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15 beautiful Anthropologie mirror dupes in 2023

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You’ve no doubt seen the incredibly beautiful Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror all over social media.

This gorgeously ornate gold mirror is an absolutely stunning item and can completely transform a room from drab to glam.

We’ve been lusting after this mirror ever since it appeared in celebrity and influencer homes and went viral.

But although this is obviously a very beautiful mirror, it does come with quite a hefty price tag.

Thankfully there are some much more affordable Anthropologie mirror dupes available to help you get the same look for less.

These come at a fraction of the price of the real thing and will look just as beautiful in your home.

The Anthropologie mirror dupes

Scroll down to see the best Anthropologie mirror dupes and find a very similar elegant gold mirror that’s much kinder on your bank account.

What is the Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror?

The Gleaming Primrose Mirror from Anthropologie is a gold colored mirror with ornate details.

anthropologie gleaming primrose mirror size

Image: Anthropologie

There are four different sizes available from Anthropologie and the retail price goes from $548.00 – $1,598.00 USD (or £448.00 – £998.00).

You would need to pay the maximum price for the extremely large floor-standing full-length mirror (the size that Anthro call Tall).

This mirror has been all over Instagram and for good reason.

It does look absolutely amazing in a living room, large bathroom or bedroom, or really any room for that matter.

gleaming primrose mirror from anthropologie

Image: Anthropologie

But the high price point really is quite prohibitive and it’s just not attainable or realistic for most people to buy the real thing.

While it would be lovely to be able to just pop this into your online basket and click through to checkout, the reality is that most of us just can’t justify spending this much money on a mirror.

This is why an Anthropologie mirror dupe is a great alternative and there are some beautiful gold mirrors listed below.

Most of these dupes also come in different colors other than antique gold such as antique black or silver.

The Anthropologie mirror dupe list

Here are all the best Gleaming Primrose mirror dupes from the smallest size in the range up to the large Gleaming Primrose mirror.

There are some excellent online dupes as well as the best alternatives in well-known stores and other home decor retailers.

Of course in general the smaller size mirror you choose, the lower the price is likely to be.

Therefore the first Anthropologie dupes in the list below are affordable alternatives to the smaller wall mirror from Anthropologie.

There are also several floor-length size mirrors as the price increases.

The Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror dupe list

From lowest price to highest price:

Kate and Laurel Arendahl Traditional Arch Mirror $138.99

anthropologie mirror dupe from kate and laurel

Image: Kate and Laurel

This Anthropologie mirror dupe gets amazing reviews and people say it looks so much like its more expensive lookalike.

Available here

World Market Metal Vintage Style Vanity Wall Mirror $149.99

anthro mirror dupe on the wall

Image: World Market

This is a great dupe for the smaller version of the Gleaming Primrose mirror and it won’t break the bank either.

Available here

Hobby Lobby Home Decor Carved Elegant Gold Arch & Flourish Wall Mirror $149.99

hobby lobby anthropologie mirror dupe

Image: Hobby Lobby

This Hobby Lobby Anthropologie mirror dupe is a good quality choice as it has a metal frame. It’s also one of the best affordable Anthropologie mirror dupes on the market.

Available here

SHYFOY Antique Wall Mirror $158.88

amazon anthropologie mirror dupe


One of the most affordable alternatives to the Anthropologie mirror, this vintage-inspired mirror gets great reviews and will look as pretty as the real deal on a mantelpiece or vanity.

Available here

VANA NALA Antiqued Gold Ornate Mirror $189.99

amazon dupe for the gleaming primrose mirror from anthropologie


One of the most affordable Anthro mirror dupes, this has a wooden frame with gold leaf for a vintage finish. It has a lot of reviews comparing it to the Gleaming Primrose mirror.

Available here

Hamilton Hills Vintage Gold Mirror $199.99

gold wall mirror

Image: Hamilton Hills

If you’re an online shopper you’ll love this Anthropologie mirror dupe as it’s got hundreds of excellent reviews. Buyers have also shared their own photos of the mirror in their homes.

Available here

IKEA RÅMEBO Mirror $219.99

ikea gold mirror dupe

Image: IKEA

It didn’t take IKEA long to get into the world of French antique gilt mirrors with this Primrose mirror dupe. Their version is unique because the filigree-style detailing can be removed if you wish.

Available here

House of Hampton Dakarai Rectangle Metal Wall Mirror $229.99

wayfair dupe for the anthro mirror

Image: House of Hampton / Wayfair

This is an almost perfect dupe of the Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose mirror, and the ornate detailing is almost identical.

Available here

Rosdorf Park Christany Arch Metal Wall Mirror $259.99

anthropologie gleaming primrose mirror dupe

Image: Rosdorf Park / Wayfair

The design style of this Anthropologie dupe mirror is slightly different but it has the same intricate design. You can see how customers have styled this lovely mirror in their homes too.

Available here

Head West Brass Ornate Wall Mirror $269.99

kohls dupe for anthropologie mirror

Image: Head West / Kohl’s

This mirror from Kohl’s is pretty much the closest Anthropologie mirror dupe among the cheaper options as the filigree detailing is an almost exact match for the original style.

Available here

Greyleigh Everett Square Wood Wall Mirror $283.99

dupe anthropologie mirror from wayfair

Image: Greyleigh / Wayfair

This gorgeous gold mirror has the same beautiful detailing as the Anthro mirror and will look just as stunning on the wall.

Available here

Fleur de Lis Living Anglo Arch Metal Wall Mirror $369.99

anthropologie gold mirror dupe

Image: Fleur de Lis Living / Wayfair

This has a very similar style to the Anthropologie mirror and is a great size for the wall if you have a smaller space that won’t take a floor standing mirror.

Available here

ETNAHAUS La Mirage Decorative Mirror $503.69

etsy dupe for the anthropologie gleaming primrose mirror


The exquisite details of this ornate filigree mirror make it one of the best just-as-fabulous Anthropologie mirror dupes. It’s bigger than the just over 3-foot mirror from Anthropologie and costs slightly less.

Available here

Lulu And Georgia Tulca Floor Mirror $998

gleaming primrose mirror dupe from Lulu and Georgia

Image: Lulu And Georgia

This Anthropologie mirror dupe is on the pricier side but the good news is that it is still cheaper than the Gleaming Primrose mirror. The dimensions are comparable to the large size 6′ floor mirror from Anthropologie.

Available here

Arhaus Amelie Grand Floor Mirror $1699

arhaus mirror dupe for the Anthro mirror

Image: Arhaus

Obviously this is just as expensive if not more so than the Anthro mirror but it is an incredibly beautiful mirror in its own right and the perfect alternative to the huge 7-foot gold accent mirror from Anthropologie if you have the cash to spare.

Available here

With general living expenses constantly on the increase and the economic uncertainty around the world, the fabulous world of dupe culture has never been more popular.

Home decor items are an essential for most of us and we all still want our homes to look beautiful.

This is where dupes play their part. You can get a very similar vibe to the Gleaming Primrose mirror, in very similar sizes, for a much lower price point.

Many people would not be able to tell the difference between these mirrors and those from Anthropologie.

An Anthropologie Primrose mirror dupe is a great option to save money and not worry about your credit card bills and bank accounts.

Choose an alternative mirror and get the same iconic look in your home without the extra cost.

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