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The Perfect Shower Routine for Glowing Skin

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Skin is the largest organ of the body and is the reason for our natural beauty.

It makes good sense therefore to look after it and keep it healthy.

A wonderful result of looking after skin health is that it rewards you by being lustrous and glowing.

We all want glowing skin because it makes us look healthier, more beautiful and even younger.

To really look your best you should have your skincare routine incorporated into your day.

But glowing skin is not just about a facial skincare regimen.

You can also get glowing skin on the rest of your body as well as your face by following a few simple steps.

A great way to keep your whole body and face looking good is this proper shower routine for glowing skin.

In just a few easy steps you can get the best glow over your whole body and face while taking a shower.

You don’t need to spend hours prepping, priming and polishing your skin, but there is a right way to take a shower that will give you gorgeously glowing skin.

Simply give your skin what it needs in a short amount of time to enable your natural glow to come through.

This shower routine for glowing skin will get you looking your best for the day ahead.

equipment for shower routine for glowing skin

With a little bit of effort you can get your blood circulation pumping and your skin glowing from the inside out.

The ultimate shower routine for glowing skin

This is the perfect shower routine for glowing skin that ensures you don’t hamper the natural glow of your skin inadvertently.

Get ready for the best results you can get at shower time.

Before stepping into the shower

Your shower routine for glowing skin starts before you even step under the water.

Remove any makeup

If you’re wearing any makeup, especially eye makeup, make sure to remove it before you get into the shower.

Try a double cleansing routine which will ensure your face is free of any makeup, oil and daily grime.

double cleansing

You’re going to create a clean canvas ready for the next step.

Apply a face mask

By using a face mask before you get in the shower, you’re giving it time to work on your skin.

Choose a mask which is suitable for your skin type.

face mask for shower routine

You could also go for an exfoliating mask if you really want to reveal fresh and glowing skin.

Use a dry body brush

While your face mask is working its magic, it’s time to get glowing skin on your body.

Dry body brushing is a tried and tested method to get your blood circulation pumping.

You use a natural-bristle brush in long sweeping strokes over dry skin.

dry body brushing for glowing skin

Dry brushing is one of the best tips to improve the look of your skin, and it gives you a healthy glow from the inside out.

Apply a body mask

This step is optional in your shower routine for glowing skin, but it’s a great pampering treat you might want to add in.

A body mask works in the same way as a face mask.

They’re used a lot in spa treatments to detoxify, smooth and clarify skin.

Think of it as a deep cleanse for your body skin which can also nourish your glow.

You can buy some amazing body masks but can also make your own as an affordable option.

Step into the shower

Now’s the time to get in the shower and follow the next steps of this glowing skin shower routine

Use warm water only

If you use really hot water in your shower, this can sap your skin’s glow.

Hot showers can dry out the skin and lead to itching and dry patches.

shower stall

Instead, for the best glow you should shower in lukewarm water only.

Wash your hair first

While your face mask and body mask are washing away, the first step inside the shower is to wash your hair.

The reason for washing your hair in the shower before you wash your body is because of the chemicals used in shampoo and conditioner.

As these run down the body they can clog pores and sap skin of its natural oils.

Allow these products to run away down the drain first and then counteract any negative effects on your skin’s glow with the next steps.

Exfoliate your body

A good shower routine for glowing skin involves getting really smooth skin.

Apply an exfoliating product to your entire body in circular motions.

There are various types of body scrub available including salt scrubs and sugar scrubs.

exfoliating body scrub

They will eliminate any dead skin cells which can lead to skin looking dull.

Shave after exfoliating

If you need to shave your legs or other parts of your body, the best way is to do it after exfoliating.

By exfoliating first, you remove any bumps or dry patches which can interfere with the blade of the razor.

You’ll get a much smoother shave if you start off with really smooth skin first.

You can also add in a shaving cream to get a super smooth finish and a little extra hydration at the same time.

Wash your body with the right product for glowing skin

It’s important for your skin’s health, and therefore its gorgeous glow, that you use a gentle cleanser for your body in the shower.

A pH-balanced body wash will help to keep your skin’s barrier intact, which in turn will keep out any pesky bacteria.

shower gel for glowing skin

It will also ensure that you don’t get any flare ups of sensitive skin issues like redness and itching.

A good shower gel for glowing skin will be a really gentle cleanser.

You can also use a bar soap with natural ingredients like shea butter or essential oils.

Switch the shower to cold water (if you can brave it)

One of the best shower tips around is to blast your body with cold water.

This is amazing for glowing skin as it really gets your blood circulating.

This brings a fresh glow to your skin.

showering in cold water for glowing skin

Another benefit of having a cold shower is that it closes your pores and tightens the look of the skin.

If you can, switch the water to cold at the end of your shower and let the cold water temperature do its thing.

This will also really wake you up!

Step out of the shower

Your glowing skin routine is almost finished. Just follow the next easy steps to complete it

Moisturize damp skin

To lock in your glow with moisture, add body lotion to your skin while it is still damp from the shower.

You can pat yourself down first so there isn’t too much water left on your body, but leave it a little damp.

Next, apply your favorite body lotion or body oil to damp skin to seal in moisture and protect your glow.

Hydrated skin is glowing skin so don’t skip this step as it’s an essential part of the shower routine for glowing skin.

Give yourself a body massage

When you have your body skin care on take a little extra time to give yourself a massage.

You can use your hands for this or a gua sha stone.

Use sweeping motions along your limbs and torso (without too much pressure) to encourage blood to come to the surface of the skin.

Making this a part of your daily routine will really give you amazingly glowing skin.

This is the best shower routine for glowing skin and it can be done as part of your morning routine or evening routine.

A shower is the perfect time to pamper your whole body get a gorgeous glow from the inside out.

Now you’re ready to face the day with healthy skin and a truly epic glow.

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