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The best Free People Ruby Jacket dupe in 2023

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The Free People Ruby Jacket is the perfect transitional piece to take you from fall to winter, or winter to spring.

It’s also ideal to pop on in the summertime on a chilly evening.

It’s a really gorgeous oversized fit shacket (basically a shirt jacket) that just goes with any look.

You can wear it with jeans, shorts, a crop top, your gym outfit, leggings…

You name it, the Ruby Jacket from Free People can do it.

You’ll no doubt have seen this shacket all over social media, as it became super popular almost overnight.

Free People’s Ruby Jacket is a cosy fleece shacket with a slightly bobbled look.

It comes in lots of different colors and is a great quality piece for your winter, spring or fall wardrobe.

However, the major downside is the price.

The Free People Ruby Jacket retails for $128 USD (or £118 / €138).

It’s not the most affordable shacket out there in other words.

free people ruby jacket in grey

Image: Free People

But there’s no denying it looks great on pretty much everyone and is a great staple piece for any wardrobe due to its versatility.

What do you do if you’ve fallen in love with the Free People Ruby Jacket but just can’t or won’t part with that much cash for it?

free people green ruby jacket

Image: Free People

The answer is to find an epic Free People Ruby Jacket dupe that looks the same but costs much less.

ruby jacket in blue

Image: Free People

The best Free People Ruby Jacket dupe

The real Free People Ruby Jacket is a super cozy, oversized fleece style jacket that can be worn open or closed.

This incredible dupe for the Free People Ruby Jacket is a fraction of the price of the real thing.

It comes in a lot of different colors just like the Free People jacket.

You can order a size or two up and really get the oversized look of the original Ruby Jacket.

What’s great about this Free People Ruby Jacket dupe is that it’s got a color option to suit everyone.

It also has the same fleece look to it, fits in the same way and is much less than half the price of the real thing.

You can get two of these Ruby Jacket dupes for less than the price of one FP jacket.

That means you can go for lots of different colors if you want to.

Another amazing Free People Ruby Jacket dupe

If you prefer to find more of a light jacket that looks like the Free People Ruby Jacket then this is a great option.

It has the same relaxed fit and comes in a variety of colors.

The fabric is a soft fleece and it can be worn with a lot of different outfits just like Free People’s jacket.


You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get the FP look.

Go for a Free People Ruby Jacket dupe and your wallet will be thanking you.

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Melissa Jane Lee

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