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How to Glow Up Mentally in 11 Achievable Steps (2023)

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Do you want to know how to glow up mentally?

Our mental health is where our real wealth lies.

Without a solid emotional and mental platform you will not be able to tackle life’s challenges as successfully as possible.

You will also not be able to make the most of your full potential in life and will perhaps be held back from achieving your most precious life goals.

Mental health impacts your everyday life and long term progress in more ways than any of us can imagine.

If your emotional health is lacking a little, and you would like to know how to glow up mentally, it’s perfectly possible to improve your emotional state.

The good news is that you can glow up mentally in a relatively short space of time by practicing good habits and self care.

If you’re looking for easy ways to make an emotional transformation and glow up mentally to become the best version of yourself, then read on.

11 ways to glow up mentally

Below is a mental glow up checklist you can work through to improve your mental state, enhance your personal growth and make a huge difference to every single day.

woman having a mental health glow up

What is a mental glow up?

To glow up mentally means to transform your mental wellbeing to a better place than it previously was.

Most glow up transformations are focussed on physical appearance.

However, without a good emotional framework, just looking your best will never make you happy.

Before any physical glow up, you need to focus on making a permanent change to your relationship with yourself and how you treat your mental health.

No amount of makeup or designer clothes will ever give you the benefits that come from being happy in your own skin.

The sooner this life lesson is learned, the better. It will ensure that you can make the most of your life and be your best self for your whole life.

Physical appearance does have an effect on your mental wellbeing (and here’s how to glow up overnight), but we will first tackle the steps that can be taken before you start your physical glow up.

Here’s how to glow up mentally

Consider these mental health glow up tips which are some of the best ways to give yourself a mental glow up.

These are all healthy habits which have a huge impact on your mental wellbeing and go a long way towards helping you to become a better version of yourself.

Some have instant mood boosting effects. Others may take a little time to work on but it is well worth spending time on these habits as they have great mental health benefits.

happy woman glowing up mentally

Let’s take a look at how to glow up mentally.

1. Decide to put yourself first

The first step to how to glow up mentally is to prioritize yourself.

Your mental glow up journey is all about you and your emotional transformation, and deciding to focus on yourself is the first thing you should do.

This doesn’t mean neglecting other people who depend on you, or only doing things that you want to do.

It just means recognizing that you will not be your best self for others if you don’t prioritize yourself first.

Working on your mental glow up and overall health mentally is vital not only for you but also for the others in your life who need you.

Therefore, don’t think it’s selfish or a waste of time to work hard on your own mental health.

When you follow these steps for glowing up mentally you are helping not only yourself but everyone who is important to you.

Therefore, start by telling yourself that you are going to be looking after yourself from now onwards

2. Detoxify your social media

Many good things can come from social media.

However it’s crucial to realize that spending too much time scrolling through platforms like Instagram and Facebook can have a detrimental effect on you.

In fact, there are reported links between social media and depression.

The negative effects of social media include:

  • FOMO (fear of missing out)
  • frustration when your own life doesn’t appear as ‘perfect’ as others’ lives
  • comparing yourself to others either physically or financially
  • setting unrealistic expectations for yourself based on what you see others doing
  • low self esteem and feelings of inadequacy
  • exposure to negative mindsets
  • exposure to bullying, peer pressure, and unattainable body goals
  • loneliness
  • anxiety
  • depression

To free yourself from the clutches of social media and the negative feelings it can evoke, do the following:

  • remember that what you see on social media is not reality
  • know that likes and comments are not a reflection of your worth
  • remember that no one’s life (or body) is perfect no matter what they post on social media
  • realise that filters are often used on social media and photos are rarely unedited
  • limit your time on social media apps or delete the apps completely
  • unfollow anyone who makes you feel inadequate
  • block anyone who is harassing or bothering you

Remember that social media is not real life. It is a carefully curated collection of snapshots and short videos that make up a very small percentage of someone’s real life.

happy person

If social media has become a big problem in your life then you may want to distance yourself from it completely.

A life without social media is a great way to find some inner peace and glow up mentally.

