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6 Reasons To Buy Yourself Flowers Today

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When was the last time you decided to buy yourself flowers?

It’s not something that most of us do.

Flowers are typically something bought for us, as a gift or for a particular occasion.

However, when you do have flowers at home, they can have quite a profound effect on you.

There’s something about seeing that bright pop of colour in a pretty vase.

In fact, there is a TikTok trend of videos of people going to a local florist, grabbing themselves a bouquet and arranging it at home in a stunning vase.

You are not alone if this seems a little self-indulgent to you.

You may not be someone who generally buys flowers for yourself.

Perhaps you have tended to view them as an unnecessary extravagance in the past.

While it is lovely to receive them, it always feels a little strange buying flowers for yourself.

But with all the wonderful reasons to buy yourself flowers it’s a mystery why people don’t buy themselves flowers more often.

There are so many good reasons that you should prioritize buying yourself flowers and having floral arrangements in your life at all times, and not just during special occasions.

Scroll down to see exactly why you should buy yourself flowers and give yourself a little self-care today.

buying your own flowers

Instead of waiting for someone else to do it (which would be a long wait for so many of us!), here are the reasons why you should buy yourself flowers this week:

To cheer yourself up

Perhaps you’ve had a bad day at work, or a particularly stressful experience.

You could just be feeling a little down in the dumps, for any reason.

A vase of flowers can have an instantly uplifting effect on mood.

Scientific studies such as a Rutgers University study have taken place to demonstrate the positive effect fresh flowers have on our emotions.

Seeing your favorite color in flower form, and smelling the fragrance, will give you a boost every time you see them. Flowers are just so pretty and make us smile.

If you’re feeling less than your best, buy yourself a bunch. This simple gesture is an act of self cae and a great way to improve your mental health instantly.

To calm yourself down

Being closer to nature has a calming and soothing effect.

Seeing a bunch of fresh flowers in your home can help to ease anxiety.

Hospitals and other stressful locations often have bouquets around for this very reason.

Additionally, certain scents can have therapeutic effects on mood. Lavender and jasmine, for example, can soothe and relax.

If you are feeling stressed, try picking out a bunch of flowers which instantly calms you when you see it.

flowers you bought for yourself at home in a vase

To congratulate yourself

It’s nice to get given flowers when you have something to celebrate, like a birthday or anniversary. Don’t wait to be rewarded by someone else, though.

We all have achievements to celebrate that don’t usually come with such a fanfare.

Maybe you hit a weight loss goal, passed an exam, did something really nice for someone, or even just managed to get out of bed when you didn’t feel like it!

So many people don’t congratulate themselves on the smaller, everyday accomplishments.

We really should be proud of smaller achievements and celebrate ourselves accordingly. Flowers are perfect for this.

To brighten up your home

A fresh bouquet of flowers is a very quick and easy way to bring colour, ambience and style to a room.

They can make the simplest of corners look well-loved and put together. They also add atmosphere to a table.

If your house is lacking a certain something, try adding a bunch of flowers here and there.

It will make it instantly feel more like home, personalised, and the scent also has a positive effect.

Place flowers on the kitchen counter, kitchen table, dining table, dressing table or coffee table to brighten up your living space.

buying your own flowers for your home

To boost your productivity at work

A simple thing like fresh cut flowers on your work desk can have a profound effect on the way you work.

This applies whether you are working from home or going into the office.

A study by Texas A&M University showed that creativity and problem solving skills get a significant boost in the presence of flowers and other plants.

This isn’t just restricted to women either.

The study also showed that men get the same benefits, albeit to a slightly lesser degree.

Buying yourself flowers for your office is a subtle way to help improve work performance and manage your work stress levels.

Just because…

Why not buy yourself flowers? Most of us deserve to have fresh flowers a lot more than we actually do get them.

Don’t wait to receive them – buy them yourself from My Express Flowers

You will never regret purchasing flowers for yourself. They are just a really nice thing to buy and own.

They make you feel better, make anywhere look better, and are a nice easy gift to yourself.

Even when you don’t think you have a reason to buy flowers for yourself, get some anyway. You do deserve it!

Treat yourself to some beautiful flowers

There are so many reasons to buy your own flowers.

Buying flowers for yourself is an act of self-love and is a great idea as part of a self care weekend or while setting up a home spa

You might even consider buying yourself a flower subscription which would be the ultimate treat to yourself. 

Flowers are one of nature’s greatest gifts to us.

There’s no need to deprive yourself of this gift out of guilt or apprehension at treating yourself to a bunch of them. 

Next time you are out at the grocery store or farmers’ markets and see a beautiful bouquet, don’t ask yourself if it’s weird to buy yourself flowers. It’s not!

Pick it up and take it home for an instant mood boost. 

And if you’re sending flowers to someone else too, check out these tips of which flowers to send on any occasion. 

Melissa Jane Lee

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Susanne in Manchester

Tuesday 16th of March 2021

I really missed having flowers after a bad break up a year ago. I constantly had beautiful flowers in my home from my thoughtful (at the time) boyfriend.

The vases have remained empty since and I had to put the blinkers on going past the flowers in the supermarkets.

However after receiving flowers from my sons for Mothers day, I realised how much I'd missed them.

As part of my new found independence I have decided to treat myself to flowers a couple of times a month cos I'm so worth it.

Natalie Crossan

Sunday 19th of August 2018

Must admit, i've never bought myself flowers but maybe tomorrow I shall do just that :)

Margaret Gallagher

Wednesday 25th of July 2018

Just because ... im worth it always - must buy myself a bunch tomorrow

A S,Edinburgh

Wednesday 14th of February 2018

Great article. I don't have flowers in the house often enough, really.

Carly Belsey

Wednesday 17th of January 2018

I always actually buy flowers for the house, I think they brighten and cheer up the living room. My grandad buys my nan flowers and has done every Saturday for the last 50 years, how cute is that. He never forgets to.