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15 best Hermès Sandals dupes & alternatives in 2023

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The beautiful Hermes Oran Sandals are an iconic look.

They are a fairly simple design for a pair of sandals, but pack a huge punch in the style stakes.

These classic Hermes sandals are instantly recognizable with their signature ‘H’ cut out design, and are a slip-on style sandal. 

The Oran Sandals come in lots of different colors and they really do look amazing paired with any summer outfit.

You’ll see the Oran Sandals on fashion influencers year after year because they are so chic and timeless.

The bad news is that being from Hermes they of course will cost you a lot of money to buy.

A pair of Hermes Oran Sandals retails for $660 USD (or £570 / €565).

You can purchase the Oran sandals directly from the Hermes website.

To get the real thing for cheaper, try a website like Vestiaire Collective, Fashionphile or TheRealReal where you can buy them secondhand for slightly less than retail price.

A great alternative, of course, is to buy a dupe for the Hermes Oran Sandals and save even more money. 

Hermes oran sandals

Image: Hermès

If you love the look of these for the warmer weather but they are out of your price range, there are some great Hermes sandals dupes around with a much lower price tag.

Scroll down to see the best Hermes sandals dupes and get the look of these designer shoes for less. These Hermes Oran dupes are all a fraction of the price of the real deal and won’t break the bank.

Steve Madden Hadyn Sandals – $79.95

These are probably the most famous of all the Hermes Oran Sandals dupes out there, and they are only $79.95. 

steve madden hermes dupes for the oran sandals
Image: Steve Madden

These affordable alternatives to the Hermes sandals come in a ton of colors and are almost identical in style to the real thing. 


  • Made from leather
  • Very comfortable to wear because they have a slightly cushioned footbed
  • Often on sale or part of a promotion


  • Steve Madden sandals run slightly small so you may need to order a half size up from your usual size

This Steve Madden alternative is so similar to the classic look of the Hermes Oran sandals (in fact they are almost a perfect dupe) and gets lots of positive reviews from buyers.

French Sole Leather Alibi Sandals – $150

These gorgeous sandals are so well made and have a soft stitched leather upper with rubber soles.

hermes oran dupe from french sole
Image: French Sole

While on the pricier side compared to some of the other Hermes sandals dupes, they are still much cheaper than the real thing and remain one of the best Hermès sandals dupes. 


  • 100% leather uppers and inners
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Also available in nubuck leather in different colors


  • They run a little narrow so are not ideal for anyone who needs a wide fit

French Sole’s shoes are very well made and have the same H shape strap sandal as the designer version. 

Patricia Green Hallie Flat Sandal – $198

These sandals are on the expensive side for an Hermes Oran dupe but you won’t regret buying them, especially since they are still only a third of the price of the designer version. 

oran sandal dupe
Image: Patricia Green

Handmade in Spain, these sandals are expertly crafted in leather and have a stylish half-inch heel. 


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Made from a very soft leather


  • Do not come in half sizes

These are very easy to wear which is just what you need in the summer. They are an effortless slip-on sandal that looks so similar to the Hermes version. 

Dune London Loupe Smart Slider Sandals – $135

These are another popular Hermes dupe from high street brand Dune.

dune loupe sandals
Image: Dune London

While not exactly the same in design as the Oran sandals, they are very good quality and have been seen on various fashion bloggers.


  • Also available in wide fit
  • Has a cushioned footbed for comfort
  • Lots of different options when it comes to the style of leather and the color range


  • The size range is fairly limited

If you like a slightly higher heel then these Dune sandals are a good option to go for, as they have a bigger heel than the Hermes Oran sandals. 

H&M Slides – $17.99

You can often count on H&M to come up trumps when it comes to designer dupes, and these chic flats are such a similar style to the Oran sandals from Hermes. 

H&M sandals hermes oran dupe
Image: H&M

Amazingly affordable and yet still so stylish looking, these are a great way to get the Hermes look on a shoestring budget. 


