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The Ultimate List of Designer Dupes in 2023

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Designer products are high up on the wishlists of lots of people, but the price of a designer item is often the least attractive thing about it.

We all have something that we covet from high-end brands that you generally just can’t find on the high street.

There are designer bags that are much lusted after, and designer shoes that so many want to own.

Designer clothing is also something that many people would love to own.

This could be because a fashion influencer has worn something amazing from a designer brand in their recent Instagram photo.

TikTok is also the birthplace of lots of trending designer items and lots of us get our inspiration from there and from YouTube videos.

Designer products are not limited to those you wear, either.

There are lots of much-coveted designer home decor items on the market too and these are often discovered through Instagram or YouTube.

Wherever you spot your dream designer item, you’re no doubt looking for a great deal before splashing out the cash and buying it.

But what if you have champagne tastes on a lemonade budget?

This is where designer dupes come in.

clothes rail with designer clothing

The good news is that you can find lots of designer-inspired items nowadays which are a great option if you can’t or won’t spend the money that designer brands ask for.

Scroll down to see all the best designer dupes you can discover on this site for brands such as Chanel, Dior, Hermès, Balmain, Barefoot Dreams, Acne Studios, Bottega Veneta, Cartier, Gucci and many more.

birkenstock dupes from amazon

What are designer dupes?

A designer dupe is a product from a different brand that looks just like, or very similar to, a designer item.

Designer dupes do not claim to be from the designer itself.

They don’t have designer logos or designer branding and are instead marketed under their own brand.

Designer dupes are usually a much cheaper option than buying a real designer item.

designer shoes on shelf

By purchasing a designer dupe you can get something very similar to the item you love but for less money.

What’s the difference between a designer dupe and a replica?

A replica is an item that tries to pass itself off as the real deal whereas a dupe is simply inspired by designer clothing.

Replicas are generally counterfeit items that copy designer branding and logos.

Counterfeit items are unauthorized copies and are illegal to produce.

You’ll often see this happening with bags and shoes, and it’s easy to get caught out by buying a fake designer item as many replicas do look like the real thing.

woman on sofa wearing designer dupes

Often however a replica is not high quality so while it is extremely bad that counterfeit items exist, you’re also not making the most of your money by buying a replica.

A designer dupe is legal and you can find some really good quality ones for affordable prices.

The best designer dupes

Scroll down to see the full list of designer dupes on this website and find yourself a real bargain at a fraction of the price of a designer item.

Some of the best dupes listed below include those for the Acne Studios scarf, the Balmain blazer, Chanel’s gorgeous Dad sandals and some amazingly affordable Lululemon dupes.

You can also find lots of home decor dupes and accessory dupes such as a Dior Book Tote dupe.

There are designer bag dupes that look just like a Cult Gaia bag but with a much lower price tag.

You can also bag yourself an extremely affordable designer dupe, especially if you look at the Acne Studios scarf dupes, Mach and Mach dupes and the lovely Barefoot Dreams robe dupes.

All of these designer dupes are at a low price compared to the real thing and can save you a small fortune.

The Best Designer Dupes

These designer dupes are all about saving you money while giving you the best quality clones of your favorite designer products.

They include dupes for designer shoes, designer bags, designer haircare, designer robes, designer clothes and designer home decor.

By picking up a designer dupe you're getting the same look and feel as a designer item but for much less.

Find a dupe for some of the most popular designer items around and let your bank account thank you later.

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