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5 Best Bogg Bag Dupes & Cheaper Alternatives in 2023

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Love the Bogg Bag but don’t want to pay out so much for it? Me too. That’s why I’ve been looking for a good Bogg bag dupe for the beach this year. 

The Original Bogg Bag is super cute and I love the huge variety of different colors it comes in. 

These bags are made from an easy-to-clean waterproof material (EVA) which is lightweight to carry. 

Plus, they’re big enough to carry everything you need for a pool day or beach day (towels, SPF, a book, drinks, a change of clothes and all your snacks). 

They also have holes in which allow water and sand to drain out of them. You can throw your wet towels, bathing suits and sandy beach shoes in at the end of your day without worrying about getting the bag dirty. 

Any sand which ends up in the bag can just be rinsed out without ruining the bag at all which is just so convenient. 

Despite being practical and gorgeous, the big downside is the price. 

The largest version, called the Original Bogg Bag, retails for $89.95 USD. 

For an additional cost you can also buy accessories for your Bogg Bag such as drinks holders, ice blocks, keychains and initials which clip on to the holes in the bags. 

These are long lasting and durable bags which come in really handy, but at the end of the day there are some more affordable dupes for the Bogg Bag out there which do the same thing. 

If you want a less expensive option for all your beach gear but which gives you Bogg Bag vibes then check out these cheaper Bogg Bag dupes and alternatives. 

pink bogg bag
Image: Etsy

For reference, the Original Bogg Bag measures 19″ x 15″ x 9.5″ which is really big and it fits a ton of stuff in. These Bogg Bag lookalikes are all a similar size. 

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multicoloured bogg bag dupes
Image: Etsy

RareRusticCo Rubber Beach Bag at Etsy $50

This is my top pick for a Bogg Bag dupe. It’s pretty much the same thing minus the embossed branding. 

There are so many gorgeous colors to choose from (16 different colors in fact) and it’s also made of waterproof EVA for easy cleaning. 

There are two sizes available. The XL bag measures 18.9″ x 14.1″ x 9.4″ making its dimensions very similar to the XL Bogg Bag. 

The smaller size (which they call Large) measures 14.9″ x 12.5″ x 5.1″ so this is a dupe for the Baby Bogg Bag. This size costs $35 compared to $69.95 for the Baby Bogg. 

The nice thing about this Bogg Bag dupe is that you can pick up accessories on Etsy at the same time so you can personalize your bag. 

For example, there’s a very similar clip-on charm as well as keychains to hang on handles, clip on decorations, holders for water bottles and phones, key hooks and personalized clear plastic inserts. 

You can create a very personal item to make your lookalike Bogg Bag unique while spending much less money than you would on the real deal. 

sam's club bogg bag lookalike
Image: Sam’s Club

Sport-Brella Beach Tote at Sam’s Club $49.98

This dupe Bogg Bag is clearly extremely similar in appearance to the original bag and is made of the same stain-resistant EVA. 

It comes in three colors at the moment: red, black and aqua green so there aren’t as many color variations as the Bogg Bag by far but it’s still a really good alternative (and much less expensive). 

Sizewise, this Sam’s Club dupe is almost exactly the same size as the Original Bogg Bag (19″ x 15″ x 9″) so it is just as versatile and will fit in all your beach essentials. 

You get free shipping if you’re a Sam’s Club Plus member, and you can find these Bogg Bag alternatives in-store at your local Sam’s too.

purple bogg bag dupe
Image: Walmart

Gomayee EVA Beach Bag at Walmart $49.99

Clearly inspired by the Bogg Bag, you can pick this beauty up at Walmart for just over half the price of the real thing. 

Made from lightweight and tough EVA foam, this bag comes in a few more color options than the Sam’s Club bag. 

It’s available in purple, light blue, turquoise, orange, black and pink. 

Again, the size of this bag is almost exactly the same as the large Bogg Bag (19″ x 14″ x 9.5″) so it has plenty of room for beach towels and other essentials. 

crown and ivy rubber beach bag
Image: Crown & Ivy

Crown & Ivy Beach Tote $29.99

​This Crown & Ivy beach bag comes in a handful of really summery colors and pastel shades like coral, light aqua and pale green.

​While not an exact replica of the Bogg Bag, it’s very similar in style and just a tiny little bit smaller at 18″ long. 

​If you’re looking for a very affordable rubber beach tote with breathable cutouts then this is perfect and you’ll have a hard time finding one that’s any cheaper. 

simply southern rubber tote
Image: Simply Southern

Simply Southern Large Tote Bag $84.95

OK, so this Bogg Bag dupe is almost the same price as the real deal so it’s not the most affordable option on this list. 

However, the Bogg Bags are often sold out and if you’re really keen on finding something incredibly similar to the Bogg Bag this is the perfect bag to replace it. 

Simply Southern’s rubber beach bag comes in a variety of colors including some beautiful pastel options that are just perfect for the summer. 

Sizewise, this Bogg Bag lookalike measures 18″ x 13.5″ x 9″ making it a little smaller than the large bag from Bogg, but it’s still really big and able to fit everything you need in for a day at the beach or pool. 

A Bogg Bag is the perfect pool bag or all day beach bag but these good quality dupes have a lower retail price and are just as roomy and practical. 

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Frequently asked questions

What is so special about Bogg Bag? 

Bogg Bags are special for a number of reasons. They are washable, very durable, very spacious so you can carry a lot of essentials, and they won’t tip over either. They’re perfect for all day beach trips because you can throw all your wet belongings in there without ruining the bag, and sand will just drain out of the holes. 

Can a Bogg Bag be a carry on? 

Yes, a Bogg Bag can be a carry-on. The original Bogg Bag measures 19″ x 15″ x 9.5″, and the Baby Bogg Bag measures 14″ x 12″ x 7″. Both of these sizes are within the limits of most airlines’ carry-on size restrictions. Make sure to check the specific size restrictions of the airline you are flying with before you travel though. 

Do Bogg Bags get sand in them? 

Bogg Bags are designed to be sand-resistant, but they are not completely sand-proof. If you are playing in the sand, there is a chance that some sand will get into the bag. However, the holes in the material of the bag will allow most of the sand to fall out. The best part is that if you do get sand in your Bogg Bag, you can easily rinse it out with water. The holes in the material will allow the water to drain out, and the sand will be washed away.

Are Bogg Bags comfortable to use? 

Bogg Bags are made of rubber so they are very lightweight and generally comfortable to carry. However if you fill them with a lot of things, which is very possible especially with the Original Bogg Bag because it’s really spacious, they can of course become quite heavy and will be less comfortable to carry. 

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