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Nanshy Brushes Review: Vegan, Cruelty Free Makeup Brush Sets

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If you’re reading this Nanshy Brushes review, the chances are you are looking for a high quality range of vegan makeup brushes. I have been testing out some of the popular Nanshy makeup brush sets and accessories. Let’s take a look in-depth at these brushes so you can decide if it’s a brand you want to invest in. 

Nanshy makeup brush sets and brush holder

Who are Nanshy?

Nanshy’s products are all designed in the UK. The founder of Nanshy, Paula Pokora, struggled to find makeup brushes which didn’t irritate her sensitive skin. When she couldn’t find any on the market already, Paula developed her own range of professional brushes which all use synthetic fibres. All the brushes are assembled by hand.

The range includes brush sets for face and eyes, makeup sponges, travel accessories, brush holders and cleaning tools. Nanshy has been featured in numerous magazines and on websites, and has won lots of beauty awards. 

Is Nanshy cruelty free? 

They are a completely cruelty free brand and are PETA approved. 

Is Nanshy vegan? 

All of Nanshy’s brushes are vegan. They only use synthetic fibres. 

Pearl white makeup brushes from Nanshy

Nanshy Brushes Review

This Nanshy Brushes review covers a classic Nanshy makeup brush set (the Gobsmack Glamorous Brush Collection), and a Nanshy eyeshadow brush set (the Nanshy Eye Brush Set).

I’m also reviewing The Stand Up Makeup Brush Holder (a game changer!), and the Nanshy sponge (the Drop of Finesse Makeup Blending Sponge). Let’s take a closer look at all of them! 

The Gobsmack Glamorous Nanshy Makeup Brush Set Review

This set is a core collection of face brushes which builds the perfect base makeup. It contains five brushes which all have specific purposes. I have the pearlescent white variety, but they also come with black handles.

I like the big, chunky handles these brushes have. It makes it easy to control the brush and get a good buffing and blending motion going. 

As you can see, all the makeup brushes are labelled to make it easy to know what to do with each one. 

Nanshy makeup brush set

The Flawless Foundation Brush is a flat brush which I like for liquid foundation. I found that it sheers out foundation nicely so that you get a sheer base, which you can then build upon by using more product.

The Buffed Base Brush is slightly rounded on the edges. It can be used to provide full coverage on the face. Nanshy also suggest using this brush to apply highlighter as the rounded edge lightly sheers out the edges of the product. 

Woman using a Nanshy makeup brush

The Blush & Bronze is one of my favourite brushes. It has a rounded yet angled edge and I love to use this for both bronzer and blush. It also works well for cream blushes and applies them without any patchiness. 

Finally the set contains the Angled Airbrush, which is a multi-purpose brush that can be used for powder and blush, and the Conceal Perfector. I use the Conceal Perfector underneath my eyes to blend out concealer, and dust away any eyeshadow dropdown, harsh edges and concealer creases. 

You can purchase this makeup brush set here

Woman using a Nanshy brush

Nanshy Eye Brush Set Review

This set contains seven brushes which can create a complete eye look. They are good for makeup beginners and for professionals. Again, the brushes are all individually labelled. 

Nanshy eye brush set

The Large Shader is a large, flat and densely-packed brush which is ideal for applying one single colour all over the whole lid. It works quickly as it covers such a large area. I like to use it for a base colour when starting off an eye look. 

eyeshadow being applied with a brush

I then use the Eye Crease to apply a darker colour into the crease. It is narrower so fits well into the crease, especially if you have hooded eyes like me.

Next I’ll use the Blending Eyeshadow Brush to blend out the crease colour perfectly. Another brush I particularly like is the Tapered Crease, which is like a pencil brush. This is good for crease detailing. I use it to apply a darker colour to the outer corner of my eye, and it’s also good for applying an eyeshadow colour along the lower lid. 

Nanshy eye shadow brush

The other three brushes in the set are great for any further detail work and for eyeliner. The Precise Bent Eyeliner Brush is just that: bent and precise! It’s a very thin brush that’s great for cream eyeliners. If you have trouble applying eyeliner you may find the bent brush works better for you as you can control it well and also see what you’re doing at the same time.

