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Pimp Your Prosecco: 10 Quick & Easy Ways To Add Flavour To Your Fizz

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Have you ever wondered if there are things to add to prosecco to make it even better? There are!

As awesome as prosecco is on its own, there are so many ways to ‘pimp your prosecco’ and make it slightly fancier.

Prosecco stations and carts have become a favourite at weddings, where guests can upgrade their celebratory glass of bubbles with extra ingredients.

I created my version of the prosecco station here to show you 10 easy ways to pimp your prosecco.

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pimp your prosecco cart

Pimp Your Prosecco Ingredients You Will Need

Here’s everything you need to recreate this pimp your prosecco cart at home:

Don’t forget the little extras too:

Check out this simple guide to setting up a DIY prosecco bar from scratch – it includes everything you will need to get! 

Now that you have the list of everything you need for a pimp your prosecco kit, here are ten easy and affordable ways to take that glass of fizz to the next level:

1. Prosecco Sorbet

Ideal for hot weather celebrations to help cool your guests down instantly. All you do is pop a scoop of sorbet into your prosecco. They go perfectly together and are a really refreshing combination.

This sorbet is a passionfruit one, and I highly recommend this flavour. You can use a spoon to eat the sorbet and then drink the remaining sorbet-flavoured prosecco. Delicious!

This is such an easy way to pimp your prosecco by adding sorbet and eating with a spoon

This beautiful glass with the copper stem is from the Soiree Vintage Champagne Saucer Set. They’re so pretty and the wide opening is perfect for these kinds of prosecco cocktails.

2. Cucumber Fizz

Gin and prosecco…what a lovely combination. This cocktail comes straight from The English Drinks Company whose cucumber gin was used in this guide. Here’s how to make it:

35ml cucumber gin 

15ml Elderflower cordial 

15ml Lemon juice 

Top up with chilled Prosecco 

Add the cucumber gin, elderflower cordial and lemon juice into a cocktail shaker. Add a couple of slices of cucumber to your glass and pour in the contents of the shaker.

Finally, top up the glass with chilled Prosecco and add a good sprig of mint. 

add a slice of cucumber and some cucumber gin to prosecco

This cocktail is incredibly refreshing, reminiscent of a mojito or a Pimm’s, and very classy. You could provide a little printed or chalkboard cocktail recipe to show people how to make this at the cart. 

3. Prosecco Shimmer

One of the prettiest ways to pimp your prosecco is to add edible, flavoured shimmer to it. Here I added some pretty pink edible drinks glitter to prosecco.

You only need a tiny bit of this raspberry-flavoured shimmery powder to transform your prosecco into a glittery, fruity cocktail with a pretty pink sheen. It tastes delicious and looks just as amazing.

edible shimmer in a prosecco glass
Rose gold edible shimmer

I buy edible drinks glitters in different colors from Amazon. They’re really affordable and a little of the shimmer goes a long way.

4. British Royale

British Cassis is a lovely blackcurrant liqueur which is hand crafted in the UK. Just a little dash of it into a glass of chilled prosecco creates a British Royale, which is a fruity and lovely cocktail.

The British Royale is a pimped up prosecco drink

5. Cherry Bakewell Prosecco

This delicious cocktail is just a little cherry liqueur or puree, a shot of amaretto and a top up of prosecco. The result is a sweet and soothing cocktail reminiscent of that gorgeous English confectionary. You can add fresh cherries to the drink as well.

Blackboard cips are ideal for pimp your prosecco stations

This is actually a personal favourite of mine when I want to pimp my prosecco. 

6. Prosecco Ice Lollies

This fun idea is so simple yet so effective. Just take an ice lolly or popsicle of any kind and pop it in your fizz. (I found these gorgeous pineapple lollies at the Co-Op). For this idea you need a nice big glass. The large gin balloon glasses are ideal for this.

a prosecco sorbet

You get a prosecco-flavoured ice lolly and an added infusion of flavour to the prosecco. 

7. Fruit Infused Prosecco

Another super simple idea that’s perfect for weddings. Just have containers of fresh fruit ready for guests to add to their prosecco. The fruit gently infuses into the fizz and also makes it look really pretty.

Adding fruit to prosecco is a simple and affordable way to pimp your prosecco

I used strawberries, blueberries and raspberries on my prosecco cart. You could also mix it up a bit with mango, pineapple or papaya.

Chopped up fruit in little glass jars

Have the fruit ready prepared in little glasses or containers. 

8. Sweet Syrup Toppers

Prosecco is the ideal drink to add sweet syrups to. Think caramel, vanilla and hazelnut. You could also go for more fruit flavours and add pineapple, strawberry or even coconut syrups. Monin make so many and you can also get mini gift sets of the syrup toppers

Flavoured syrups and prosecco

9. Edible Flowers

Edible flowers are gorgeous to look at in drinks and in food. There are several different kinds of edible flowers, including roses.

I added a bouquet of roses to the prosecco cart, making it easy to take the petals and add them to the drink. They infuse the prosecco with lovely subtle rose flavour, and also make it look extra special. This is also ideal for weddings.

Rose petals in a champagne flute

Hibiscus also works really well with prosecco, as do a variety of herbs. There are bags of edible flowers available which are really convenient to use. 

10. Chambord Bellini

The Chambord Bellini is a beautiful raspberry-flavoured prosecco cocktail containing only prosecco and Chambord liqueur. You could garnish it with a fresh raspberry too.

Love Chambord? Try some other easy Chambord Cocktails too! 

Pimp my prosecco with flavoured Chambord liqueur

There are so many ways to pimp your prosecco, and it’s a great way to provide your guests with a welcome drink at your wedding or any drinks reception. 

I hope this post helped if you’re putting together your own pimp your prosecco station for your wedding, special day or party. It’s really simple to do, as prosecco is such a versatile drink and mixes well with so many other flavours.

Prosecco mixers don’t have to be complicated at all. You can simply add almost anything to it! Check out this Stur Water Enhancer review as this would also be a good thing to add to prosecco.

Prosecco cocktails are such a wonderful way to add flavour, glamour and colour to everyone’s favourite fizz. 

Frequently asked questions

What fruit is best to add to prosecco? 

Popular fruit choices to add to prosecco include strawberries, raspberries, peach slices, blackberries, and citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, or limes. These fruits enhance the flavor and look of prosecco and give it extra sweet, tart, or refreshing notes while adding a pop of color. You can mix and match fruits in prosecco too. 

What snacks accompany prosecco?

Snacks that go well with prosecco include cheese and charcuterie, fresh fruits like grapes and berries, assorted nuts, bruschetta with flavorful toppings, and light hors d’oeuvres such as shrimp cocktail or mini quiches. 

How do you style a pimp your prosecco bar? 

To make sure your pimp your prosecco, or bubbly bar, looks great stick with the same colors for your event. For example, the color theme of your wedding. Make sure you have a prosecco table sign, champagne flutes and recipe cards that all match the color scheme. Add your extras like fresh fruit and fresh herbs.

Some of these items were sent to me for review. This post contains affiliate links. My full disclosure is available from the main menu. 

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Nadia Josephine

Tuesday 17th of December 2019

I would love to pimp my prosecco with glitter! Great idea

Laura Turner

Wednesday 10th of October 2018

This is one to remember for the christmas and New years season.

Helen Moulden

Thursday 9th of August 2018

I love adding blueberries to mine or raspberries. Gives it a little zing! Great post :)


Tuesday 7th of August 2018

Just what I needed thank you for this post :)

adrian price

Tuesday 7th of August 2018

wow there are some amazing recipes here----cherry bakewell---who would have thought of tht!