3. Declutter your life

Clearing out the clutter from your house and your life is so good for your soul.

Too much clutter around you is a distraction which can sap your productivity.

It also affects your daily routine, your feelings about yourself and your whole attitude.

It’s important to declutter the area around you and your mental space when going through a mental glow up.

You can declutter your house and your mind using these easy steps.

It may take you a few days or even weeks but the effort will be so worth it.

You will emerge from the decluttering process with reduced stress levels, a clearer mind and home, and a simplified and more organized life.

4. Spend time alone

Learning how to glow up mentally means getting to know yourself better and being comfortable in your own company.

Many people seek out others to spend their free time with and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying having the company of others around you.

If you want to grow mentally and become a stronger person, you will need to tolerate being alone at times.

Spending time on your own can be very rewarding. You learn to do things you enjoy, can spend time planning and you really start to understand yourself and what makes you tick.

Being on your own is the perfect time to think hard about what you want from life, and what you don’t want.

happy woman drinking coffee

You can explore your interests without worrying about what other people want to do.

Schedule in some time alone each day if you can, whether that’s a few minutes or a few hours. It is one of the most important things you can do to have a mental health glow up.

5. Look after your physical self

Although we’re discussing how to glow up mentally, the body is tied very closely with the mind and therefore needs to be looked after during a mental health glow up.

This means:

  • drinking plenty of water
  • reducing the amount of junk food you eat
  • taking care of your skin
  • eating the right food for glowing skin that’s full of nutrients your body needs

All of these things will have a calming effect on your brain.

Water in particular is essential when learning how to glow up mentally.

If you’re even slightly dehydrated, you can suffer from symptoms like:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • headaches
  • brain fog
  • dizziness
  • fatigue

Drinking enough water is crucial for optimum brain function and is an important part of your glow up both mentally and physically.

6. Work on becoming more confident

Confidence plays a large part in how successful we are in life when achieving our work and personal goals.

Gaining confidence is an important part of glowing up and is an asset you can carry with you throughout your life.

If a lack of confidence is holding you back and you’d like to grow your confidence during your glow up, the good news is it’s possible to learn how to be confident.

Being confident means that you believe in yourself and you trust in yourself to handle all of the situations life throws at you.

woman hiking

These can be in a social setting, academically or at work, or just generally throughout life. Confident people also trust their abilities and don’t doubt themselves.

Here are several excellent ways to build up your confidence and stop dimming your own glow.

7. Listen to positivity and block out negativity

One of the keys to good health mentally and physically is to become a more positive person.

Positive thinking has a number of physical health benefits which is an amazing thing if you think about it.

For example, optimism and positivity is linked to lower stress levels which means less stress-related illnesses.

People who have positivity and hope in their lives tend to be happier and less anxious.

If you practice positivity you can also become more resilient in life and tackle life’s hurdles with better coping skills.

Here’s how to become more positive during your mental health glow up:

  • surround yourself with positive people
  • reduce contact with negative and toxic people
  • recognize negative thoughts as they happen and replace them with more constructive ones
  • practice using positive daily affirmations on a regular basis
  • search social media for positivity hashtags
  • listen to motivational podcasts and YouTube videos

8. Get enough sleep

Sleep is an essential and often underrated part of having a glow up mentally.

Lack of sleep is linked to:

  • memory problems
  • mood swings
  • poor focus and concentration
  • low creativity and problem solving skills

None of these are great when you’re trying to glow up mentally!

It’s important to schedule your sleep pattern so you get enough high quality sleep every night.

Getting enough sleep on a daily basis is essential for natural glow ups and is one of the easiest things you can do to glow up mentally as it has an instant effect on your mental wellbeing.

If you struggle getting off to sleep at a good time, try reading a book, taking a nice hot bath or some light physical activity like a swift walk before bed.

woman making heart sign

9. Perfect your morning routine

After your great night’s sleep you’ll want to perfect your morning routine so you can start your day the perfect way.

Having a great morning sets you up for a really productive and energetic day.

