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25+ Self Care Weekend Ideas for a New You by Monday

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Every now and then we all need a good self care weekend.

If you’re feeling frazzled and modern life is taking its toll, planning a self care weekend at home is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

We all need time and space to switch off and recharge our batteries.

This is true even if you love your job, your social activities and your life in general.

Scheduling a weekend full of self care is a brilliant way to be your best self again by Monday.

Whether it’s your mental health, your physical health, or even both that are suffering, a self care weekend is a fantastic idea.

Weekends are for self care and it’s possible to devote the entire weekend to yourself to get ready for the upcoming week.

Here are the best self care weekend ideas to take you from Friday to Sunday.

Self care weekend tip #1: choose the right weekend

It’s important to pick a time when you have no weekend plans.

This is because for the best weekend of self care you need to dedicate a lot of time just to yourself.

Choose a weekend when you really can be left to your own devices to get the most out of it.

self care weekend tips for the best weekend at home

Your weekend of self care begins on Friday

Your self care weekend begins the moment you stop work on a Friday.

It’s time to start your self care activities as you head home.

Treat yourself to some flowers

When was the last time you decided to buy yourself flowers?

You deserve them so go ahead and pick out a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers for yourself!

Get your essential chores out of the way

Pop some laundry in, take the trash out, wash those dishes…

Spending time getting some of these essential tasks done on Friday evening will free up some quality time for the rest of the weekend.

You’re now free to work through any of these self care weekend ideas.

25 self care weekend ideas for a better you

Your self care weekend starts here.

Pick and choose any of these self care weekend ideas and sail into Monday with less stress and a better sense of wellbeing.

Take that long bath you’ve been dreaming about

A bubble bath is one of the loveliest treats you can give yourself.

It’s even better when you have no time constraints and can linger for longer in the soothing hot water.

self care bubble bath

You could pop on some relaxing background music, or keep it silent and simply enjoy the moment.

If you fancy taking some chocolate or wine in with you, why not?! Indulge yourself.

Make your home smell amazing

Fragrance has the amazing ability to change our moods.

You can light candles, diffuse essential oils in a burner, spritz a room spray or even bake a cake in the oven.

Choose the right scent for the result you’re seeking, such as lavender for relaxation or citrus scents for an instant mood boost.

home self care at the weekend

Netflix and chill

Cosy up on the couch with your softest blankets and cushions, and watch a show that makes you feel good.

Perhaps there’s a new series you’ve been meaning to get stuck into. If so, consider this your signal to finally start watching it.

You might even have a favorite movie that always makes you feel good.

This is your time to just sit and absorb yourself into something you really want to see.

Eat your favorite foods

No self care weekend would be complete without your favorite meal or snacks.

Ensure you’re prepared for this by buying all your favorite things in advance.

A little bit of what you fancy is really good for you, so treat yourself to something you crave even if it’s not something you’d usually do.

Write a gratitude list

Writing a list of things you’re grateful for can really help you to be thankful for every good thing you have in your life, and it’s one of the best ways to celebrate yourself.

This is true even if your life is quite stressful or you’ve been having a bad time lately.

gratitude list on a self care weekend

Remembering what you’re grateful for at the present moment can really improve mood and give a sense of thankfulness which is wonderful for your wellbeing.

Think about family members, friends, work, your home, health and any other things in your life that you really appreciate no matter how small they are.

Have the perfect night’s sleep

Sleep is so incredibly important for our physical and mental wellbeing.

Prepare your bed with clean bedding, and check out of your digital devices at least an hour before going to bed.

You can use sleep aids which will help to relax your body and mind ready for a restoring and reparative sleep.

Prepare a healthy breakfast

Putting the right food into your body in the morning will set you up in the best way for your day.

Some excellent options for your self care weekend breakfast include avocados, oats, fresh fruit and veggies, or a green smoothie.

healthy breakfast for a self care weekend

Declutter your closet

Clearing out your closet can sometimes be a daunting task, but you’ll be so glad you did it.

If you can part with old clothes you never wear and donate the good stuff to charity and thrift shops, it’s a double whammy.

You can bask in the organized beauty of your closet at home and your good deed that will go towards benefitting others.

Revisit past interests and hobbies

So often, busy schedules get in the way of the things we used to love doing.

During this weekend of self-care, take some time to remember and revisit your old hobbies that used to bring you joy.

These could be drawing, reading, doing puzzles, crosswords, painting, walking…or really anything you once did but no longer do because, well…life.

Create a playlist of your favorite songs

This is such a fun task and one that will give you an awesome playlist full of songs you’ll absolutely love to enjoy every day.