The Flat Definer Brush is ideal for applying powder eyeshadows as eyeliners. This is something I have been doing for years, as I find that powder along the lash line is much less harsh than liquid, and great for a more natural look. 

using an eyeshadow brush to apply eye brow powder

Finally the set contains the Angled Detailer. This is a sturdy, angled brush which is also brilliant for eyeliner. I have actually been using it to apply brow powder instead and it works perfectly for this. It has stiff bristles so you can get the hair stroke effect using it.

You can purchase this eye brush set here

The Stand Up Makeup Brush Holder Review

This is a large, waterproof travel case which will hold up to 30 makeup brushes. It clips together, and the two sections can also be used to hold brushes in.

nanshy brush holder

It’s perfect for travel. The case itself is very lightweight, and you can fit so many brushes in. It’s ideal for a professional makeup artist, or just for a holiday away. The size of it means you can also keep makeup in there, such as pencils and lipliners. Both of these brush sets fit well into the case, leaving plenty of room for lots of other bits and bobs.

It will keep your brushes clean, flat and also give you something to store them in when you arrive. The two sections of the case turn into brush holders which can sit on the sink or dressing table. 

I love that it is easy to clean so if you do end up getting makeup on to it you can just wipe it off. 

You can purchase the Nanshy brush holder here

Nanshy Drop of Finesse Makeup Blending Sponge Review

Last but not least, I’ve been trialling this Nanshy sponge. This is a very affordable makeup blending sponge. I dampen it and use the rounded edge for applying and blending out liquid foundation. It also has an angled edge, which is new to me in a makeup sponge.

Nanshy sponge with makeup on

This narrower section fits in well around the nose and eyes, covering smaller and harder to reach areas well. The different flat surfaces mean you could actually use this to do your whole face with different products.

You could use it for foundation, concealor and other face products such as a cream or liquid blush and bronzer. Simply wash it and use it again and again. 

I usually use a Beautyblender and overall I do prefer that for foundation application. However I love the angled sections on this sponge, and the fact that it is so much cheaper than the Beautyblender. 

You can purchase the makeup sponge here

The Nanshy Brushes Review Final Verdict

I love that Nanshy brushes are vegan and cruelty free. If you have any allergies to animal hair you may find that natural hair brushes irritate your face. These synthetic brushes will not irritate your face or eyes. They are also easy to use, clearly labelled with the purpose and very soft.

I think that both makeup professionals and your average makeup user like myself will get great use out of a Nanshy brush set. While they have specific jobs to do, I’ve found that the brushes are multipurpose, so a single brush will actually do several different jobs for you. 

The brush sets and accessories are also extremely affordable for a high quality product. When you consider that something like a MAC brush, for example, will be in the region of £30, then £34.95 for a set containing five professional makeup brushes is excellent value for money.

They are very high quality too. None of the brushes have shed a single hair since I have been using them. The handles are nice and weighty, and just ‘feel’ nice to use. The ferrules seem well made and none have ever felt like they may come loose. 

Nanshy brushes review

Overall I am very impressed with Nanshy. I love the travel case too, which is a great piece of kit that has a really practical purpose. Nanshy gets the thumbs up from me. 

Where To Buy Nanshy Products 

You can purchase all of these sets and accessories, alongside many more, from the Nanshy website. You can also buy the brushes in the sets individually so don’t have to buy a whole set if you just want to try a couple of brushes out. 

Did you like this Nanshy Brushes review and would be interested in more vegan and cruelty free makeup brushes reviews? Check out my Niré Beauty brushes review.  





This post is in collaboration with Nanshy, who sent me these items in return for my honest review. This post contains affiliate links. My full disclosure is available from the main menu. 

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Natalie Crossan

Sunday 5th of May 2019

I love the transparent make up kit personally x

Rachel Craig

Sunday 5th of May 2019

The Stand Up Make Up Holder, as really practical.

Amy Jo mclellan

Sunday 5th of May 2019

The transparent makeup kit back would be super handy!

Diane Searle

Sunday 5th of May 2019

The make up kit bag which would come in super handy when I go away - currently take about 3 make up bags with me when I go away!

Jeanette Leighton

Sunday 5th of May 2019

The necessities collection is my favourite its lovely