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How to create your own Prosecco Bar: an easy step-by-step guide

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Prosecco is one of the most popular drinks in the world and for good reason. This Italian sparkling wine tastes delicious, is much less expensive than champagne, and mixes well with so many ingredients to make some amazing prosecco cocktails.

A prosecco bar is a must-have for a wedding reception, hen party, birthday party or corporate event.

It’s easy to set up a DIY prosecco bar at home or at your next event. Here’s everything you need to set up a prosecco bar cart.

A table featuring a prosecco bar at a party

What is a prosecco bar?

A prosecco bar is effectively a bar cart which contains everything you need to pour yourself a glass of prosecco and ‘pimp’ it up with extra ingredients to make prosecco cocktails.

Generally, the idea is that guests at the event can grab themselves a glass of prosecco and then add whatever they want to it (or just drink it plain if they prefer).

The hallmarks of any good prosecco bar are beautiful and aesthetically-pleasing styling, a wide variety of cocktail ingredients, and of course plenty of perfectly chilled prosecco.

Chilled prosecco cocktail on a mobile bar cart

What do you need for a prosecco bar?

Here’s your step-by-step guide to creating your DIY prosecco bar: 

The ‘bar’

Let’s start with the physical ‘bar’ itself. It can be any size you want it, from a small table top to a larger mobile vehicle.

It needs to be big enough, however, to hold quite a lot of smaller items. Your guests also need room on the surface top to place a glass to keep it steady, either while pouring the prosecco bottle or adding cocktail ingredients.

You can keep it simple with a table of any kind, perhaps covered in a nice tablecloth. If feeling extra fancy you can go all-out with one of these gorgeous drinks trolleys from Etsy.

Champagne flutes

You will need a large quantity of glasses for prosecco, to ensure every guest can have at least one drink.

These will need to be stocked safely of course. You could try a separate nearby surface just for glasses. If space is an issue, try storing the glasses vertically on one of these inexpensive cardboard glass holders.

Champagne flutes stored on a prosecco bar glass holder

A bar sign

Let guests know your prosecco bar is there with a beautiful sign to draw them in. Check out this selection of 10 of the best prosecco signs for your bubbly bar.

a sign to be used on a bubbly bar

Ingredient holders

You will need containers of different sizes and shapes to hold the ingredients for your prosecco cocktails. These will be little bowls or jars. You will also need straw holders, napkin holders and a separate tray area for your spirits and liqueurs.

glass jars are perfect for holding your cocktail ingredients

Prosecco (of course!)

Plenty of bottles of prosecco is an essential! If there is no convenient fridge nearby, keep a large ice bucket full of chilled prosecco right next to your prosecco bar.

Prosecco cocktail ingredients

There are so many things you can add to prosecco to make a lovely cocktail. Check out this list of exactly what you need to pimp your prosecco and create delicious prosecco cocktails.

Little extras

Ensure you stock your bar with:

  • straws
  • napkins
  • stirring spoons
  • shot measurements
  • ice
  • a cocktail shaker
  • ice tongs
  • a few snacks for peckish guests. Something like bowls of olives, popcorn, nuts and fresh fruit are handy little snacks people can eat with one hand.

And don’t forget a small rubbish bin for used napkins, straws and corks.

Et voila! You have created your very own prosecco bar. 

A prosecco bar is a lovely touch to add to any special occasion because they are so pretty and inviting, and so much fun to use. It’s the perfect thing for private parties, bridal showers and any holiday event.

With some simple ingredients and some pretty accessories, yours will stand out instantly and be a huge hit with your guests.







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Melissa Jane Lee

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