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10 Makeup Tips and Hacks for 2023

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Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a complete makeup newbie, most of us can use a couple of extra makeup hacks! Whether there’s a look you’ve never gotten quite right — the dreaded cat eye or cut-crease — or trying out the best-selling beauty products in a new and exciting way, we love learning fun, new ways to make us look better and have more fun doing it. 

Who doesn’t love learning something that makes their makeup experience a little easier or easier? If you ARE one of those people, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve assembled the ultimate supergroup of tips and tricks for getting your makeup to look precisely how you like it in the shortest possible time.

1. Exfoliate your lips

You should be exfoliating your lips regularly to get rid of dead skin and get the blood flowing to plump them up nicely, but we advise doing it right before applying your lipstick. Your lipstick will slide on smoothly without flaky, scratchy-looking skin bits poking through underneath. Exfoliating will also give your lips a naturally plumped-up look and make the overall effect as enticing as possible. And don’t forget your primer!

2. Spoon as a shield

If you’re one of those unfortunate souls who cannot apply mascara without getting it all over your eyelid and up to your eyebrows, we’re here to save you. Use a dessert spoon as a shield by fitting it concave over your eye right down to the lashes. Then, you can be as messy as you want without dislodging any of your face makeup products along the way.

3. Melt pencil eyeliner

If your pencil eyeliner forever sticks and catches as you apply it instead of sliding on in a nice smooth line, break out some heat. Applying a heat source directly to creamy products, like a liner, softens them and enables them to slide on all the better. Wait a few seconds for the heat to fade; you don’t want to burn your eyelids!

4. Outline your cat eye

We’re going all the way back to kindergarten for this tip. Cat eyes are the bane of many makeup enthusiasts’ lives and can bring even the strongest among us to tears. Instead of trying to freehand and end up looking disheveled, revert to your younger years and create an outline to fill in. You’ll have much more control of the shape and have a much lower chance of messing it up.

5. Save drying mascara

We’ve all been there: your favorite mascara is going dry, but you know there’s still more in the tube. What to do? Mix a saline solution (salt and sterile water) and add a few drops to your caking, flaking mascara. Not only does the saline help curb any germs and bacteria, but it returns the mascara solution to its original consistency.

6. Set your lipstick

Once you’ve applied your lip color, use the tissue blotting method and something extra to set it in place for hours. Lay the tissue on top of your lips and blot translucent powder over the tissue, over your lips, to work the magic.

7. Make eyeshadow pop

If your eyeshadow colors are too subtle, create a canvas-like base by applying white eyeliner all over the eyelid first. Give it a few seconds to set it in place properly, then pat your shadow over the white liner for an eye-popping effect.

8. Curled lashes

Those not blessed with naturally curly lashes that reach the sky probably own an eyelash curler. The trick to getting the shape to hold is the same as styling your hair: repetition. Curl once at the base of your lashes: press the curler together and hold for a few seconds. Curl about a third of the way down the lash to add extra curl and lift.

9. Soap brows

If you want that “just laminated” brow look without getting brow laminations back to back, turn to soap brows. Most soaps will work, but a clear glycerine soap is the best. Take a spoolie and drop a few drops of water onto it. Rub the damp spoolie onto the soap hard enough to create a paste. Use the spoolie to rub the paste onto and into your brows before brushing them upwards. Rub over the brows with your finger to flatten them out. Boom, all-day brows!

10. Set your face

Setting spray is your best friend, next to primer. Once you’ve applied everything except liquid liner and mascara, spritz a setting spray (you can get a proper one or create a mix of witch hazel and water) over your entire face lightly, from about 30cm away, and let it dry completely. Voila: long-lasting makeup.

Wrap up

With these makeup tips and hacks in your arsenal, you’ll save a ton of time and frustration. The small things make a big difference, so employ these nuggets of advice, and you’ll always have the perfect look.


Melissa Jane Lee

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