When your alarm goes off, make sure that you:

  • drink water before anything else
  • have a healthy and nutritious breakfast
  • spend a little time on your skincare routine
  • leave plenty of time to get to work so you’re not stressed out in traffic
  • have a great outfit already planned the night before that makes you feel good about yourself
  • set a plan for the day (in your head or written down) so that you know what your goals are

Planning a great morning for yourself sets the tone for the rest of your day and is a great skill to learn when wanting to glow up mentally.

10. Set yourself goals

If learning how to glow up mentally for you means getting some control back in your life, then goal setting is an essential part of your mental glow up journey.

Your goals can be short term or can be achievements you’re working towards over a long time.

If you don’t know where to start with goal setting, which can be quite a skill in itself, then check out this amazing guide to determining your goals and breaking them down into attainable stages.

Some goals you may want to consider during your mental glow up can include:

  • increasing your income
  • buying a new car or house
  • starting a family
  • getting a promotion
  • visiting a specific destination
  • changing career
  • retraining or gaining a new qualification
  • moving overseas
  • learning a new language
  • quitting smoking and/or drinking

These long term goals can all be broken down into short and easy to achieve stages.

When you set goals you will gain in confidence, feel less anxious and grow your positive outlook. These are all signs of having a glow up mentally!

11. Learn to love yourself

When wanting to know how to glow up mentally, learning to love yourself is extremely important.

Self-love is not an arrogant thing. It is having respect for your inner self and your own wellbeing.

Loving yourself is granting yourself permission to grow, to learn and to become a better person.

It means taking care of your mental and physical wellbeing and appreciating every single thing that makes you who you are.

To help you learn how to love yourself and enjoy your present moment with yourself:

  • practice gratitude for the good things you have in your life. See this A to Z gratitude list for inspiration
  • nurture your own interests and allow yourself to learn that new skill or try new things
  • detoxify your relationships and surround yourself with good people
  • seek therapy when needed
  • accept your body shape
  • enjoy having your own personal style and don’t compare yourself to others
  • work on becoming a better person

You can have one of the best glow ups mentally of all time if you follow these tips on how to glow up mentally.

The Connection Between a Physical and Mental Glow-Up

Often a physical transformation is what people want to see from a glow up. But a mental glow up is one of the best changes you can work on in your life to help yourself succeed and achieve your full potential.

The two are usually interconnected, because following a healthy diet and focussing on using skincare products, as well as exercising, not only makes you look good but also makes you feel good mentally. 

Therefore any glow-up challenge usually combines aspects from both the mental and physical realms. 

The Power of Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are like the hidden gems of the mental glow-up journey. They are simple yet incredibly effective tools that can transform the way you think about yourself and your life. 

Affirmations are short, positive statements that you repeat to yourself regularly. When used consistently, they can help rewire your thought patterns, boost self-esteem, and enhance your overall mental well-being.

To benefit from positive affirmations, integrate them into your daily routine:

  1. Morning Ritual: Start your day by reciting your affirmations in front of a mirror. This can set a positive tone for the day ahead
  2. Post-It Notes: Write your affirmations on sticky notes and place them where you’ll see them often, like your workspace or bathroom mirror
  3. Digital Reminders: Set alarms or reminders on your phone to prompt you to repeat your affirmations throughout the day
  4. Before Sleep: Reflect on your affirmations as you wind down at night. This can help promote positive thoughts as you drift off to sleep

Here are some examples of positive affirmations that you can use or adapt to your specific needs:

