being kept in vehicles.

Can a car have too much stuff in it?

Yes, a car can have too much stuff in it. Overloading a car can be dangerous for a number of reasons. It can reduce visibility, increase braking distance, and reduce handling, which can increase the risk of accidents. Overloading a car can also put stress on the suspension and other components, which can lead to premature wear and tear and even damage the car.

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Melissa Jane Lee

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Thursday 25th of January 2024

For someone who is really forgetful at times, and is going on a road trip soon, I'm glad to find this list! From practical must have to those little lifesavers, you got everything covered. I'll complete my essentials now. Thank for this!

Melissa Jane Lee

Friday 26th of January 2024

You're very welcome and I'm so glad you found this helpful :)