  • Non-leather / vegan Hermes dupe
  • So affordable you can buy them in more than one color if you wish
  • Run true to size


  • Only come in a handful of different colors
  • Less comfortable than more expensive sandals

These slides are the perfect Hermes sandals dupe if you’re on a strict budget but still want to get the look of these iconic shoes for your summer wardrobe. 


Goodnight Macaroon ‘Smith’ Cut-Out Slides – $79

These beautiful Hermes sandal dupes come in various colors including metallic silver and gold. 

black hermes oran dupes from goodnight macaroon
Image: Goodnight Macaroon

They have a very similar chic slimline silhouette to the original Hermes Oran sandals, with the main difference being the much lower price tag. 


  • High quality faux leather (suitable for vegans)
  • Very well made


  • Items are often sold out very quickly

These Hermes dupes have a much lower price point than the designer sandals so if you see them available, snap them up. 

Stratuxx Kaze Women’s Sandal – $34.89

These sandals come in at a much more affordable price than higher-quality sandals in this list but are a good budget-friendly choice. 

hermes oran sandal dupe in tan brown
Image: Stratuxx Kaze

You can buy these in two different faux leather textures; a smooth style and what the brand called ‘tumbled’ which has a textured look to it. 


  • Come in multiple different colors and texture choices
  • An extremely inexpensive way to own a shoe with the classic Hermes H shape cutouts


  • Some reviewers say the synthetic material has a cheap look to it if you look closely

These sandals could be a great addition to your vacation wardrobe if you’re just looking for an Hermes sandal dupe to pair with your outfits for one season. 

New Look Tan Leather-Look Sliders – £12.99

These sandals from New Look are a great dupe for Hermès’ Oran sandals but are of course inexpensive coming from this high street brand. 

tan sandals from new look
Image: New Look

They get great reviews and have a very classic style to them which is extremely reminiscent of the Oran. 


  • The sandals retail for a very inexpensive price
  • Comes in different faux leather designs including crocodile print


  • Only a handful of colors to choose from
  • Available in the UK but some international shipping options are given

The New Look sliders are a really good Hermes Oran dupe to go for if you’re looking for a simple, easy purchase to last you one season. 

Next Forever Comfort Leather Mule Flat Sandals – $33

These are an almost Hermes sandals dupe that still have an undisputed elegance that you also find with the Oran sandals. 

next gold leather sandals
Image: Next

Very similar in style, these slip on flats come in lots of different designs and will work just as well with most outfits just like the Hermes sandals do.


  • Very soft leather
  • Lots of designs to choose from including tiger print
  • Also available in a wider fit


  • The footbed is not as comfortable as it could be

This Hermes sandal alternative from Next is a great choice if you just want an understated flat sandal like the Oran without going for an obvious dupe. 

Shein Cut Out Slide Sandals – $12.30

Clearly inspired by Hermes Oran sandals, these flats come in a vast array of colors. The best thing about these designer-inspired shoes is the incredibly low price. 

tan brown sandals from shein
Image: Shein

However, you might feel reluctant to order from Shein. It is a legit site but sometimes items are of low quality. There is no doubt, nevertheless, of this shoe’s popularity on the site as this style has literally hundreds of positive reviews from buyers who love them. 


  • So many colors that they rival the Oran’s vast color palette and there is a color to suit any outfit
  • Extremely affordable


  • Ordering from a site like Shein is sometimes a gamble but there are lots of legitimate buyer reviews and photographs to help you decide

For the price of another Hermes Oran dupe you can have several pairs of these sandals in different colors. 

Lulus Saxon Slide Sandals – $26

The Saxon sandals from Lulus are made from a sleek vegan leather and come in black, white, tan and gold. 

hermes oran dupe from lulus
Image: Lulus

They look a lot like the Hermes sandals but of course come without the high price tag. 