  1. Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem:
    • “I am confident in my abilities and trust myself.”
    • “I believe in myself and my potential.”
    • “I am worthy of love and respect just as I am.”
  2. Positivity and Optimism:
    • “I choose to see the good in every situation.”
    • “I am surrounded by positivity, and it fills my life.”
    • “Every day is a new opportunity for happiness and success.”
  3. Health and Well-Being:
    • “I am in perfect health, and my body is strong and resilient.”
    • “I nourish my body with love and care.”
    • “I am grateful for my health and well-being.”
  4. Career and Success:
    • “I am capable of achieving my career goals.”
    • “I attract success and abundance into my life.”
    • “I am a confident and skilled professional.”
  5. Relationships and Social Confidence:
    • “I attract positive and loving people into my life.”
    • “I am a good friend/partner and deserve healthy relationships.”
    • “I am comfortable in social situations, and I connect with others easily.”
  6. Coping with Challenges:
    • “I am resilient, and I can overcome any obstacle.”
    • “I handle adversity with grace and strength.”
    • “Challenges are opportunities for growth and learning.”
  7. Personal Growth and Learning:
    • “I am constantly evolving and growing as a person.”
    • “I am open to new experiences and opportunities for learning.”
    • “I embrace change as a chance for self-improvement.”
  8. Gratitude and Mindfulness:
    • “I am grateful for the abundance in my life.”
    • “I appreciate the beauty in everyday moments.”
    • “I am present in the here and now.”
  9. Creativity and Inspiration:
    • “I am a creative and innovative thinker.”
    • “Inspiration flows through me, fueling my creative projects.”
    • “I trust my creative instincts.”
  10. Peace and Inner Calm:
    • “I am at peace with my past, present, and future.”
    • “I release tension and find tranquility within.”
    • “I am centered and grounded.”

When to seek professional help

Sometimes negative emotions can just follow us around, no matter how much we try to adopt a positive mindset. It’s important to know when to seek help when learning how to glow up mentally. 

While self-improvement techniques and positive practices can be incredibly effective in promoting mental well-being, there are times when seeking professional help is not just advisable but essential. 

Mental health professionals are trained to provide expert guidance and support for individuals facing a wide range of challenges. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to a therapist, counselor, psychiatrist, or other qualified mental health provider if you believe it would benefit your mental glow-up journey. Your well-being is worth investing in, and professional help can be a valuable resource on your path to mental growth and resilience.

Getting Started

Starting your mental health glow-up is all about taking that first step towards a brighter and healthier mindset. Begin by setting aside some quiet time for self-reflection. 

Ask yourself what aspects of your mental well-being you’d like to improve and what specific goals you’d like to achieve. From there, create a simple plan that includes daily practices like mindfulness, positive affirmations, or gratitude journaling. 

Remember, the journey is unique to you, so be patient and kind to yourself as you take those initial steps. Your commitment to self-care and growth is the foundation upon which your mental health glow-up will flourish.

Learning how to glow up mentally is one of the best gifts you can give yourself for true inner peace and happiness.

Some of these glow up checklist tips are small changes and others are quite big changes to make in your life.

The inner world which is your mind is such a powerful thing and you can have the best glow up mentally by utilising the best tips above and living a healthier life mentally and physically.

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Frequently asked questions

What does it mean to glow up mentally? 

Glowing up mentally is all about focusing on self-improvement and personal development to become your best and most empowered self. This can include practicing self-care, challenging negative thought patterns, learning new skills, stepping outside your comfort zone, and setting ambitious goals to reach your highest potential.

What triggers a glow up?

A glow up can be triggered by a pivotal life change like a breakup or milestone birthday, but more often it stems from simply deciding you’re ready to reach your full potential. You just want to work on improving different areas of your life by adopting positive daily habits like eating nutritious foods, exercising, learning new skills, and taking time for self-reflection.

At what age will I get a glow up? 

While a glow up transformation can happen at almost any age depending on the person, many young women experience a natural glow up in their late teens into early 20s as they gain confidence, try new looks, develop their personal styles, invest in self-care, and fully grow into their natural beauty. Anyone, however, can get both a physical and a mental glow-up at any age. 

Does every girl have a glow up?

While not every girl will undergo a drastic glow up transformation, most young women will come into their own in their late teens and early twenties by discovering a style, fitness regime, and confidence level that brings out their inner and outer glow and beauty in new and different ways. 

How long does it take to get a full glow up? 

While timelines vary based on each person’s individual journey, most complete glow ups take at least 6 months to a few years to fully go from the “before” stage to the “after” stage as it requires reshaping lifestyle habits, mental outlook, and physical appearance. The best thing to do is to enjoy the journey as you take care of your body, fuel yourself with healthy food and adopt a more positive outlook over time. 

Melissa Jane Lee

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