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5 Best Free People Hot Shot Onesie Dupes For 2023

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If your summer style is relaxed and laidback then the Free People Hot Shot Onesie should be a staple in your closet. However, if your summer wardrobe spending needs reining in a bit, then a Free People Hot Shot Onesie dupe might be your better option. 

I mean, there’s a reason this Free People jumpsuit, or onesie, is a cult favorite. 

The Free People Hot Shot Onesie is really flattering on all body shapes and types. It comes in a huge variety of colors, and you won’t find a cozier option from any other jumpsuit out there. 

The onesie is made from 95% organic cotton and 5% spandex, and it has a relaxed, oversized fit. It features a dropped crotch and side pockets, and it comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

Being so loose-fitting, movement is so easy when wearing it so you really can do anything; hit the gym, go for a hike or even just lounge about in bed in it. 

This gorgeous Free People onesie frequently sells out in some of the most popular colors and sizes, however, and at $70 USD (or £70 / €74) it’s not the most affordable addition to your closet. 

khaki hot shot onesie from free people
Image: Free People

This is where a Hot Shot Onesie dupe comes in. You can get a very similar look from other brands for a much lower price. 

Below are the best Hot Shot Onesie dupes available so you can rock this look for less. 

hot shot onesie in beige
Image: Free People

Shop these dupes by clicking on the images below:

Pink Lily Day In The Life Jumpsuit $48

hot shot onesie dupe from pink lily
Image: Pink Lily

This gorgeous dupe comes in a ton of different colors and looks so similar to Free People’s onesie. 

The fabric of the Pink Lily jumpsuit is the same, 95% cotton and 5% spandex, so it has the same amount of stretch to it. 

With its racerback style and spaghetti straps, it’s a really good jumpsuit by itself but also one of the best Free People dupes around. 

The thing I like about this jumpsuit is the wide range of sizes available. It comes in six sizes in total from sizes XS up to 2XL.  

STARVNC V Neck Sleeveless Jumpsuit $24.99

walmart onesie in green
Image: STARVNC at Walmart

This is an excellent dupe for the Hot Shot Onesie. 

Not only does it have the familiar oversized silhouette but it also has the zip pocket on the upper back just like Free People’s version. 

The main difference between the two is that this item is a polyester blend, so you don’t get the cotton you get with the real deal. 

However, if that doesn’t bother you then this is a great option to pick up to try out this look for a lot less. 

Cupshe V-Neck Cami Jogger Jumpsuit $27.99

cupshe V-Neck Cami Jogger Jumpsuit
Image: Cupshe

There are a few subtle differences between this jumpsuit from Cupshe and the Hot Shot Onesie from Free People. 

For instance, Cupshe’s jumpsuit has adjustable straps whereas Free People’s jumpsuit doesn’t. This can be really handy if you find the low neckline of the Hot Shot Onesie a little too revealing. 

With the adjustable straps you can bring up the front of this onesie to the level that you need it. 

​Cupshe’s item is a little less oversized too, but the thing I most love about this Hot Shot Onesie dupe is that the ankles are already cuffed. If you love the look of rolling up the Hot Shot Onesie, then you’ll love this alternative as it’s just so convenient to have the cuffs already elasticated and a bit ‘neater’ looking. 

​Of course, it’s also less than half the price which is another huge bonus. 

Shop these dupes by clicking on the images below:

TEMU Loose Cami Jumpsuit $10.27

TEMU onesie in grey
Image: TEMU

This is the perfect budget dupe if you really want to save some cash, and there are lots of different color ways to choose from. 

TEMU has a ton of super cheap items of clothing that are an exact match for so many popular clothing items and this is no exception. 

This onesie gets incredible reviews, comes in a soft stretchy fabric, and has the same oversized patch pockets and scoop neckline that we know and love from the Hot Shot Onesie. 

There is no size XS in this dupe but the sizing is a little different anyway. What would normally be called a size XS is a size S in this item. 

Shein Dual Pocket Drop Crotch Jumpsuit $13.99

shein black jumpsuit
Image: Shein

Another incredibly similar romper is this one from bargain outlet Shein

It’s a polyester and spandex blend, with 5% spandex so it has the same amount of comfy stretch as the one from Free People. 

This lookalike is missing the zip up pocket on the upper back, but there’s no denying it is near identical in style and shape. 

Simply roll up the cuffs like you do with the real Hot Shot Onesie and you’ve got the same perfect staple in your closet for a huge saving. 

There’s no denying that Free People’s Hot Shot Onesie is totally gorgeous and the perfect piece to just throw on in the summertime. This type of jumpsuit is one of my favorite staples throughout the warmer months. The stretch and relaxed fit make it perfect for any activity where you need to feel comfortable, whether that’s walking, gardening, going to the grocery store or just lounging around at home. 

However, the price range is a little on the high side. It’s great news, therefore, that there are so many dupes and alternatives out there so you can get the Hot Shot Onesie look and vibe but for much less. 

Shop these dupes by clicking on the images below:

Free People Ruby Jacket dupe

Gucci Belt dupe

Frequently asked questions

How is the Hot Shot Onesie supposed to fit?

The Hot Shot Onesie is designed to be a relaxed, oversized fit. It is meant to be loose for layering, so you may want to size down if you are looking for a more fitted look. The onesie has a dropped crotch and side pockets, which add to the relaxed feel.

What shirts do you wear under the Hot Shot Onesie? 

There are a few different shirts that you can wear under the Hot Shot Onesie, largely dependent on the weather. In warmer months just wear a sleeveless tank or crop top. You can also wear a T-shirt with short sleeves. When it’s a bit cooler, a long sleeved T-shirt looks good with the Hot Shot Onesie. You’ll definitely need to wear something underneath it as it can be a bit too revealing otherwise. 

Is the Hot Shot Onesie stretchy? 

Yes, Free People’s Hot Shot Onesie is stretchy. It’s made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex so it has a good amount of stretch to it, making it the perfect clothing item for when you just want to be ultra comfortable and have free movement in your outfit. 

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