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15 affordable Acne Studios scarf dupes in 2023

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The famous Acne Studios checked scarf gained immense TikTok fame last winter.

The massively oversized scarf, officially called the Acne Studios Mohair Checked Scarf, was spotted draped around the neck and shoulders of multiple social media influencers.

With its chunky fringe detailing and large label placement, an Acne scarf is an iconic look and with good reason.

The colors of each one are beautiful, and the scarf is so big that it has an incredibly luxurious look. It comes in several different color combinations.

An Acne checked scarf is gorgeous, there’s no doubt about it, and they look great with any number of outfits. They’ll also help keep you warm.

However, as is the case with designer pieces, they come with a much higher price point than ordinary scarves.

The Acne Studios Mohair Checked Scarf retails for $320 USD (or £250 / €270).

rainbow checked scarf from acne studios
Image: Acne Studios

This is of course a very expensive scarf, even if you do get months of wear out of it every year.

If you’re in love with the Acne scarf but can’t justify the price, there is good news.

There is an Acne Studios scarf dupe out there to suit your budget.

acne studios scarf
Image: Acne Studios

Below are lots of great lookalikes at a fraction of the price of the real deal.

Scroll down to find your perfect affordable Acne scarf dupe and get the same look for much less.

The Acne Studios scarf dupe list

Here are the best Acne Studios dupes to get the same look as the brand’s oversized plaid scarf but for much less.

Etsy Acne Studios Scarf dupes

One of the best places to head for affordable Acne scarf dupes is Etsy.

There are some incredibly beautiful oversized plaid scarves from different Etsy sellers that all closely resemble the Acne scarves.

Here are some examples:

San Gallo Design wool and acrylic blend scarf

acne studios scarf dupe
Image: San Gallo Design

This is around the same size as the Acne scarf and gets excellent reviews.

Kikiyo Scarves personalised check scarf

etsy dupe for acne scarf
Image: Kikiyo Scarves

This gorgeous scarf is perfect for the oversized look and you can even have it personalized with initials.

Dazzling Hypnotic Check Mindset Scarf

acne studios rainbow scarf dupe
Image: Dazzling Hypnotic

This gets fantastic reviews from verified buyers who say it is incredibly soft and an excellent Acne Studios scarf dupe.

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More dupes for the Acne Studios scarf

Big Colored Checked Scarf

This stunning Acne style scarf is a fun colorful dupe that reviewers say is a pretty much perfect Acne Studios scarf dupe.

It is made of polyester but has the feeling of cashmere, so it is incredibly soft and cosy.

acne studios scarf dupe from ebay
Image: eBay

The colors of this one are very reminiscent of the famous rainbow scarf from Acne Studios. It also comes in grey and pink colorways.

Urban Outfitters Plaid Scarf

urban outfitters scarf dupe for acne studios
Image: Urban Outfitters

This is a very well known Acne Studios scarf dupe.

Not only is the size and the check pattern very similar to Acne scarves, but Urban Outfitters have also added their brand label in the same place as the Acne Studios label would be.

This is a considerably cheaper scarf and the maroon and green plaid pattern is gorgeous.

Shop this post by clicking the images below:

Primark Tasselled Brushed Scarf

primark acne studios scarf dupe
Image: Primark

It’s incredible how much this Primark scarf resembles the rainbow scarf from Acne Studios.

The bold colors are so similar and perfect for fall and winter.

This scarf is a complete bargain at only £8. If you are in the UK, run don’t walk to your nearest Primark to grab this Acne Studios dupe before they sell out.

Available in Primark stores

COS Oversized Check Scarf

cos checked scarf
Image: COS

The multi check trend of the Acne scarves continues with this lookalike from COS.

Made from a responsibly sourced mohair and wool blend, the resemblance to the Acne Scarf is uncanny and the fabric itself is also very similar.

The COS version features it own large brand label which is placed in a prime position just like the Acne Studios scarf.

Shop this post by clicking the images below:

Joules Folley Brushed Check Scarf

joules folley scarf
Image: Joules

Joules scarves are always a winner but this Folley scarf elevates them to the next level this season.

Conscientiously made from 100% recycled polyester, it has thick twisted tassels like an Acne scarf and is branded with the Joules logo.

Lulus Oversized Scarf

oversized checked plaid scarf
Image: Lulus

This check scarf is so similar to the famous Acne Studios Mohair Checked Scarf, just without the brand label of course.

It’s large and cosy with the same fringe detailing, and comes in lots of different colorways.

These are polyester rather than the natural fibers of the Acne scarf, so there will be less shedding.

Lulus ships internationally.

Monki Polyester Scarf in Multi Check

asos acne studios dupe
Image: ASOS/Monki

The funky orange colorway of this oversized scarf has a very similar vibe to the original Acne Studios scarf.

It’s an amazing budget-friendly option which is perfect for those snow day pics this winter.

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Nasty Gal Oversized Knitted Checked Scarf

nasty gal oversized scarf
Image: Nasty Gal

This stunning scarf is extra long and oversized, and comes in a gorgeous check blend of colors.

The colorway of this scarf is very similar to the scarves from Acne Studios but the price is just so much more affordable.

Frior Plaid Fringed Scarf

acne studios rainbow scarf dupes
Image: Frior

This dupe is almost as large as the Acne Studios scarf and it comes in several different colorways, all of which look just like the Acne scarf.

It gets great reviews and people say it’s really soft and comfortable to wear, as well as warm.

Skinnydip Oversized Fluffy Scarf in Pastel Check

oversized plaid scarf dupe
Image: ASOS/Skinnydip

This pastel scarf is a soft and fuzzy dupe for an Acne scarf.

It has the same thick tassel fringe and very long length which makes the Acne Mohair scarf so cosy-looking.

In fact this type of oversized blanket scarf is perfect for travel. You can put it in your airplane carry-on and use it to stay warm on a flight.

Sonder Studio Oversized Check Scarf

acne scarf dupe
Image: Sonder Studio

Soft, fluffy and huge, this Acne Studios scarf dupe has everything but the big brand label.

It’s another budget-friendly dupe, and if you’re looking for a nice neutral color combo these are good scarves to check out.

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PIECES Oversized Brushed Check Scarf with Tassels

acne studios scarf price

This dupe version of the Acne Studios scarf is a very affordable option.

It is made partially from recycled polyester, and it has the same soft and fluffy texture as the much more expensive Acne Studios scarf.

This scarf comes in different colors and the website ships internationally.

Shop this post by clicking the images below:

The Acne Studios scarf is certainly an investment piece that you could wear year after year.

There couldn’t be a more versatile winter accessory. It will keep you warm when worn as a scarf, but can also double up as a blanket due to the larger sizes of these scarves.

They work well for everyday wear and are fancy enough to go with any outfit in the evening too.

There is a color scheme among Acne Studios’ scarf range to please anyone, whether you go for an Acne scarf’s happy green color combo or one of the moodier color combinations.

However, the price is a lot of money for a scarf, even if it is simply beautiful.

Fortunately the Acne Studios scarf dupes above can help you achieve the same look but at much lower prices.

They may not have the Acne Studios label on them but they look just as good as the designer version and your credit card will be thanking you.

Grab yourself a colorful new scarf for this season, pair it with your favorite winter jacket and look amazing with any of these Acne Studios dupes which are all at a bargain price compared to the designer version.

Aside from the brand label, you can hardly tell the difference between these dupes and the real thing from Acne Studios.

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