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The 10 best prosecco signs for your prosecco bar

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If you love serving prosecco, then a prosecco sign is a must-have for your home, wedding or bar. If you are setting up a pimp your prosecco station, a prosecco cart at a wedding, or a bubbly bar in your own home, a prosecco sign will add the finishing touch. 

A prosecco sign for every prosecco moment

Here are ten of the best prosecco signs out there for every prosecco occasion you might have. The list includes printables as well as personalised signs you can have made to include your own name. These also make great a gift for a prosecco lover. 

Printable pimp your prosecco sign

pimp your prosecco sign for weddings

Photo: ohhappyprintables on Etsy

A really affordable way to add style to your prosecco cart is with a printable pimp your prosecco sign. This is ideal for a wedding if you have a prosecco station set up. You can also set one of these up at home of course (check out ‘10 ways to pimp your prosecco‘). This one lets people know they can personalise their drink with the addition of some extra ingredients. Available from Etsy

Knock knock it’s prosecco o’clock

prosecco o clock sign

A metal sign made to look like a blackboard. This is a funny take on a prosecco bar sign, and would also work really well in your kitchen. You can have this personalised to have your own name, or your family’s surname, added to the sign. It’s a lovely personalised gift idea too. Available from

Prosecco palace street sign

prosecco palace sign

This lovely take on a traditional street sign is perfect for your at-home bar. Invite people over to your own prosecco palace for a glass of fizz! These wall signs come in different styles and colours so there will be one to fit your own home. Available from Amazon

Foil pimp your prosecco sign

pimp your prosecco printable sign in rose gold

Photo: InvitationEmporium on Etsy

This sign is foiled in either rose gold, gold or silver. It’s a glamorous style you can’t get with a printable so it might be worth ordering this physical sign if you love the idea of foiled lettering. Pop it in a frame and place it next to your bar. Available from Etsy

Prosecco time wire bar sign

prosecco bar sign in gold wiring

Photo: EUNORAuk on Etsy

This gorgeous gold wire sign can be mounted on the wall at a wedding, summer party or a hen party. It would also look lovely in a home bar. Available from Etsy

Funny prosecco bar sign

funny prosecco bar sign

A great humorous sign that your friends will also enjoy. Ideal for a home bar setting. Possibly not great for a wedding setting – depending on who your guests are! Available from Amazon

We’re in the garden

we're in the garden drinking prosecco sign

A lovely sign for your house if you have a bar set up in your back garden, or if you want to direct house guests into your garden when throwing a party. This lets people know to just go on through to where the prosecco is waiting! Available from Amazon

Mirrored prosecco sign

mirrored acrylic prosecco sign

Photo: A Beautiful Sign

This gorgeous mirrored sign is made from acrylic and is easily mounted on the wall. This would look lovely at a wedding, hen party or other event involving everyone’s favourite fizz. It’s also great for a photography area if you’re having lots of photos taken at a party. Available here

Printable pimp your prosecco bar sign

a printable pimp your prosecco sign for a wedding with eucalyptus design

Photo: LoveLetteredbyBekki on Etsy

Another printable which is a great budget option if you don’t mind printing out your own signs. This one is simple and stylish, and would look gorgeous in a frame at a wedding. Available from Etsy

A bubbly bar banner

bubbly bar hanging sign for the wall

Photo: StylishlyParty on Etsy

How gorgeous is this sparkly banner, perfect for your home bubbly bar, wedding drinks station or hen party prosecco bar. Available from Etsy

No matter the occasion when you’re drinking prosecco, there is a sign to go with it! There is just something about this Italian drink that is so enjoyable to so many people. Prosecco is the ultimate mixer too, so a prosecco bar can include other alcoholic drinks for people to make.

For the ultimate guide to setting up your prosecco bar, click here

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