  • Available in half sizes
  • Designed to fit snugly and comfortably over the foot so they won’t slip off


  • The sole is thinner than other sandals so they’re not great for a long day of walking around in

These are a great summer sandal to go perfectly with any outfit, and the price point is simply amazing. 

Sam Edelman Bay Slide Sandals – $120

In the fashion world Sam Edelman is known as a reliable and high quality shoe brand, and the Sam Edelman Bay Sandals are a really good example of the brand’s craftsmanship. 

bay sandals in brown from sam edelman
Image: Sam Edelman

The Bay sandals are a great Hermes Oran alternative as they are very similar in design and rival the French luxury brand in terms of colorways and style variations. 


  • These are the favorite summer slides of lots of people because they are so comfortable
  • Come in lots of different colors and prints to match any outfit


  • Still a fairly expensive sandal at $120. However you can also buy this Sam Edelman sandal in a jelly version which is only $60 
  • Tend to run a little wide

The Bay sandals definitely give off a Hermes Oran vibe and have an extremely similar so-chic design, all without the higher price tag of course. 

Ancient Greek Sandals ‘Apteros’ Sandals – $250

Available in soft, soothing neutral colors, the Apteros sandals are a minimalist’s dream come true. 

apteros sandals from ancient greek
Image: Ancient Greek Sandals

The fact that the style is very much like the Oran sandals is a plus. They do look very similar to each other. 


  • Crafted from chemical-free natural tan leather which is designed to last
  • Super comfortable and stylish


  • Expensive, especially when compared with other Hermes Sandals dupes

Apteros is perfect if you don’t mind spending a little extra on your sandals but aren’t yet ready to splash out bigger bucks on the Oran. 

FitFlop Gracie Leather Slides With Toe Post – $100

If it’s comfort you’re looking for from your Hermes slides dupe then the Gracie shoe from FitFlop will fit the bill perfectly. 

hermes sandal dupes from fitflop
Image: FitFlop

With a very similar H-style design to the upper, these leather slides look the part but come with extra features that make them extremely easy to wear. 


  • Concealed toe post to prevent slippage and provide additional support
  • Contoured footbed with hidden cushioning for extreme comfort


  • Limited color choice

You can’t go wrong with a pair of FitFlops when it comes to comfort and style in one, so these are a great alternative to the Oran if you find those a little difficult to walk in. 

LarosaStyle H-Style Beach Flat Sandals – $75

These are an amazing Hermes Oran dupe.

hermes oran dupes
Image: LarosaStyle

They get rave reviews from buyers and come in different colorways including metallic gold and silver.


  • Soft cushioned footbed
  • Lots of different colors available


  • Often sold out 

The LarosaStyle sandals are well worth a try if you’re looking for a dupe for one of the most impersonated styles of sandals from Hermes.

The iconic Hermes Oran sandals are a timeless addition to your wardrobe but it is perfectly possible to get the same look for much less with a Hermes Oran sandal dupe. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some FAQs about the Hermes Oran Sandals. 
Is it worth it to buy Hermes Oran Sandals?

The Oran Sandals from Hermès are an expensive purchase but they will last you for several years even with regular wear. Therefore if you see yourself getting a lot of wear from these sandals throughout the warmer months they are worth the investment. 

Are Hermes Oran sandals timeless?

The Oran sandals are a very chic style that remains timeless year after year. The design of the Oran sandals will go with any outfit, always look classic no matter what you wear with them, and are instantly recognizable. 

Why are Hermes sandals so expensive? 

The reason that Hermès sandals come with a designer price tag is that they are made with high quality calfskin leather that is both durable and attractive. However, like all designer items the brand name associated with the Oran sandals also adds a premium to the cost of the shoes. 

Can Hermes sandals get wet?

It’s not advisable to get Hermes sandals wet because the leather will show water marks. Leather can become dry and brittle after getting wet so it’s best to avoid getting water on your Hermes sandals. 


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