Our favorite songs make us smile, dance, remember people and moments…music really can transport you.

It’s one of those self care ideas that really does keep on giving.

Spend time in nature

It’s well documented that spending time in nature is excellent for your mental health.

This means it’s a great idea to go for a nice long nature walk somewhere green to help reduce stress levels and boost your endorphins.

woman walking in nature

Other ways to spend time outdoors include some gardening, feeding the birds or eating a meal outdoors.

Learn about manifestation

Manifestation and the law of attraction became mainstream ideas after the publication of The Secret.

The idea is that you put your wants and needs out into the universe to manifest them into reality.

It’s a technique that celebrities and other successful people use and a self-care weekend is the perfect time to learn how to add manifestation into your daily routine.

Have an at-home spa day

You don’t need to pay a lot of money for spa treatments as you can create your own home spa in your own bathroom.

Take a long shower and use pampering products like face masks, hair masks and body scrubs to make yourself feel amazing from top to toe.

Why not do your nails too as part of your self-care routine.

Detoxify your social media

Social media can be a real drain on our mental health sometimes.

social media detox

Make the decision to unfollow toxic people and only follow the channels of good friends and people who make you feel good about yourself.

Deciding to spend less time scrolling aimlessly through content which doesn’t serve you will also give you extra time in your day.

Declutter and organise a space which bugs you

If there’s a corner of your home you’ve been avoiding due to overwhelming clutter, decide to tackle it on your self care weekend.

The best thing to do with a daunting airing cupboard, fridge, laundry room or desk is to face it head on and get it organized.

You’ll feel such a sense of relief and accomplishment if you tackle that task you’ve been dreading.

Drink plenty of water

Alongside eating healthy meals, drinking at least two liters of water a day is one of the best things you can do for your body.

Water not only benefits your skin but also your internal organs and your brain.

woman drinking water with face mask on

Nourish your body with water to help it be the best version of itself.

Get your car cleaned

This self care tip is a good option if you have a tendency to treat your car as a dumping ground (as so many of us do).

If you remove old receipts, food wrappers, makeup and any trash and vacuum the inside it will make you feel amazing the next time you get in the driver’s seat.

It’s a small thing that has a huge impact on how you feel.

Call an old friend

In today’s busy world we often have so little time to nurture old friendships.

If there’s someone you’ve been meaning to catch up with give them a call and see how they’re doing.

It’s a little weekend self care for both of you at the same time.

Read a good book

When you have a really busy week it’s easy to neglect activities like reading that are so good for the mind and soul.

One of the best self-care weekend ideas is to get back into reading, whether it’s reconnecting with one of your favorite books or trying something new.

reading on a self care weekend

If an audio book is more your thing then spend as much time as you like indulging yourself by listening to something.

Set yourself some goals

Most of us struggle with setting goals, but goal setting is actually a skill that you can learn.

Working out what your goals are and what you need to achieve them, whether that’s a new skill or just enough time, is the perfect way to spend a self care weekend.

No matter it if’s professional or personal growth you’re seeking in the future, writing a to-do list towards achieving these goals is a great way to focus yourself.

You can also create a vision board which is a really powerful tool for both manifestation and goal-getting.

Make a meal plan

If you struggle to cook for yourself or choose healthy foods, especially after a long day, a meal plan and some meal prep are both great ideas.

Look up new recipes or your favorite old recipes to enjoy over the next week.

Knowing what you are going to eat and planning accordingly in advance is one of those self-care ideas that ensures you stick to your healthy living goals after the weekend.

Plan a trip

If you love to travel then planning a trip is amazing for your emotional health.

Pick somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit and spend a little time researching travel and accommodation.

If you can, get that trip in your diary as it will really make you feel good to have something to look forward to.

Try yoga or meditation

There are huge benefits to meditation and/or yoga for both your body and your mind.

Both can instil calm, give you low blood pressure and give a boost to your immune system among many other great things.

self care meditation

You can find a good YouTube channel with a free meditation or yoga class and try both these self-care activities out at home.

Treat yourself to something new

A little retail therapy goes a long way.

No matter if you love different things like beauty products, clothes, kitchen equipment or home decor, find something you’d love to treat yourself to and go for it.

It may be a long time since you’ve treated yourself so this is a lovely way to put your own needs first.

Try a digital detox

For the ultimate self-care weekend try unplugging from your digital devices for a while.

This means not looking at your phone, tablet or computer and avoiding emails and social media in particular.

The benefits for your mental health are profound and it will also give you lots of free time to do any of the above self care weekend ideas.






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